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My first time with a guy me and my guy friend was watching porn together and jacking off he's on bed I'm on floor he said this would work alot better if u sucked my cock and helped me out I looked at him and said ok so I started sucking his cock and no sooner then I started he busted a nut right in my mouth I was not expecting that at all I spit it out and he sucked my cock and I bust a nut on his chest
But then I had met this gay guy that asked if he could suck my cock I Said yes so he did I couldn't get off so he said try rubbing my cock I did he said suck it I did 10in cock 4in thick Still can't get off he said fuck me so I put my cock in his ass after lubbing it up and fucked him good and finally got off in his asshole felt amazing
first time is always great my first time he came on my cock but thereafter I swallowed
I also love docking
Where can I find a guy to teach me how to make love to a man
Eagerly awaiting my super talented meat to fill my virgin mouth while my wife sucks you into exctasy!!!!
Yes I'm 65 looking for a friend and Buddy to show me what cock sucking is about nothing together
I won't to suck my frist cook and rid it in my ass I have never had a cook won't to see if I like it
I won't to suck my first cook so bad I just won't one in my mouth and ass to see if I like it
I would like to meet you ..
My cock loves the ladies. Recently I've been thinking about trying some cock. I think I could give a great blowjob. It would be like pussy on a stick. A mouth full of hot cum? Hmmm sounds delicious
First Time With A Guy on Bisexual PlaygroundFirst Time With A Guy on Bisexual Playground

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