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Its a BIG turn on thinking of my wife making me suck a guy til he's hard and then him fucking her and then having to clean them both up.
We love seducing cute young straight men, luring back to our apartment and then making him suck and get sucked by my husband if he wants to fuck me!
I just love being with a couple or woman that enjoys watching me suck a nice hard dick, joining me in suckingit, or directing me in how she wants to seeme suck, holding my head and making me deep throat a nice hard dick. I love being in a woman and having a nice hard dick in my mouth while I am deep inside of her, hearing her gasp as I reach her limit all the feeling me get a bitter harder and longer because my mouth is being stuff by her hsuband or our lover's dick. I loving feeling a nice hard dick in my mouth while I am with a woman and sharing it with her feeling it pulsate and relase in both of our mouths then kissing her really deeply withthe taste of her cum mixed with is as we kiss deeply sharing that load
my ex wife used to make me suck men off while she watched and played with her pussy. once i watched her suck a mans cock in the parking lot behind the bar one night,when he came she held the cum in her mouth then gave me a deep french kiss and i sucked his cum from her mouth. on another occasion she made me let some guy fuck my ass after i gave him a blow first it hurt like hell but after alittle while it felt so damn good.i didnt care she was calling my a sissy fagot,and a little cock whore . then she made me eat her pussy while he was fucking me. she love the way my face was being shoved into her cunt every time he thrust into me.soon after that i left her. i still like sucking cock and absolutly love the feeling of being fucked hard by a big cock
I'd love it if my gf would meet me at the door someday and tell me to get on my knees and start sucking another man's cock. I would hope that she'd call me a cocksucking whore, faggot, worthless dicklicker, while she's putting on her strapon and getting ready to fuck me in the ass. Then after I made him cum in my mouth she'd tell me how hot it made her to watch us.
I'd so like to be the guy some chick's boyfriend or husband'd be "forced" to blow. That'd be hot.
that happened to me a couple times, get seduced by a hott lady, then be told her hubbie and i would have to play bury the bone, or couldnt have her, she was worth it, and i enjoyed both;)
Would like to blow a real fat juicy piece of meat in front of a guys wife.
This has been one of my all time favorite fantasies, yet to be realized!
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...
Looking for MFM< MMF in FLORIDA
wife would never make me do this........anyone else want to make me do this?????
I would love for my wife to go out with her friends and pick up a strange guy, then tell me he's going to fuck her after I suck him off. Then she makes me eat his load.
would like to be used deep and hard
Me and wife love strangers come up us and would love to have three couples strech and fuck us
Forced To Have Sex With Other Men By My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundForced To Have Sex With Other Men By My Wife on Bisexual Playground

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