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I love the taste of a freshly made cream pie. :-P Its even better and a lot more fun when another couple joins us...Yummy!!! :)
When either of us gets a mouthful of cum we love to share it with each other.
Huge turnon for me... i eat my own cum and other guys, so this is HUGE interest of mine. D
ya'l are making me very hungry. someone please feed me
What Can Be Better Than Sharing What YOU Create Together.....;)
would love to make it with another bi couple. want for both of them to suck me off then we can all enjoy my cum together.
Like to feel the goodness bubbling out, splashing against the back of my throat as he tells me what a wonderful cocksucker I am. Then its my turn to feed him as my balls empty into him
Love it when I cum in his mouth and the 3 of us cum swap. Then it's his turn to feed his girl and I and swap and play with hot passionate tongues!:-P
I'd love to shoot a big load into my own mouth. Several girls told me I had very good tasting cum
I want to feed a older couple near montgomery alabama my load of cum.both of you sucking me at the same time working for that load of cum into your hungry mouth/s. If interested, older and near let me know. Feed you this week
I have a large load of cum in northern me.
I love swapping cum
I love licking cum off her and from her. I also love watching her suck someone off then come to me with a mouth full to kiss while I’m playing with his woman.
I started late to swallow my own cum - but I loved it from the first swallow. And since, when my wife and I do an mmf, and the guy cums in one of our mouths, we cum kiss right away.
Couples Who Eat Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundCouples Who Eat Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundCouples Who Eat Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundCouples Who Eat Cum on Bisexual Playground

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