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Sissy Boy Body Piercing

Sissy Boy Body Piercing on Bisexual PlaygroundSissy Boy Body Piercing on Bisexual Playground
Hello to all, We are a Happly Married Couple for 9 Years with Two Beautiful kids.I'am 5'2 125lbs Brown Hair Green Eyes, I have Tattoos Body Piercing.Him he is 5'9 165lbs No Hair he Shaves it Tattoos, Body Piercing. We Enjoy Partying on the Weekends, Anything more you want to know just ask.
i am very sexy and i have a banging body. i am short with short hair. i have a tongue piercing and a lip piercing.
57 yr old cd sissy. Wear panties 24/7 for years. 5'11, 200lb. Non-passable. minimal body hair, all private places shaved clean always. Looking for discrete, sane interaction either couple (Domme & sissy), Domme interested in sissy, Dom interested in sissy, or like minded sissy looking to dress and play.
About Me I am 30 years old and do body piercing and work in the medical field "Radiology", i have my own body piercing business and am very open minded. I enjoy being around people are open minded and have no inhibitions about sexuality and nudity. I am very free spirited and open about myself and sexuality and nudity. I enjoy going to hippy hollow and nudist camps and showing off my 11 piercings and of those 11, 6 are below the waist, exotic if you know what i mean. I am married but playing with her permission because we are hundreds of miles apart and if we were to deny each other the throws of human passions it would be denying each other the essance of life its self. I have no problems putting any parties in contact with her to confirm this. My Online Life I get on line to meet people and exchange emails and pictures, I feel if you cant be honest and sincer here, and cant trust someone here, than i dont want to meet them in person. Honesty is the best policy and being honest about the things you say and do on the internet will help people be more comfortable when they meet you in person. I believe that you can express one's self a-little more online due to its a computer you are communicating with and not a real person face to face, so if i get blunt or on the edge online dosnt mean i am like that in person so if we talk online and then meet in person i am very conservative in person due to profession in the medical field so if i said something online you liked and want in said or done in person bring it up to me so i know i hit a good note. :) My Interests Adult things and body piercing, body art in general is what i like. Be it posing for a artist nude or pictures, really just the human body in general is so beautiful to me, i guess that is why i do body piercing and have been doing it now for about 10yrs
6'1" 185# clean shaven, smooth body, loving and romantic seeking ongoing intimacy. Want to be loved as a sissy and want to please a man, a couple(M/F; F/F), or a woman as a sissy. Value kissing, cuddling, fondling, conversation and loving interaction, both sexually and non-sexual. Hope to be a sissy boy toy for the women and a sissy lover for the men.
I'm 5'7 with an athletic body. I'm a dread head with eight tattoos and one piercing. My wife is 5'1 with a sexy slim body to kill for. Not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous!
Dear BP Friends,

My female FWB (who I think is the prettiest and sexiest woman in the world!) is considering piercing her nipples and/or clit. She and I would love to hear your honest thoughts regarding the pros and cons.

While any and all information will be greatly appreciated, we're interested in these specific questions:

1. Have you ever regretted piercing either area. If so, why?
2. Have you ever experienced decreased sensitivity after having it done (and it has healed)?
3. Do you think that a straight barbell...or a curved barbell...would be better in the clit, and why?
4. Has anyone ever had such a piercing performed by a doctor instead of the local tattoo/piercing shop?
5. Anything else at all that you would like to share with us that would be helpful in making the decision to do this or not.

Thank you in advance...we know that the BP community is made up of wonderful, caring people, and your input is greatly appreciated.
1)I am 63 years old but have a good body and cute butt and look good in girls/women's' clothe.
2)This is sissy is looking for a strict Master who wants a FULL TIME Sissy slave.
3)Sissy would expect to carry out all domestic duties as well as pleasing her Master sexually when told.
4)Sissy would expect punishment to be used as part of her routine maintenance as well as for short comings.
5)Sissy would expect to be kept in chastity 24/7 unless being used for her Master's pleasure.
6)Apart from going to work sissy would expect to entirely devote her life to being her Master's domestic and fully obedient sex slave.
7)In return for her devotion sissy would expect her Master to take control of all aspects of her daily life.
8)If you are a local Master who would like to explore the possibility of having a devoted LIVE IN sissy slave please get in touch.
9)After initial contact sissy slave will happy to provide photographs.
Please yes if you're in my area of Philadelphia PA I need and desire to get my sweet and tight Sissy ass Fucked I really do love the feel and taste of a cock and I'm willing to get a taste of yours if you're willing to get a taste of mine I like to share I enjoy having my body touched and stared at as I'm being a very playful sissy little cock sucking boi for both your entertainment and pleasure's oh yeah sweetheart I am an EZ contact all's you got to do is reach out by wave BP and let's get to know one another I'd love meeting new people that want to play with my very naked Body...
I am debating piercing my clit. It's something i have wanted for awhile but the pain factor makes me a little queasy. i have several tattoos and a belly button piercing but i am not really sure. How bad is the pain? is it true that you lose feeling of your clit after you get it pierced. if anyone has any idea please let me know.
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Yes I am a Sissy-boi so I do enjoy wearing Sissy-boi outfits and so yes this makes me a real Sissy-boi dress me up.💖 Doll for your enjoyment and personal pleasure's...
I am very ok with getting caught in photos or in a video pleasing my friends ...
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Oh my God you have such a beautiful body I'm jealous I'm a sissy crossdresser want to be trans and I'm jealous of your body you look to tremendous. Would love a chance to chat with you send me a message


Pierced Cock
Having a pierced cock has been a lot of fun over these years. One thing you are not told is the more you use it, the looser the hole gets, which means you have to get larger gauge rings. I got Prince Albert piercing in 1983 and now I have a 0 gauge ring. My girlfriends have all loved the piercing and said its not the same without it. Guess they should of stayed with me then.
Submissive Men
submissive bi male , ready to be feminized into a sissy slut for dominate couple and or dominate female , longing to be in chastity , to learn how to apply and use make ups , to dress and live as your sissy , to suck cocks and take cocks in my pussy , to eat cum off your body , to eat cum from your pussy and ass , to desire your strap on and a cock taking turns in me , letting your friends come over and letting your sissy try her skills and learn how to be a true sissy cock lover
Sissy Slave
One of my sexual wishes is to be a sissy slave to either a male or female master.. To spend the evening being paraded in front of their friends, and forced to suck & lick all the men & women in the room.. To serve them drinks, while they play with each other. Then at the end of the evening have everyone take their pleasure using my body by blindfolding me, laying me on the floor lifting my skirt then fucking and abusing my body..
Piss Play
I love pissing in sissies mouth, she drinks every bit and sissy loves getting a nice golden shower as a reward for being a good lil' sissy. I want one of my lovers to use sissy in this manner and sissy fantasizes about it constantly she so wants to be a submissive sissy under a strong male who has just fucked her wife. Two females using sissy as a toilet for the day is another sissy dream she wishes would cum true any couples, or females want to make a sissies dream cum true???Kiss
Along with the piercing, the Fleshlight makes for an explosive orgasm!
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!