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any huntsville, al guys on hereHug
Hi there My name is Neal and i am seking women in my area which is Northern California By the way im about anhor to45 minuts fromthe oregon border on the ocean side , in a town called Mckinleyville , I am a tall artist and a fairly open minded persson Im seeking to meet WOMEN only so Sorry guys looking for womento be friends and hangout with me can be with other women too or just 1on1 however you prefer i like going to the beach whenthe weather allows and working n my art would love someone to wantto getinto it with me too that would be coolkinda an assistant model fried some times lover lol im a very cuddley person so want cudley friedns wh will set next to me and snuglewhile w watch a movie or if either one of us is lonely we could call and say hey im neding some company and some one tojustholdme yuo busy or couldyou come over for a whle and snugle and them say sure or they could say that to me too some one who doesnt want to just fuck and say thanks and leave with me going "what was that allabout "smiling but stillwondering lolso hey look me up lets e-mail and can shre more with you if you want togetoknow me more wel thx ... xoxoxoxo NealHugKiss;)
looking for Biker Friends in the Northern NJ area
ah skinny cute woman with itty little bitty tittys
is a friend with benefits indeed Kiss

itty bitty titty dreamer was hereFlower
I've always thought it would be fun to have a best female friend to hang out with and also fool around with. Maybe that's just a dream... or a good fantasy... but at least then maybe hubby wouldn't suspect anything? lol
What would be great is to find someone that I can hang out with "play" with when my sweetie isn't around. He travels for business which leaves me home alone. I would love to have a friend to go shopping with or stay in and watch a movie and.....
Flower You have got to have friends with benefits Hug
One of the best masterplans ever created.:)
Also interested in FWB, can entertain.
This is excatly what I have been looking for- a friend with benefits. What a perfect way to enjoy any free time,a friend to do girls things with and then play with when you get that itch.:-P Hope to hear from you soon...I need to beging this adventure
friends with b, are great. love the special relationship that comes with it. Kiss
Hi I'm Amanda and I was seeking some Females in the Ashland, Kentucky area who were curious in being some friends HINT HINT.....Hug
Hey, if there are any women in the Regina, Sk area and are looking to make a new friend...
I can't think of anything better then having a friend who you can get naked with if the need arises. Think of the freedom, to be able to tease each other in public and know that when you get home you have the possiblity of releasing those bent up desires.
Love to hang out with a another woman and just enjoy her company. I'm bi-curious but, love women and maybe we can do something or just have great sex whenever you feel like it. No strings attached. I have a man but, it would be nice to have a womanly touch!
Hi another woman seeking friend only with B, for those lonely boring weekends or a Girls nite in!
Hey i'm looking for those special friends with benefits in the Houston, Tx. area. If your out there give me holla...If you live out of the area still give me a holla. You never know when you might be able to hook up. KissHugFlower
Hi there to all reading this

you probably will not be interested but i thought i would post anyway

my wife has had some bi experiences in the past but not for a while, she is not totally into all of this yet and i am seeking bi females to make friends with her and try and help her to open up and be more open minded relaxed and have fun, take her out to the movies or for a meal maybe hang out with me aswell or she would wonder why i never want to be there and then when the time is right make your move, flirt with her chat her up and maybe even go for a few drinks and help her relax more and then try it on with her flirt more and seduce her

the main thing is to becoem good friends with her and make a lasting friendship as she needs more friends and then over time slowly introduce her to your interest towards other women and her etc

remember she must not know of our little arangement and must think this is all unplanned and natural and it must be done slowly over time so she gradually takes to it and doesnt get scared off the idea

just to add i (the hubby) will never be involved this is not an attempt to get a threesome

if you would be interested please get in touch and we can start aranging something
Flower Looking for a friend to keep me company while hubby is at work.Hug and Kiss would love to :-P and have Sex
Looking for a friend with benefits in the Toronto, Ontario, area for friendship and fun. :-P ;)
donna and i have known each other since we were kids. we were playmates then and we are playmates now (only in a different way):)
well im lookin for a friend with benefits that can help me fullfill my dreams of being with a bi-curious or lesbian woman who wont mind hookin up for a one niter maybe more of them later on in the lancaster york, harrisburg area pa just please cum an look up me Laughing:-P
Hello ...
I would like a " Friend with Benefits " because you know them and they know you . There is no uncomfortable feeling you just be yourself and relax and just have fun . I want the sex to come natural and not have to have sex because we are togehter .

