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I Love the idea of a guy who loves to be bottomed by a woman. Love to hear him moan and feel him fuck my strap on or toy as I lean over him on the bed with his legs in the air. MMMMMMM:-PKiss
heh heh, tiggy...let's do this ;)
I enjoy being bottom whether for women (or men). Most of my experiences with women were when I played with bi couples and bottomed for both. Strap-on or meat puppet, I am receptive to any penetrations. ;)Hug
There is no better feeling than being fucked by a beautiful woman and having my legs wrapped around her or on her shoulders as she is working her strap on deep into me. Just thinking about it drives me wild.
Looking for any Females in utah or idaho that is looking for a bottom male.Enjoy a nice strapon here size is the size you pick.Please be at least 45 or older.
I would like to echo everyone's comments here as I too enjoy being a bottom for either a man or woman.Where a woman is concern, however, there is no better feeling than having my legs wrapped around her or on her shoulders as she is works my favorite strap on deep inside of me. I guess you can say that I'm just a bottom who is receptive to any type of anal penetration...Sex ;)
I love to be a bottom by a woman having her fuck me deep in ass with a strap on it feels so good. One time my wife was fucking me with strap on and I cum like the little bitch that I am. She had hands tid up so I could not do anything like play with my self. And she just fuck for 2 or 3hr. I love it
would enjoy a lady to take my ass
Mmmmm..... I love that feeling of having a woman's favorite strap on easing into me... slowly at first and then with a sense of urgency as the base works on her clit, while she grinds into me. It's even more gratifying if I can bring another male or female to orgasm with my mouth, while I'm getting fucked. :-P
i love it an when the wife starts calling me her lil bitch an nasty whore just drives me crazyHug
Say, Sweet yes I am Looking to meet a Very Kinky Female With her Strap-on, On 4 Me and Yes, I Can Host For You or You's Who Are Interested In Getting Off With Me and I Just Will LOVE To Meet a Group Of You's Hot and Very Horny Female's Kiss Hug Interested - Do Take A Look At My Profile O.K. - Lady's ?
Would love to be a womans bottom Kiss I'm in Maine
PLEASE! Find me.
Hello blk male in Ga. looking for strapon any takers??????
I'm seeeking a woman in the nyc area that enjoys fucking a man's ass with a strap on, enjoy being a bottom man for a woman, contact me I'd love to meet
Based in Kent UK. Looking for a domme woman who likes to fuck a bi bottom boy
It was being bottom to a woman that got me started on my bi exploration. I had known her for a couple of years and the sex was great. Then one evening she asked me to dress up in sexy lingerie and stockings. I felt so excited by it and it enhanced our play. This became the norm for our meets with her bringing me new outfits each time. Then one weekend she said she had a surprise for me.After our usual foreplay she produced a strap on. She said it was time that I was the one to be fucked. Getting me on all fours she lubed me up and proceeded to fuck me. I was a bit uncomfortable at first but after a few minutes I really begun to enjoy it. I even managed to cum. Now whenever she came over She would always fuck me first. Of course this started me fantasising about the real thing. It was a few years before I finally got together with a guy and had him fuck me oh wow I owe it all to that beautiful woman.
Nothing better than being a bitch for a woman with a huge dick fucking me like a slut, moaning whimpering crying out in ecstasy while she stabs my boy pussy feeling her deep in my gut and sucking her 10 inch husband down my throat till he explodes
This is so hot to me
Men Bottoming For Women on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Bottoming For Women on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Bottoming For Women on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Bottoming For Women on Bisexual Playground

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