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Now baody art is something me and Laura wish we had the money to do. We have a coupleof tatoos and want to get more we just think it is away to express yourself and we also like the look of it IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
We each have a tattoo, his is on his left bicep and it's of a black dragon. I have a blue shaded cresent moon on my left shoulder blade. Piercings, now that's what we have a few of between the two of us! Lucian has a 4gauge hole in each ear lobe and a 14gauge hoop in the cartilage of his left ear. He has his right nipple pierced. I have a 2gauge and a 4 gauge hole in each ear lobe as well as a 10gauge hoop in the cartilage of each ear. I also have my left eyebrow and my right nostral pierced, and of course, my naval has been pierced since I was 15 years old. I used to have my nipple pierced but I removed it after having it for about 2 years, I don't recommend nipple piercings on women as they do migrate after a while, and mine never seemed to completely heal. I had a labret once and removed that one simply because it receded my gums and that's NOT good..
I have one tattoo and its on my ankle of a butterfly.I want to get another one on my lower back
When I think of body art besides tattoos I can't help but also think of human body painting...
Body Art on Bisexual PlaygroundBody Art on Bisexual PlaygroundBody Art on Bisexual PlaygroundBody Art on Bisexual Playground

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