I also think you have to have chemistry within each other .

Would like to find a bi female friend like this for my wife so she could get comfortable and enjoy. If in the area lets talk. :) Flower
Friendship and full-frontal how can it get betta than that? LOL:-P
I'm looking for a female friend to hang out with be it clubbing,movies,or my favorite shopping.And if it turns out to be more, than even better.;)
Seeking male and female friends with benefits in New England.
hello.. ladies.. im looking for a woman in my area. souther california.for a friendship with benefits... someone i can hang out with on the weekends or after work..on those days when u just want some girl time... and if we want to "go there" we do, if not.. then that is cool also.. just hangin out with my girl... Kiss creole
I would love to have a female friend with benefits. Is there anything better then that? I think not..Hug...Kiss...Flower
Good Morning! What a wonderful snowy morning in beautiful Suffolk County Long Island, NY! Is there anyone who'd like to get to know us and just hang out, have some good times including some great hot steamy sex! Get in touch so we can make some plans.KissKiss
looking for some fun in cincinnati any couples or singles m/f email me
We are looking for female friends w/ benefits in the eastern North Carolina area Kiss
I agree with blumoonky, it has always been a dream of mine to have a female friend with benefits, but have always been afraid to adventure out with it. So if there is anyone in my area who is interested write.lolHugKiss
looking for female friend to hang out with its always been a fantsy to be with another female alone and also with hubby:-P
looking for female friends in upper michiganFlowerKiss
were always looking to make friend, the benefits come along later makes it so muck more fun. Akron/Canton Ohio area only please, to hard to make friendship work from far away
lookin for female friend in NY and anywhere near ny
I totally understand this.Its useless to go on with out having some friends with benefits.We are currently loving them both+ all our friends are with benefits.:)
were both very bi curious looking for real friends 1st
looking for friends in dallas tx area.
I am looking for a sexy friend in Vegas...must be female...Kiss
Hello All
My name is Brandi, I live in S Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am bi-sexual and married.Looking for females for Friendship/with sexual benefits. I have tried to find female friends in my area on this site and it is a little difficult to locate any. So if u are female and live in Minnesota plz check out my profile and if I interest you please leave me a message thanxs Brandi
Kiss, Hug, ::)Flower:-P:)
Friends with Benefits Kiss in CA ? Id like to have ! Flower Anyone intrested ?
sexy southern cali girl looking to meet some sexy friends with a couple of benefits!!Kiss
Looking for a couple in the greater Louisville and Radcliff, KY areas to get each others rocks off...
Hug interested in being a friend with benefits? Must be on long island..ny :) Looking for a female that is down for just about anything and interested in having fun :-PFlower
Looking for clean friends with benefits for hot dirty fun , lets use each others bodies and see how many times we can get each other off;)
We are looking for friends with benefits....male or female, must be able to host....we will play together and solo.....sometimes we like 1 on 1, sometimes a 3 some....

It would be great to have one or more I couples, as friends. The kind of friends that you would want whether you could fuck them or not, as fuck buddies......... BI COUPLES would be a bonus!

