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Men Sucking Breast Insex

Men Sucking Breast Insex on Bisexual Playground
I am a 40 year self described breast fiend ;) I love a man and his hard dick, but nothing beats a woman's breast mine included. I think about sucking tits all the time so I'm usually hot a bothered and will step into the bathroom at my office and pull my tits out of my bra and let them rub up against my dress for the rest of the day. Something about talking to my coworkers with my tits out under my dress while they're unaware really turns me on. I've definitely been known to pull my tits out in the car while I'm driving alone and get lost in driving my nipples wild. My biggest fantasy is a breast sucking 69 with a woman with beautiful tits and nipples that fill my mouth with joy. I'd love a breast pen pal if not local. Let's swap breast stories and pics.
shy, inexperinced, but interested insex
I have always fantasize about me and another mature woman just having a breast party, sucking on each other’s breast and having you to finger my pussy
26 yr old female in Charlotte area . Looking for other women . Old or young . Loveeeee breast play or sucking on breast
I'm a shy guy who enjoys eating out, fingering, sucking and playing with a females breast. I'm curious to try sucking a man's penis.
i am 39 and very loving and caring.i have 4 grown childeren and 2 grandchilderen with 2 more on the way ....i am in a very loving and happy relationship with a male he knows i am bi-curious and that i want to have 3 sum with himand another female and he is fine with that.ohh also at age 30 i had breast cancer and lost my breast and if u can't be with me cuz of no breast that on you cuz i am alive and living a good life .and as my mate says.the breast are not the hottest part of my body so only e-mail if your ok with me not having breast and if your okay with having a 3 sum
I would love to breast feed you. Sucking on my breast so hard tasting my sweet milk. yummy!
Looking for woman for freindship and mutual breast sucking. I have a breast fetish and want to lick some nipples and tits and have mine done too. Discreet female inquiries only.
i would love to taste your breast all in my mouth I am a breast women too hit me back n let me know when we can have breast sex!!!ummmmm
I love wearing woman’s clothes I enjoy being in woman’s panties and wearing pantyhose plus now I am wearing a bra I wear a dress at. When I have all the women’s clothes I feel like a woman. I even put on lipstick. And eye makeup. I plan to have woman’s breast I am waiting for my stuff to come in the mail. When I start taking this medicine. It will produce me to start my breast to form. Can hardly wait to get started. I am queer and gay and bisexual. I live in Bristol Connecticut. I will be like a female. Soon. I also enjoy sucking cock. And getting it in the rear. I love sucking cock
I was talking to some one today on me being bi curious or not so please give me you advice or in put on the matter. The thing is that I always had fantasies about a female giving me oral pleasure and sucking my breast but never thought about returning the favor and never had the urge to eat a female out. I have played with some breast before but nothing more than that. I just started excepting that fact that i want my pussy eaten by a female. so am I bi or just a a female who likes her pussy eaten

I enjoyed breastfeeding after each of my three children were born. They were nursed and daddy got the leftovers; very tasty. I also learned that babies have extremely strong sucking power. It took very strong sucking to get the milk from the breast. However, it is very enjoyable.


I love playing with breast, sucking and bitting them massageing them . breast trun me on and make me wet!!!KissKiss
Breast Play
Breast play is so erotic. I'm having my first breast play session with a couple who approached me about sucking on my tits and playing with them I'm excited at the prospect of having my tits double-sucked.
A Cups
I had a water ski partner that was 5' tall petite, with firm a cups and she would go wild when you masaged her breast and nipples. But there is more to a woman than breast. show me one with common sense and a good personality and the breast size doesent matter.
Adult Breastfeeding
I love sucking a woman milk filled breast...looking forward to sucking even more
A Cups
Gee I learn Something new everyday. always thought large breast(nipples )were more sensitive, guess I am wrong, However, my experience has been that the larger breast caused more arousal with me:-P. and I always found the nipples very sensitive, not so with small breast. Right now I will take either!!!!Hug Libido1929
Adult Breastfeeding
my breast need a good sucking on. anyone out there can help I'm in the CT area now


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!