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Bisexual Cruising

Bisexual Cruising on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Cruising on Bisexual Playground
Young bisexual guy cruising for fun
young bisexual couple. Just cruising the place. Maybe we find something that we both like.
Would love to meet at a cruising spot I know. Would love to suck a nice cock and take it up my arse.Bisexual Male
I've known I was bisexual from 14 on. I'm equally attracted to both genders. I tend to be versatile in the bedroom. In bi terms, I would be described as more of a bear type. Definitely not a smooth, hairless boi. Likewise, I'm not twink. You will never, ever find me cruising for anonymous sex. Instead, I prefer to have some sort of a connection with my partner and would really prefer something exclusive and ongoing.
Looking for cruising
Just cruising around
Any bisexual or bicurious women near Dubuque who would like to have a threesome with me? I am single, straight, and this is my greatest fantasy. I have always wanted to try it. Meeting one bi-girl is fine too, then we can go cruising around for a hottie to take home. We can chat, exchange photos, and see what happens.
Do any if you know if the adult theatre located in the Petro Truck Stop in Mebane, NC off of I-40 still in existence and operating

Also looking for good ABS and/or adult theatre or gay/bi cruising areas in Winston-Salem. Someone told me that there are a few motels/hotels in the area that has active cruising. I'm going over there from Raleigh, NC on business quite frequently.
What I meant what I said "I have to admit" is that I was feeling frustrated over not hitting the jackpot so to speak. Before we found this website, we had been cruising the chat rooms for quite awhile. I found this website through an AOL search on bisexual chatrooms
I have been trying to find a few strong mature top bisexual men in northern Arizona that are interested in having a FeB that is a true bottom like myself to satisfy their needs and desires I don't go cruising to find a man to drain his balls I have been trained to pleasure anymore that my late wife wished unfortunately I lost her to cancer I am still searching for a new mature master,
ok...Here is my reply to most.....My profile says Bisexual and looking for females or couples ....Here is why..... I am truly a bisexual....I don't want to be with a man alone....9 out of 10 emails I get are from guys who claim they are bi, but I believe they are gay. Again, if I am going to have a bisexual experience I want it to be truly bisexual. I live in NY and I can have 25 gay experiences a night, that's not what I want....
I live in California and I love to go to Berkeley there is a man made lake there called Aquatic Park and it is a great cruising spot I walk the back trail and the pick nick area and it is simi quiet but this day four guys from Cal Berkeley were hanging out so I walked by them and when I walk the trails I do it bottomless and started jacking off they got kind of angry but more hornet so they chased me into the bushes and when they caught me they took me back to their picnic area and fucked my raw I was fucked on their blanket on the table up against a tree they fucked me every way they could and in plain sight of some of the cruising cars so as I was being fucked guys were doing their thing that was a great day


Glory Holes
Looking for any Glory Holes and cruising areas in Glens Falls, NY area
Transsexuals Fucking Men
bob6cock have you checked out “Cruising on 7th”? Couple of beautiful T-Gurls and lots of CD’s.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
they recently remolded a adult video store in Hermosa Beach CA (Tinderbox) new screen good selection and always at least 2 guys cruising looking to play
If Your Cruising in Philly pa or Going on a Exotic Vacation to a Fantasy Island ? And Your Looking For a Sissy Bisexual Bottom Boy to Join With You ? I am an Exhibitionist Who Love's to Dress-up and Do some Fantasy Role-Playing for My Voyeur Friend's who would Love to see me to get all Dressed up as a Sweet little Daddy's Girl... Oh Yes At Home or on a Cruise-Ship ? I am a Very Fun Person to get to know Both on Line and Off Line... and to get to know Me ? All you Have to Do is Just Say Hello Dennis My Friend How are You Doing ? and Oh Sweet Yes I am Very OK with Getting Caught on Video Tape or in Some Photos of Me Getting all Dressed-up Walking Around as Daddy's Little Sissy Girl with a Bit of My Naked Sweet Sissy Tight Ass Showing For My Voyeur Friend's To Remember Our Private Cruise Encounter Again and Again ... Bye 4 Now --- Dennis ...
Couples Searching For Bi Males
49 year old bisexual man . 6 ft 190 lbs Long Island . NY . Looking for bisexual couples or couples with bisexual men . Let me go down on the both of you ! And I love giving and receiving anal sex as well .
Bisexual Masters
not one entry for bisexual masters? curious. well i am a bisexual master and from the look of it the only one! which i can safely say elevates me to bisexual master of the universe!


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.