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Age, Preference:
56, Bisexual
67, Straight
Gender, Race:
Female Caucasian
Male Jewish
Practice Safe Sex:
Yes, always
Yes, always
I have a good amount of experience
I am very experienced
5' 2, 102 lbs. (Petite)
5' 11, 235 lbs. (Proportionate)
Long Auburn
Short Light Brown
Eye Color:
I don't have glasses
I have glasses, and I wear them all the time
Interested In Ages:
21 - 50
21 - 50
Looking For:
Single Women
Single Women
Will go as far as:
Meeting in person
Short Term Relationship
Long Term Relationship
Meeting in person
Short Term Relationship
Long Term Relationship
Interested In:
1 on 1 Sexual Relationship
M-F-F Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
Other Alternative Lifestyle
1 on 1 Sexual Relationship
M-F-F Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
Other Alternative Lifestyle
i'm his and i'm the wife. i'm bisexual. i enjoy getting quite intimate with other women. my Husband enjoys watching. i want to fuck & be fucked by bisexual or bicurious women. He doesn't. He wants to observe. It's that simple. If YOU wish to service Him orally with me, He's fine with that .. and i am not the jealous type, at all. i'm open to a one time fling ... aka "just sex, no strings attached" , & i'm open to the possibility that friendship may develope as a result of a one time fling. i can also do quite well with a 'no strings casual sex' as in 'this is a one time fling and then we never cross paths again' arrangement if that is something which suits your needs.

BDSM is a huge part of our life. If it is for you too, great. If it's not, no big deal.
Getting Together:
h_i_s has gotten together with someone through a site like this before.
h_i_s can entertain at their home.
h_i_s would like to meet at a Cafe.
h_i_s can travel up to 50 miles.
Ideal Situation:
An ideal scenario in getting together, for us, could be: Meeting a third person (female) at a local coffee shop, mall, or any other public setting that they may decide is a place where they can feel comfortable and safe at for a first time meeting. Perhaps we would then share a bit about ourselves through conversation, get to know one another, feel each other out a bit and decide whether an attraction exists, or not. If it does exists, from there we could arrange to get together at our home and take it from there.

Another scenario which may possibility work for them, and which we would certainly be comfortable with: Verifying who we are, as well as who you are via phone and/or webcam2webcam (NOT to include nude web cam cybersex stuff in that while we understand that it may be fine by some, it does nothing for us). Then, skipping the cafe of other public place all together and meeting up at our home.

W can move quickly, or we can exercise patience. We don't tolerate weeks of phone contact only and/or conversing via email/chat/online etc. Progressing to the next step at a snail's pace seems silly to us, and we tend to avoid long drawn out internet contact. This is something we use the internet for as a mode to finding people to meet, not for forming a relationship/friendship. We like FACE TO FACE/IN THE FLESH, and that is what we are here for.

VERY sexy. Like the old English song says: "If I were a woman as I am a man..."
Very nice profile. Had to stop by and see it, when i saw your FEF profile, and saw you had BP. Desdemonia had told me You were a great person, well i have to say your profile certainly reflects that.
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