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Now this can be painful if pulled to hard but if you pull gently it can be enjoyable IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
its just so sexy for my hair to be pulled...i dont know what it is about it. and i dont mean gently..i mean..make a fist in my hair and make it hurt...makes me throb just thinkin bout it...yum! *doll*
To have my hair pulled while some sexy guy gives it to me doggie style. Awesome. Flower
i would love my guy to pull my hair while i suck on his cock
ooh having my hair pulled is so great. i love it when my man grabs my hair (while im sucking his cock) and makes me gag on it, then tells me that im such a good little whore
i LOVE when my Master/Husband grabs me by the hair and pulls my face to His crotch ................
it's so awesome to read women's comments on this. i love pulling girls' hair when i fuck them. i like pulling it just hard enough so that they have to bend their neck slightly in the direction that i'm pulling - like when she's riding me and i've got her head cocked to the side or when i'm fucking her like a dog and she's arched a little bit towards the back. it feels so dominant to do that. nick, if you get the sense that he'd be in to it, the next time you suck a guy's cock, you should ask him to pull your hair. a girl asked me to do it once and it was such a turn on. one thing that i'd love to do is fuck girl 1 while girl 2 pulls her hair and talks dirty to her.
When my Master grabs my hair, i am in heaven, He knows how to get my attention.. and i obediently follow His commands. oh i just melt!
I fucking love to have my hair pulled when i'm being fucked in the ass...sitting on him or sucking his cock...pulling it hard as he pulls me into him and makes me fuck him............mmmmmmmmmmmm
Hair Pulling on Bisexual PlaygroundHair Pulling on Bisexual PlaygroundHair Pulling on Bisexual PlaygroundHair Pulling on Bisexual Playground

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