Gosh.......those were the days!
I broke it off with my last male friend with benefits in 2004
ever since its been my hand and me!
would love to find that special friend again here in Manchester/Londonderry, NH area~:-P
looking for a female friends in my area iif nc!!someone to hang out with and just have fun!!!feel free tyo check out my profiles,have any question to feel free to ask as well!!!:)
Looking for FWB in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Race not an issue. Must be very discreet. Just fun, no strings or drama.
looking for a guuud friend in missouri...:-P
Love to find a friend to have occasionally in the daytime... around the Greeley Longmont, Ft Collins area.. N.Col Maybe 3somes or more...
looking 4 bi female for a 3sumKiss:-P
looking for bi -female for 3 sum in the hartford area:-P:-DHug
looking for friends with beniits in NM. male or female
Toledo male looking for m/f or both
my hubby and I have good benifits to the right person. we love to have someone to be a guest and get treated the best no matter who else you decide to share your moments with!!!|8BKissHug
Looking for friends or couples for friends with benefits in eastern NC
We are looking for a sexy bi female to join us... is it you in Ohio?
I am looking for a delicious woman to play with in los angeles...any takers?
Guy friends with Guy benefits....
Looking for friends or male or female,bicouple for friends with benefits in Tampa bay area
Looking for a woman toplay with me and my hubby in LA hope to find you soon!!HugKiss
We would like to echo SweetOkie69's comment that we too can't think of anything better then having a friend who you can get naked with if the need arises. We love having the ability to tease our friends in public and the knowledge that once we get home we can fully release those penned up desires Blowjob :-P Sex ....Wink
Looking for friends with benefits in Toronto or surrounding area....would love to meet and then hopefully soon after cum over for some sloppy , hot and discreet fun
i am looking for a discreet female friend for f4f fun with benefits in tennessee
I like to bimale, bi couple for friends with benefits in Missouri.
I like to bimale, bi couple for friends with benefits in Missouri.
I like to bimale, bi couple for friends with benefits in Missouri.
friends with benifits now that is the ticket who is interested
looking in athens texas area i am ready
i am looking for friends with benifitt (FWB) NSA in the Athens Eustace Tyler area of Texas. i am bi curious and am looling for chat then possible meet. i am 57 married but wife not into this need to be descreet will explain when asked. is there any f or couple interested contact me . i am a trial member here
Anything here????
looking for friends in TexasKissKissKissFlowerFlowerF lower
Just Looking for some friends :-D
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
:-P:-D;) we are looking for friends in nw ohio w benfits ,,,i wanna watch you fucking her
looking for women in northern lower michigan for FWB hit me up ladies, i am awesome at oral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P:-P
Looking in the Willow Grove,PA area. I could be FWB on the service end for men
Looking in FLORIDA
I'd like to add my hpes here in mt. vernon, columbus,oh.
We've had friends like these in the past.... Looking for a new friend now! female 35 to 55 DFW area... HWP... Drop us a line!Hug
Looking for sexy women in Atlanta, Chicago...and alot of other locations..I fly all over the Red loves when a passionate pretty woman wants to fuck her Bull. :)
looking for younger friend with benefits in northeast pa
I would enjoy finding a friend with benifits that I can trust and meet every so often when the time arises for mutual inerests
just finished a 10 yr relationship, now i wanna have fun with women xx
I am in london
Looking for.fwb all over as we travel alot for our job. Feel free to hit us up
looking for male friend with benefits in west chester pa. anybody out here
Looking in nwindiana
Looking for a friend in Nor Cal. Hug
Need some love in s.e Iowa all about you and you're partner. Letts hook upKiss
I have an educated and experienced opinion on the FWB matter. The benefits often cause confusion that can be perceived by our brains as love due the same hormones (dopamine, endorphins, etc... ) being released.

During my marriage, where even wearing a pair of panties was forbidden and grounds for psychiatric care or counseling, my "playmate" Steph and I still got together regularly in private and played. I thank her for all she did with / to me in those times. HOWEVER, she was the on who became confused. And the drama came with her unraveling.

Looking back I see the playmate as a maintenance drug, kinda like methadone is used to treat, or replace, the body's craving for heroine.
looking in s,w Pa
Looking for a female fwb in Bloomington, Indiana.
Love women of all shapes and sizes.
Bi, oriental, submissive & squitter women are a big turn on for me.
Bi female looking for another. Want a girl FWB for me on a regular basis and my man joins later. I promised him his first threesome and plan to deliver! If not compatible it doesn't happen again. If so, we can have all kinds of fun! Southeast Mo
would love a slutty female fwb to explore kinky sex with
The benefits I have to offer will blow your mind and body away
I'm looking for a friend with a boat and I have benfits
Looking for friends with benefits in atl ga area but willing travel within up to 3 hrs distance, let's chatt,
Me and my man is looking for a friend with benefits sometimes we are looking for a good looking woman that knows what she is doing and that we can show a good night and party and have fun
Friends With Benefits on Bisexual PlaygroundFriends With Benefits on Bisexual PlaygroundFriends With Benefits on Bisexual PlaygroundFriends With Benefits on Bisexual Playground

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