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I really enjoy eating cum, especially my own! If you're also into eating cum, drop me a line anytime! Ben
Cum sharing is also known as Snowballing...:-D
I never tried it before but it sounds like fun. Ireally like the feeling of another mans cum in my mouty.
We can share cum on my couch anytimeHug
I'll share a load or two
I really love my own pre-cum, more than anything i think this has made me very bi-sexual. i cum a lot in huge loads, its a real mess when i am alone. the pre-cum just runs out of my cock. i put it on the back of my hand and lick it off. in adult book stores i have done this in front of guys and i can tell it turns em on alot. one day in whittier i had a young man in my booth with me pants down and we were all over each other and he was holding my cock and i began to cum but i stopped him and my orgasim and a big load of pre-cum came out. i caught it in my palm and began to lick it up and he dove in and sucked up the rest out of my palm. it was really hot. we kissed and shared the pre-cum then i gave it back and he swallowed it. right now i have a raging hard on and am pre-cuming in my underwear. i love to go in the bathrooom and lick it off my shorts. i absolutely love the stuff and licking the drip off the head of a mans cock.
Wow, am I glad I'm not the only one that eats their own cum! My wife will let me cum in her mouth but not swallow. So she gives it to me and I swallow it. Weird huh?
Remember what YOUR Kindergarden teaches said, "Share with YOUR Playmates & If YOU Bring Candy, Bring Enough for EVERYBODY" Be Happy D i c k:)
love eating my cum too thought i was the only one
I had the pleasure of meeting a couple for their very first threesome a few weeks ago. They were entirely new to it and excited to try it. I sucked hubby while she watched. & at first she didn't think he actually came until I let some of it out and gave her a good look-see at the mouthful he gave me. :):) She and I then enjoyed a hot cum filled kiss. Yummy!
We love cum sharing, especially with another couple. I love it when my pal fills my bride with his hot cum and I lick it out and share it with his wife. At the end of sucking my wife's pussy I'm hard as a rock so my pal's wife and I have hot sex, culminating in me filling her with many loads of my hot cum and him sucking her pussy dry and sharing it with my wife. As you may imagine, we go on for many hours like this.
anyone want to share a load or two or three
I just love to be snowballed with cum. Love to swallow the hot stuff. I jerk and cum in my hand and eat it all up. Love to suck and drain a guys balls down my throat. Just got hard writing about it.
I love tasting my pre cum and then cumming in my hand and eating it. But there is still nothing like getting it right from another man while sucking him.
I love eating another man cum…the sensation is awesome and to know that I did that makes it even better. I’ve never snowballed before but would love to try it someday. Along with eating another mans cum out of a pussy or ass!!!
Would love to experience cum swapping heaps of yummy loads
Cum Sharing on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Sharing on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Sharing on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Sharing on Bisexual Playground

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