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Flower; Hug;Kiss;:-P
I fantasize about 2 men who pick up my wife at a bar. She doesn't know I've been watching her. I hurry home and hide on our patio. They come in the front door and instantly the 2 seduce her. They quickly undress and she immediately goes for the tall black dudes long cock. I knock something down on the patio, and all eyes turn towards me. My wife is very upset and orders me in. To my surprise she tells me to suck his cock for punishment. I'm very hesitant but they guide my mouth to the black shimmering of precum pole. Reluctantly I start sucking sliding it and out of my mouth.My wife laughs as I get him nice and hard. He jumps on my wife and starts pounding away at her pussy. I can't really watch as the second guy, a handsome construction type shoves his dick in my mouth. He quickly gets excited and to my horror shoots off in my mouth. I try to swallow it all but choke. He orders me to lick him clean and as I do he starts hardening again. The other guy cums in my wife and now the hard again dude takes over and gives my wife a hard, thorough, fucking. When he's done my wife orders me to eat out her pussy pie with her and both of their cum sloshing around. i get very hard as actually it taste great! Now I beg my wife to do it again with a couple of other lucky guys.
Yeah I'd love to be the bi guy in that scene too.
Hi there to all reading this

you probably will not be interested but i thought i would post anyway

my wife has had some bi experiences in the past but not for a while, she is not totally into all of this yet and i am seeking bi females to make friends with her and try and help her to open up and be more open minded relaxed and have fun, take her out to the movies or for a meal maybe hang out with me aswell or she would wonder why i never want to be there and then when the time is right make your move, flirt with her chat her up and maybe even go for a few drinks and help her relax more and then try it on with her flirt more and seduce her

the main thing is to becoem good friends with her and make a lasting friendship as she needs more friends and then over time slowly introduce her to your interest towards other women and her etc

remember she must not know of our little arangement and must think this is all unplanned and natural and it must be done slowly over time so she gradually takes to it and doesnt get scared off the idea

just to add i (the hubby) will never be involved this is not an attempt to get a threesome

if you would be interested please get in touch and we can start aranging something
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser Seeking MMF or Single Females & being Forced to be their Pet! Flower
I would enjoy being tied-up in a helpless position,with legs spread and arms wide and be face-fucked by all the men,while the women watch and cheer them on,until every dick gets drained in my mouth.
I would love to be tied up and blindfolded and be force feed a cock, amongst other things.:-P
WOW, I would like to party with Ronchy99... your fantasy did it for me... ever get to tampa let me know.

my fantasy is to be caught getting a blow job by the woman's husband who then forces me to repay him by sucking his cock.
My fantasy:

After making sure I am ready, I arrive at her door... Nervous,
wondering what she may have in store for me, wondering whose car that
is in the driveway... I ring the bell and wait, after a few moments
she answers it, dressed in my favorite leather bustier, leaving her
ponderous breasts uncovered, stockings, and heels. Telling me to
follow her she leads me into the living room, lit only by the glow of
the television, where a naked man is seated on her couch watching a
bi porn video, stroking his har cock idly, the room is quiet, the
sounds of sexual pleasure coming softly from the screen.

On the coffee table there are three glasses of wine, two half empty,
one full. She seats herself next to him, kissing him deeply then
turning her head she tells me that I am over dressed and to join them
on the couch. She returns to kissing him and stroking his hard cock,
he, returning her kisses, fondles her breasts.

I strip, naked, and find a seat on the couch, on his other side. She
stops kissing him and hands me my wine, askes me how I like his cock?
She is stroking it slowly and holding my eyes as she lowers her mouth
to it and sucks it deeply into her mouth. As it slides from her
mouth, it is glistening with her saliva in the light of the
television, the head dark and purple, shiny in the glow.

I tell her it looks like a nice cock, and she smiles. Bobbing her
head a few more times, she then puts one knee on either side of his
lap and lowers herself onto it. She grabs my head and holds it to her
breast ordering me to suck her, as he suckles the other. After a few
moments she gets off of him then remounts him, but facing away from
him, she is bouncing slowly up and down on his cock. She looks at me
and asks me to lick her clit.

Getting off the couch I kneel between his outstretched legs and begin
licking her clit, as I try to keep up with her movement up and down
on his cock, his shaft and balls are sliding across my chin. She cums.

Climbing off his cock, she kneels next to me and whispers in my ear
that he has not cum yet.

We kiss, she and I and as she pulls away, she tells me how hot it is
to watch two men fuck... to watch men sucking cock... to see one mans
cock jerk and throb as it shots jet after hot, salty jet of cum down
another mans throat. She is masturbating as she speaks, I can hear
her fingers stroking her wet pussy, then she brings two of her
fingers to my mouth, stroking them across my lips she asks if I like
her flavor. I nod, and notice that she is now holding his cock by the

her other hand goes to the back of my neck, and she is pointing his
cock at my face, whispering in my ear she tells me she knows I want
to taste more of her, and begins pushing my head toward his cock. Her
lips are at my ear as she whispers how much she will enjoy watching
me suck him, how hot it will be to see him fill my mouth with his
cum, how much I will love the feeling of sucking a cock...

His cock is close to my mouth now, she orders me to open and suck him
in... I obey and feel her hand at the back of my neck forcing my head
up and down on his cock, sucking for the first time as she watches
me, inches away from my face, her eyes glued to my mouth as my head
bobs up and down....
i would love if a women would just treat me as her toy.. whatever she wanted.. id do.. lol, would love to be turned into a sissy, but only by a seductive female, ya dig?
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...
Wow that is so hot. How about being underneath eating her pussy as he thrusts in and out with him pulling out to make one thrust in my mouth then
back in her wet hole again, my face pinned helpless to his thrusting cock as he pumps her wet hole. Can I get my tongue in with his cock on the inward thrust and taste her juices on each outward pull or will his balls be slapping my face. How many times will he pull out to thrust in my mouth and re enter her love hole and when will he shoot off his hot load of cum in my mouth and will it be before I cum in her mouth, as she holds me totally helpless under her.
I've often fantasized about being on the receiving end of this.
tied and blindfolded, that would be the bomb! If then I were forced to suck a guy(my first) then I'd be in heaven. I want a dick but am in no way interested in the man attached to it. Weird, i know
Hi, I would love to serve a dom couple, be their sissy maid slave. be ordered around to serve drinks, oral worship, help dress and undress prepare them for sex, cleanup after ....
ready in Lafayette, Indiana:)
I would like to be overpowered and forced to suck cock by two men. as the second was pushing my mouth onto his cock one would tell me I had a choice. suck it like I put it in my mouth on purpose or get fucked in the ass. they would each make me suck them off two or three times .
first experience several years ago in public shower at local pool complex admired guy big cock he asked me if i liked it said yes he told me to go to the private shower room and leave door open i did he soon followed forced me yo my knees and made me give him a blow job my first came in my mouth and face he invited me to his place i went and really enjoyed him using me for his pleasure he took picture with cell phone he told me he had friends who would like an inexpierenced older guy to use and asked if i would be willing only stipulation i was blindfolded so they wouldnt be known i am sure he was pimping me but the action was great only for a short time
There's something terribly arousing about the thought of meeting a couple who then demand that I cater for the man and have to please him!
Make me your bitch in front of my wife
Forced Bi on Bisexual Playground

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