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Mmf Kissing with a Mouth Full of Cum

Educated, outgoing, very masculine, fit, totally bottom, cleancut, lov my dogs. enjoy my pool naked, like a mouth full of warm cum, hugging and kissing
i am new to this i just admit-ed to myself i was bisexual now i am trying to find out what to do know i love everything about sex,oral and all the rest i am not looking for a partner right now i just want some one to teach me about everything i know i like sucking dick alot just as much as i love eating pussy but there is something funny about sucking cock i want to keep sucking i love it to last tasty lick the cocks i have had were small or just plan non was filling of the mouth.i want a cock in my mouth that will have my jaws wide open so full then i will have a mouth full going to suck a mouth full out of the first monster cock i get to put my lips around part well of the way around all as it is penetrating deeper and deeper pushing and twisting down in my throat so far then pulled out just in time to spray hot cum out of that monster cock all over my ass and back
Im a 44 DD. Fantasizes all day long of sexy busty tit sucking. Wanna meet up with beautiful full breasted ladies who have same interest in breast sucking and nipple kissing. My DD's are swollen with excitement and want to be in your mouth!
Widowed after 31 wonderful years with an absolute fox who loved sex. For the last two years, after she was satisfied or on nights we didn't have sex, she would lay on her side facing me, mouth at cock level, put my cock in her mouth and while I scratched her head, would fall soundly asleep. Usually she would suck me to completion without ever waking up. I loved it so much, I now desire the same thing with a willing man. I'm not into anal or kissing , just sucking cock and drinking cum. I do not want to be sucked in return. I live alone in a nice waterfront home and would love to have a man supply me with as much of his cock as he is willing to give. What I love to do is keep his cock in mouth after he cums and very gently, nurse on it like a baby sleeping with a bottle. While I am 66, everyone guesses my age at least ten years yonger, have a full head of hair and only very slightly grey.
I really like wearing panties! Been doing so since I was a teen. Last gf put a cock dildo in my mouth and whammo! I was hooked on having a full mouth. Tried it once w another guy while she watched and then we both did him ...OMG!! Tried strap on a few times too...Liked it Lot once xI got used to the discomfort as at 1st it was too large went down a size and then much better. Shot off over us and the she put the jizz in my mouth w a kiss..... Yes!!!
5'6" / 140lbs / blue eyed / full lips great for kissing ; ) I am a nice Polish princess / Born in Poland, I speak Polish,Russian, Ukrainian. I still have my accent / full lips that are great for kissing you hahaha, I am a straight up person, tell you like it is kind of woman.
Following on Billiesue's post, I have met some couples where one of their boundaries is kissing their playmates on the mouth, either male or female. Of course all other parts of the body are open season.

I wonder if those who don't want to share a full mouth kiss find that too intimate and want to keep some part of themselves out of the play. Is that what bothers some bi-guys when thinking about kissing another man, just too intimate?

Or is it my breath? :-D
want deep kissing with a mouth full of cum
Never thought about kissing but maybe with a mouth full...
When I was single, i enjoyed kissing guys that were also into it. But generally wanted to get to the much more intimate 69ing pretty quickly. But now, kissing is something Vixie and I do that is extremely intimate and romantic, sometimes for over an hour before we do any genital contact. So we don't do mouth kissing with our threesome playmates. And I warn them of that ahead of time.
But we discussed it like we do everything and agreed that kissing can also be a turn-on in recreational sex. So Shani said she might make an exception with Tom The only guy we've done more than twice so far. So when we set up our second playdate, I told him that if she broke her own rule, to go with the flow and enjoy it. And they did. But I don't think she's comfortable with me kissing him too. She's still getting used to seeing me enthusiastically sucking cock. So I reserve the kissing for a very affectionate kiss when he's leaving.
Who enjoys kissing and full body contact. I note a lot of guys here are not into kissing, which is cool. But I love it.
got together with 2 buddys last night,it was a cum fest spread my legs one fucked in my butt the other on my chest fucking my mouth,new position for very hot cum in my butt and mouth at the same time.we had a great time,kissing ,butt fucking,sucking cock.i got down on my knees a suck them both of 2 cocks in my mouth at the same time.than they both went down on me very hot 2 guys down on me sucking my cock and kissing each other,i kissed them very wet out french kissing with my cum in there mouths


French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
Deep Kissing
Kiss oh my kissing and huggingHug r the best i love to show affection !! to me if u cant kiss and hug why get involved of course deep kissing iswnt just for the mouth !! u know what i mean !!!
Rape Role Play
my fantasy is to be gang raped by a black biker gang. all hung, muscles, tatts, leather....i get taken to their place and for a full day my ass and mouth are always full of black thick cock. By the end of the day, i've done 10-15 hot horny black studs and i'm covered in their cum...not to mention a full belly too. so if ur in the NY or NJ area drop me a line.
All Girl Orgy
this si one of my ffantasies. A room full of naked women just touching, licking,kissing doing what ever. If anyone is in philly and having a party let me know
Male To Male Kissing
kissing is the biggest aphrodisiac i wish more men would enjoy kissing - just slow sensual delicious kissing gets me hard just to think of it
Kissing is so sensual and affectionate. Love to Kiss the right lips and hold the one I'm Kissing. Kissing is so GREAT!!!


Right on, definately a full profile, that's the main reason why I joined here, I think that feature is wonderful and if someone is serious about their desires than it pays to be open and honest up front, in fact I wouldn't even consider contacting or responding to a person whose profile is full of n/a's, why bother, they obviously don't want to be honest with anyone in the first place. I want you to know how I think so you will have a good idea if you want to pursue a conversation, life is too short to bother having to take the long way around determining if you have something in common with someone.