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Now who does not like this it is one of the cheapest ways to talk to people and get to know them. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
Yes, I like it because of the privacy while chatting one to one...and you are right, it is often just cyber. But then, that isn't a bad thing.|8B
I have good convos with friends all over the world, Australia & NZ, Malaysia, UK and many other places. Video and audio conferences in Yahoo Messenger so much cheaper than long-distance phones. with vid, we don't "cyber" but mutual masturbation isn't uhheard-of...:-D
Instant messaging is one of the ways I have made a lot of my online friends and some have become really close friends over the years. I personally use Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ because I have friends that use one of these and no others so I have been using them all to chat with people. When my wife is home she likes using hers too, but she isn’t home a lot. Though her and I talk a lot on them some times when she is off somewhere. Cybering was one of my big pass times using these messengers, now I mainly use them to chat with friends from other countries and for role playing with other friends. Though I am always will to chat or more with any ladies that want to talk with me. ;)
Instant messaging is a great way to keep in touch with people. We use it for friends and family who are not as close as we would like them to be.
Can we fuck
I wanna chat about lots of kinky especially Ass eating both genders 🤤
I love instant messaging because I can send short videos of me and the wife
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