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Calm Gentle Muscled Boyfriend Kissing Hugging Cuddling Girlfriend Sex Slow Kissing Care Love Romance Slow Sex Videos

Calm Gentle Muscled Boyfriend Kissing Hugging Cuddling Girlfriend Sex Slow Kissing Care Love Romance Slow Sex Videos on Bisexual PlaygroundCalm Gentle Muscled Boyfriend Kissing Hugging Cuddling Girlfriend Sex Slow Kissing Care Love Romance Slow Sex Videos on Bisexual Playground
Well i am 6ft 2in about 265lbs a beer belly i am looking for a top only love alot of kissing french kissing real long and slow spend time in the evening together maybe have some drinks and have you take care of me in the front and back real slow in and out make it last couple time a week .I n or around the binghamton n.y. area or maybe in PA. not far from n.y. state in PA ok love ya.
Just want quickies. No romance/hugging/kissing/cuddli ng. I am strictly a bottom. DD free and you be as well.
i like to be playful and enjoy a lot of things. i can take thing slow and when comfortable will definitely have a good time and good fun. i enjoy kissing, cuddling , hugging and oral (give and receive), i like to top and will not go anal all the time
I am older guy living Mass/Central, Mass. I am, I guess, bi for now. I like women, men, mixture, etc.. I like j/o off, sucking, maybe more. It's depends. I like getting naked, slow dancing togeghter, cuddling, kissing, naked slow massage. Give and take. I am retired too. Either female or man, don't matter with me. I hope I get someone soon too. Little disabled but, shouldn't bother anyone too.
Im in a great relationship with my soulmate Jennifer. I love her sooooo much. But thankfully she still lets me play online... and occasionally joins in ;) We love Kissing, Cuddling, Slow soft sex, Bum sex, Strapons.
I'm Diane...a 30 year old single and sexy BBW from Saginaw, Michigan. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'9" with long legs, killer ass, bodacious tatas, and extremly dangerous curves! I'm looking for a man/woman who is up to the adventure! I am searching for love, not lust. So if you are only out searching for a one night romp or a "fu*k buddy" please keep looking elsewhere. I feel that romance can be found in any minute of the day. From something as simple as a touch of the hand to warm someones day. Almost anything that makes an intimate connection with someone I find to be romantic, not always in regards to sexual pleasures. A candlelight dinner over fast-food, a bubble bath waiting for me when I get home from work, a neck massage (giving and receiving), a night on the town of dinner and dancing, kissing, hugging, caressing, cuddling, hot tubs built for two, picnics on the living room floor....anything that brings two people closer emotionally as well as physically. I also love laughing, hanging out and having fun, long romantic evenings that lead to romantic mornings, body massages, go dancing on ocassion - preferably slow, and going to the nudie camp =) I am into everything from slow and passionate to mild s&m.
Not me I love kissing and cuddling, I also love cum kissing, if two men are gonna have sex then let's kinky and do it with lots of sucking, swallowing cum,kissing, cuddling, and rubbing our cocks together while french kissing.
I wouldn't think so... I would say your bi curious .... the sexual acts themselves seem to indulge your fantasies ... kissing and cuddling are more of a loving act ... if you think about it ... your not looking for another man for companionship or the cuddling and kissing would arouse you ... you appear to just be looking for another man for sexual gratification. I have been with members of the same sex and kissing and cuddling were not part of the experience ... just plain (pardon the pun) Fucking lol ... hope I helped in some small way !

Mrs. Cutie;)
I can empathize. My partner is 87 and has lost all interest in sex. There's still love, but limited to hugging, kissing and cuddling.
Well I think everyone has covered just about every base on here....Again this is just that much more reassurance that we are all different sexually and otherwise. I for one enjoy EQUALLY men and women.....That includes intimacy! Yes I enjoy kissing other men, Yes I enjoy cuddling other men, Yes I enjoy kissing women, yes I enjoy cuddling women.........The romance is part of the turn on for me.....Sex is sex....intimacy is soooooo much better!!! For me it takes the awesome feelings of sex and kick them up notches galore!! Just my two cents..........Again that is what makes everyone so beautiful......WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!!! If we were all the same how bad would life suck!!!
Hugs and Wet Kisses Ana
I agree with gasman kissing is important how could it be sex with out kissing, touching, stroking, and lots of slow sexy foreplay to heighten the level of which two or more people can enjoy earth shattering orgasm. So to sum up we love kissing and the passion that a hot kiss has with in itself is next to none and must not be overlooked wether with male or female it is just so damn hot....Kiss Kiss Kiss
My first time shouldn't be a quickie. I want to make love to your cock and balls. Licking and kissing your balls. Putting them in my mouth. Slow. Then start working on your cock. Up the shaft from your balls. Back and forth from your balls to your cock. Making my way to the head, kissing, licking and tasting your juices. Keeping it slow. Laying between your legs. Licking from the crack of your ass, to the tip of your cock.


Male To Male Kissing
kissing is the biggest aphrodisiac i wish more men would enjoy kissing - just slow sensual delicious kissing gets me hard just to think of it
French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
Straight Men Fucking Gay Men
I think of my self as being straight in Buffalo, but had a man 2 man sex act (blowjob) and it was so intense that I wanted more, and now I'm hooked on man to man oral sex, not into the other stuff (kissing, hugging, cuddling ), but if offered sex from a guy,,,,OH HELL YES I WOULD TAKE IT, and everyday if i could, am I straight, I don't knoww, just love sex from FEMALE, or MALE
Deep Kissing
I love slow wet French kissing total turn on for me
I adore kissing - good long slow smoochies = cait has sticky knickers!!!!
I agree there is no such thing as to much cum. I also like it when it comes back from there mouth to mine. I'd like to be in a situation where this hot chick is fucking three to four guys and they cum all over and in her. Then I get to lay down and make slow love to her with lots of French kissing.


Hi, BillnPattie - thanks for the nice welcome. I'm taking things slow as I explore my feelings, desires and newly-explored lifestyle, and this site appears very friendly to newbies and also a safe environment in which to begin my journey. Regards, nancy in Texas