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Hi, this was our first time. We always kissed and felt one another. We started kissing and our hands started probing one another. The wetter she got the clothes quickly came off. I was already in the buff. I went down slowly from her lips to her ears down her neck slowly around her nipples biting lightly upon her nipples she screamed in ecstacy. Slowly I furthered on down to her belly button which I enjoyed eminsly. Staying there with my tongue swirling around her naval and easing my fingers in her secret passage she let out a whining sound. I eased on down her tummy to the top of that sweet vally sliding my fingers out slowly then as all men do I brought my fingers up to my nose smelled the sweet nectar than sucked it off my fingers with the mirror on the wall she was watching me and said oooo baby let me taste so I put my fingers in slowly and played for a bit then placed my mouth upon her opening and slithered my tongue in her as doing this I pulled my fingers out and gave it to her awaiting lips. She sucked hard on my fingers and had her first major orgasm sweet juices flowed over my face. She lifted up said she could no longer wait and wanted me so I compramised. I laid upon my back and she slid up on my face covering my nose a first I didn't really mind. She grad my cock and engolfed it like it was her last supper. It didn't take long she had a great orgasm and I believed I did too She was ready for sleep All I heard was thank u honey thank u baby we need that again but for now my legs have to stop shaking. I love You.Kiss
I seriously Love engaging in 69 with my wife or another Female as I know we are both being pleased sexually at the same time as she Blowjob on my Cock and I :-P her Pussy... Yummy!!! .
I like to 69 with men and women.
Love 69 and rimming men or woman
Love to 69 and rim a clean hot asshole
Male Female 69 on Bisexual PlaygroundMale Female 69 on Bisexual PlaygroundMale Female 69 on Bisexual PlaygroundMale Female 69 on Bisexual Playground

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