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I love to eat my pre cum while I am stroking. I tastes so good. I finally ate my own cum when I jacked off on my girlfriends tits. My God what a rush. I swallow cum when I give a BJ to a guy, but to taste my own, WOW. I even did a cum swap after my girl sucked me off, amazing. Now I do it as often as I can. So guys don't be afraid if your curious, go for it, I did and I love it
WE see no reason to pass up a Nice Warm Homemade Cream Pie :)
Very Kinky love it!:
Had a girlfriend cum swap with me several years ago and really enjoyed it. A few months later, during a very hot solo session, I felt the urge to cum in my own mouth. I doubled over and shot a big hot load all over my face and in my mouth. It was really incredible. I loved it. I done it many times since, but no so much lately as I'm not as bendable as I used to be, lol
I used to jack off watching porn or a live cam 2 cam and always thought about tasting myself. In the past when I was with a girl it just seamed such a normal thing to have a girl suck and swallow me till I had a fling with a friends wife. After we fucked for a while her juices would froth up on my cock and she always wanted to lick them off. She was the first to 69 after and let me lick her pussy after sex tasting my own cum. It excited me doing this and became part of my masturbation. I became fascinated with the taste and wanted more so I started cam2cam with a couple locale guys on a site .... one guy I really connected with we would be on cam together and licking our cum up from the palm of our hands after shooting off asked if we could meet. We planed a meet the next day and I went to his place ... we started out jacking off together but as we both got closer he asked me to take a closer look as pre-cum leaked out of the tip of his cock It was to much and as being so close I started to lick the pre-cum and then started to suck him. He shot a big load in my mouth and almost choked me with it but I did swallow it all and we traded places ..... now we meet as often as we can.
Eating Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundEating Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundEating Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundEating Own Cum on Bisexual Playground

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