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Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser Seeking MMF or Single Females & being Forced to be their Pet! Flower
I would love to be tied up and blindfolded and be force feed a cock, amongst other things.:-P
WOW, I would like to party with Ronchy99... your fantasy did it for me... ever get to tampa let me know. tim
my fantasy is to be caught getting a blow job by the woman's husband who then forces me to repay him by sucking his cock.
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...
Wow that is so hot. How about being underneath eating her pussy as he thrusts in and out with him pulling out to make one thrust in my mouth then back in her wet hole again, my face pinned helpless to his thrusting cock as he pumps her wet hole. Can I get my tongue in with his cock on the inward thrust and taste her juices on each outward pull or will his balls be slapping my face. How many times will he pull out to thrust in my mouth and re enter her love hole and when will he shoot off his hot load of cum in my mouth and will it be before I cum in her mouth, as she holds me totally helpless under her.
I've often fantasized about being on the receiving end of this.
Hi, I would love to serve a dom couple, be their sissy maid slave. be ordered around to serve drinks, oral worship, help dress and undress prepare them for sex, cleanup after ....
first experience several years ago in public shower at local pool complex admired guy big cock he asked me if i liked it said yes he told me to go to the private shower room and leave door open i did he soon followed forced me yo my knees and made me give him a blow job my first came in my mouth and face he invited me to his place i went and really enjoyed him using me for his pleasure he took picture with cell phone he told me he had friends who would like an inexpierenced older guy to use and asked if i would be willing only stipulation i was blindfolded so they wouldnt be known i am sure he was pimping me but the action was great only for a short time
There's something terribly arousing about the thought of meeting a couple who then demand that I cater for the man and have to please him!
Make me your bitch in front of my wife
My first sex was with another guy.I was 9 yrs old when I had a neighborhood kid about 13-14 yrs. old tied me up one day out in the woods and forced me to suck his cock to completion. About 8 months or so later, I let him tie my hands behind me again, as it had become a normal thing for me to orally service him weekly in this manner, but this time after sucking him for a few minutes, he surprised me by standing me up, pulling my shorts down, turning me around, and pushing me face down on a picnic table. Only thing I can say is after that day I lost my anal cherry. I was his sex slave for many years after that. I didn't have sex with a female til I was 17, and have enjoyed being bisexual all of these years since.
I was ten I was dressed in a dress and on all 4s my family left me alone for a week and I felt something really heavy on my then I felt paws wrapped around my waist pulling me against him and I felt something hot and pain he was in me and he was going to make me his bitch I was crying and after ten minutes I couldn't get enough started to scream harder I am your bitch I felt something growing in me then everything was hot I learned that he knotted me and turn me into a bitch
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