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Still looking for my first time with another guy, so wish I could find someone.... Am very oral and love to practice deep throating realistic toy cocks.... I dream of going down on a real cock so much.... Please come help me and believe me that it will help you! Just feed me your hard cock :). Cheers!
Looking for my first time with a man or a few men and ill be your sex boy toy for anything you want bring your friends who wants to join. Lets have a all male orgay i need a lot of cock and ill swallow all of your loads with a smile i have a big thick cock and a tight virgin ass ill do what ever you tell me
My first time with a guy me and my guy friend was watching porn together and jacking off he's on bed I'm on floor he said this would work alot better if u sucked my cock and helped me out I looked at him and said ok so I started sucking his cock and no sooner then I started he busted a nut right in my mouth I was not expecting that at all I spit it out and he sucked my cock and I bust a nut on his chest
But then I had met this gay guy that asked if he could suck my cock I Said yes so he did I couldn't get off so he said try rubbing my cock I did he said suck it I did 10in cock 4in thick Still can't get off he said fuck me so I put my cock in his ass after lubbing it up and fucked him good and finally got off in his asshole felt amazing
First Time With A Guy on Bisexual PlaygroundFirst Time With A Guy on Bisexual Playground

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