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I love eating cum i love the taste of cum my dream one day having sex with 10 to 12 guys and every one of them cum in my mouth and i swallow every drop OMG so much fun Kiss
want to drink cum from a cum-filled pussy.
....or suck cum from a cock that has just cum in a pussy.
Omg I would share that with you
I would like to do that too
Love to taste a mans cum, yum
I love eating cum and in this picture I was sucking kim's fat cock and omg did he fill my mouthKiss
I love my mouth full of cum and swallowing all of it
Love to eat big loads of cum
I would love to be able to have a nice warm cup of come to sip from some morning, or evening. That might take 20 or 30 loads... Who wants to volunteer?
All great pictures . Very horny now .
THroat fuck me and cum deeep down my throat, as I grab your ass and thrust your cock deep down my throat. 69n is my favorite position.
Love cum as I am true sperm addict one or many Love sloppy 2nds to Fifths if need a true clean up sub for all in Indy Will suck off cock anywhere needed
I had a guy cum over to my house and he sucked me then when I sucked him he shot a huge load in my mouth. I had to swallow 3 times to get all of it. Only one bad thing about the guy was he only had about 4 inches of hard cock to suck on.
If your lucky enough to find that person that eats right, doesn't smoke drinks the healthy stuff man I can drink in that persons cum any time I can get it, Cum eating is awesome with the right person
I'm so frustrated can't wait to make that happen. They haven't had any luck yet. I was completely jealous reading those comments. It took me my whole life to where I could get to this point and finally admit that I want my mouth to move so perfectly on another man's cock that I can feel him tremble. Oh my God and to actually be where my wife has always been to hear that shallow choppy breathing that happens right ,,, I got him so fucking worked up... Sorry right before my mouth is filled. This half step and soon I'm gonna lose my mind. I guess I need to open up another app.
I’m a cum eater and swallower! Hit me up.
Cum Eaters on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Eaters on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Eaters on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Eaters on Bisexual Playground

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