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We been on our first cruise to the caribbean. It was a year ago now and we both enjoy it and looking forward to doing it again. Sure would liked to have some lifestyle couples along with us too. :)
The only cruising I've done was on a navy ship ('round the worls twice) I't would probably be better in a cruise ship, but my way was way cheaper...they paid ME... :-D Besides the circumnavigation, the vessel was a weather ship out of Key West and we ran around the Carribean on Hurricane watch. Nice job if you can get it. The alternative would have been in Tonkin Gulf.
LOL! Somehow I don't think that this is the "cruising" I thought it was, isn't it more like, looking around particular places for other horny people? Well, I guess you can "cruise" on a "cruise" too LOL!
If Your Cruising in Philly pa or Going on a Exotic Vacation to a Fantasy Island ? And Your Looking For a Sissy Bisexual Bottom Boy to Join With You ? I am an Exhibitionist Who Love's to Dress-up and Do some Fantasy Role-Playing for My Voyeur Friend's who would Love to see me to get all Dressed up as a Sweet little Daddy's Girl... Oh Yes At Home or on a Cruise-Ship ? I am a Very Fun Person to get to know Both on Line and Off Line... and to get to know Me ? All you Have to Do is Just Say Hello Dennis My Friend How are You Doing ? and Oh Sweet Yes I am Very OK with Getting Caught on Video Tape or in Some Photos of Me Getting all Dressed-up Walking Around as Daddy's Little Sissy Girl with a Bit of My Naked Sweet Sissy Tight Ass Showing For My Voyeur Friend's To Remember Our Private Cruise Encounter Again and Again ... Bye 4 Now --- Dennis ...
Can you show me the trail head?
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