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i love to drink cum mine youts any ones
I love to masturbate with my big back massager vibrator and then eat up all my cum which isn't adulterated with any lube. Its so yummy and is a constant fascination for me. I love to be watched eating myself also, and I love to share my cum to anyone that's interested.
I've been eating my own cum since I was a teen. Love to eat my cum on webcam occasionally with friends. Shoot me a message if you would like to join me sometime. Ben
This is such a hot thing to think about and to do! LOVE guys who do this...its hot! mmmmmm :-P
I do this often. The taste and the feel are both great. I like to roll onto my back with my feet in the air and shoot directly into my mouth. I savor every drop. Sometimes, I will cum in a galss and drink it.Flower
Drinking my own cum is always on my mind I lay on my back and pull my legs over my head so my hard dick is over my mouth and i start to jack off till I start to cum and I cum in my mouth and all over my face and it feels great plus when I fuck my nasty cuz ! Yes my cuz she so hot and horny that she likes me to fuck her and when I cum in her she sits on my face and I clean her out i love the taste of cum mine and yours to.HugKiss:-P Bobby xxx69ucum
My wife always makes me eat my own sperm from her, and any others lover. She does a lot of gang bangs so I get to eat a lot of sperm but I enjoy eating mine best every time and I eat it every time I cum or masturbate. I go to glory holes to eat sperm when she is out of town and I'm not getting enough Unlike a lot of guys we play with I don't get disinterested after I cum so I go first a lot and get to eat my semen co-mingled with her lovers form her pussy or ass which is really good too!
I think this made me bi more than any thing. i absolutly love my cum. if you beat it right to the point of cumming then stop it, the precum is a lot and relieves the pressure for more action. i pre-cum in my hand then lick it up and swallow it. i have done this in front of guys before and had them lick it up with me. it is something you have to try, especially when you need some dick cum and can't get any so just eat your own.
Tastes best when eating it out of a pussy after you just cummed in it.
I started eating my own cum as soon as I began ejaculating as a teen. Still do it 99% of the time when JO'ing. Have done it in front of other guys after I sucked them off. They loved it!
Why do many men like the taste of their cum,me included,when more women prefer not to?Thats the mystery to me.And the KYPiano guy,would love to see you eat yours and give me the shot on your 2nd cumming
i love own included....amber
i drink cum every time when i masturbate.i like other mans cum too.its turn on:)
I love the taste of my own be it from a freshly fucked pussy, during a snowball, or straight from the source...Wink
I Luv the taste of Cum, YOURS & MINE straight from the source but I particularly Luv it served up in a 'Well Fucked Pussy' I could live on 'Cream Pie' Mmmmm Yum Yum:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:):):)
My mysstress come over to in and serve me a 32 ounce big gulp made half white russian and half cum from all the guys in this party we're at and tells me to drink the whole thing.:-P;)
I love to cum on my high heel shoes then lick it off sooo tasty. Also love to lick cum off the bookstore floors when really horny. Love to have about 6 black guys that can shoot about ten shots each all over my face and mouth for me to lick off and eat.
Started sucking my own dick by 12 or so.. Hot to watch other dudes that can blow themselves and then swallow.. or to jerk off on a dudes hard cock, then start sucking it, cleaning it til he nuts too. Like to shoot on a hot hole and lick it up too.
I love eating my own cum. I just love cum. Not as bendable as I used to be so now I cum on a plate and lick it all up.
I'm tasting my prscum rite now and after another hour or two of testing my cock I'm gonna throw my legs up pyt my leaking purple pulsating cock directly over my face and cum in my mouth and all over my face no chickening out this time and I'm gonna film it first I'm gonna fuck my ass hard with two huge dildos and suck my ass juice off and fub it all over my face I live the taste and smell of raw sex
Love the taste and feel of cum. Been eating my own as long as I can remember and have never tasted any better.
I love live live eating my
It took me years to overcome losing the urge after I ejaculate, but the other day I was determined to try. I edged for over an hour and then, once I was ready, came in my hand. Before I could think about it all, I placed the palm of my hand to my mouth and started eating. I found that I liked it so much I can’t wait to try it again.
Love to eat my cum. Licking and sucking it off of my wife's tits or out of her freshly fucked cunt or ass.
There is nothing like it anywhere, just jack off and get a handful of cum and eat it, it took me a while to get used to eating my cum, but was well worth the wait. Sometimes it’s a bit different in taste, but always delicious, I just love it.
I have a blowjob dildo that I suck when I want cock. When I jack I have it in front of me so when I cum I wrap my hand around it and shoot my load all over the head then I proceed to suck my cum off of the dildo. I would rather have it from another guy.
Yes, I love hearing from my fellow cum lovers. Like some said, it took awhile but when I did ( years ago ) I was hooked, can’t get enough
I want twenty oher mens cum all over me an my ass
I love eating my own cum,i cant get enough,its so dam good
Drinking Your Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundDrinking Your Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundDrinking Your Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundDrinking Your Own Cum on Bisexual Playground

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