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I love to cuddle, especially in winter! I just wish I had someone to cuddle with now.
To cuddle flesh to flesh, Breast to chest feeling the warmth each body radiates.....the softness of a touch as a hand moves up and down your back and the feather light Kisses being givin' and received on your face and neck.....being held as your mind and body float back to earth after reaching the heavens through orgasm after orgasm. what better way to seek rest before the next orgasm, then to cuddle? and then to add others to that cuddlin' scene? Just another room of heaven don't ya think? Sandwiched together, more flesh to touch, more warmth to share, more heartbeats and pulses to feel as we all catch our breath and more Kisses to spread around. oh how cozy we are!!!! With arms open wide to hold Hugs *D & D*
May we also add, to cuddle on the couch while watching tv/movie is a great thing too. Don't pass up a cuddle time! More Hugs, * D & D*
a soft, warm body clinging close, a little smooching and the occasional grope mmmmmmmmm sweet! :) Hug
l love to be in the warm embrace of my lover Love Annie Kiss Hug
oh we love to sppon after a good love making and drift off into sleep only to awaken in the same position ready to go another time :)
There are lots of things that happened between two or more people, but the one that is known to last longer than others in memories is " the time of that special cuttle ". I once asked a couple that has been married for over 50 years ' What do you attribute you staying together for so long? Instantly they both replied CUTTLES . So I said to myself why not take advantage of somebody else that been there for a long time KissHugFlower:-D:-D
cuddling up and feeling your lover's closeness and warmth, this is the life :-D
Sue & I Love to cuddle and be cuddled by our LoversHug
I love to cuddle and spoon. Hug watching a good movie
Cuddling on Bisexual PlaygroundCuddling on Bisexual PlaygroundCuddling on Bisexual PlaygroundCuddling on Bisexual Playground

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