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There is just something about a load of cum being dumped down the back of my throat.... I just love it :-P
I tasted my very first load just out of youthful curiosity back in the early 1980's. I've been hooked and fascinated with eating cum ever since.
I Love to eat cum as it spurts out of a hard throbbing Cock or leaks out of a freshly fucked pussy... Yummy... :)
first cum swallowing for me was with a couple i met in Pa who were bi..her never had really sucked off a guy before and had only once sucked a cock thru a glory hole and that was only for a second or two..he dressed as a french maid and he looked so good in his short dress and tight little panties..his wife knowing i had not sucked a cock to completion before enticed me by stroking his cock thru his panties and he got real hard..she took his cock out the side of this panties and gently nudged my head down on his cock..i began sucking instantly and he shot a big load in my mouth that caught me by first i wanted to spit it out but as she stroked my hair and his cock while still in my mouth i swallowed and wanted more and got it later.:-P
i've never had anyone elses cum. but a fantasy come true would be a giant group of men doing whatever they want to me and then spraying cum all over me till im drenched and licking it all off.
I had my first taste of cum in the front seat of a car. I sucked on his hard cock until he exploded in my mouth. I loved the taste and I have been eating cum ever since then.:)
I love to eat cum. I love fucking my wife and then eatting my own cum out. Anybody want to leave a deposit?:-
i saw someone young likes to eat older mens cum, is there any young men here interested in eating older mens cum
This is a HUGE turn on for me; my ex-boyfriend was bi. I used to love watching him suck a big, fat cock and swallowing the cum. Watching him take it all the way down, seeing his moustache wrapped around a nice hard cock and loving every second. He would make this "mmmm" noise deep in his throat when the guy started to pump that sweet, hot cum down him. Then he would slowly suck and lick the cock until I made him come fuck me. Tasting a guy's cum in his mouth would make me cum instantly, especially if he had some on the outside of his mouth. I used to like to watch him get a load on his face, too. He loved hot cum shooting on his face. UGG!! Why did I move? Need bi boyfriend! Help!
One of my fantasies is to be with a woman who helps me suck another mans cock and would want to share the cum. The erotic rush just thinking about it is overwhelming and exciting.
I'm very curious to know what gets other people so interested in this topic. Definitely one of my favorites!!!
Uncut juciy cocksicle with big head needs sucking in Bellmoe on Long Island. Can host.:)
Wifey and I have a fantasy where I stand with her (and another guy) between my legs, them taking turns sucking my cock, licking the shaft, and sucking my balls..... until I pump my big load of hot cum - on their face and on their tongues as they slather the head and try to slurp it up without wasting any. My cock gets rock hard at the thought of it.....
The feel of a hard cock in my mouth, spewing a big load of semen into me...the taste, the is like ambrosia...I love it. I have swallowed semen since my first blowjob and I love that tangy flavor I have had the good fortune to have sucked small groups of men and swallowing every load of cum they could shoot and it was so very good. It would be nice to get a group of guys together and do it some more:-D
I fantasize about a specific situation ALL THE TIME. I'm a group of guys' slave for the night, or a whole day, who know... My job as the "host" is to give everybody head (And I imagine it being for a considerably long time, like every guy cumming more than once even). Almost every time I'd be swallowing, but I also want to have it shot all over my face, and also try having a guy cumming inside my mouth, and I swallow as I continue to suck it. :)
I need some one to suck me dry...PleaseHug
I love to eat cum and enjoy more each time.
I didnt know if I would like swallowing cum but that was the best part about giving a blow job. ANY YOU GUYS WANT SUCKED?
LOve eating cum here
I love eating cum, either from a pussy or from a cock. First tasted a man's cum when I was in my teens. Um loved it. Want some right now, actually.
There have been a couple memorable cum eating experiences but my fav is when I was hanging around an older guy from work with a bunch of people. I had sucked dick before and I was waiting the party out to try with him. Everyone had left and I was feeling pretty buzzed and my friend went to take a shower. As soon as he got up I went to his bedroom and stripped down buck naked. When he came in the room he walked straight over to me and I dropped to my knees while he sat on the edge of the bed. I put his cock in my mouth and starting sucking quickly. He pushed my head down further and had me lick his balls intensely. He then stood up and held my head and turned around bending over and making me tongue his asshole. I loved it. I was jerking off while sucking and licked his ass while he jerked off. When he was ready to cum he proceded to fuck my mouth and he shot an immense load all over my face and my mouth. I still hadn't came yet so he had me get on the bed as he made me still suck his dick while he layed down. I finally came all over his stomach and he made me bend down and lick it up. We layed their naked until the next morning when I woke up first and started sucking his dick again. He came again in my mouth and I sucked his dick somemore after that. That was the exciting part having him dominate me that way. Its exciting being made to suck dick and have a man shoot hot cum all over your face and mouth.
Im yet to taste cum but long to! Any gibvers?
Love to taste my own load since I started in my early youth. Can't get enough:-P
like to taste it
Intoxicating feeling a cock stiffen in my mouth pulsing with the delivery of the creamy thick juice.
About 12 years ago, I had a very Dom girlfriend that liked to set me up on arranged play dates. The best one I can remember from the cum swallowing point of view was then I was lent out as a party favor at a poker party. there were 8 guys sitting around the table. my job was to be under the table sucking the cock of the player that won the previous hand. Party started around 7pm ended at dawn.. the most cock I had ever sucked in my life, and I loved every minute of it. I was under the table when the guest all arrived... there was a long table cloth covering the table, so I never did get to see who there were. the 1st guy to win a hand was the smallest guy there, but wow was his cock wonderful 9-10 inch's hugh flared head, I could barley fit him in my mouth. I didn't get to finish him off before the hand was over so I had to switch to a different guy, this guy was short and thick, had him cumming before the 2nd round of betting. when he cam it was a salty-sweet load that tasted great. I licked and sucked him clean when the hand ended A chip was handed to be from the guy I just finished. I found out as the night went on that every time they came the would slip me a 5$ chip. By the next morning I had over 300$ in chips, a very full belly and a want to do that many times again. When my GF picked me up she took me home and she had me lick all the cum that had dried on my close off before letting me play with her.
Love the taste of my cum and any mans cum. What are you waiting for, call me Rick
I have always wanted to suck another mans dick. I even told my wife to surprise me when I came home to have a guy waiting in the house with her. She would introduce me and tell me to get on my knees and get ready to suck some dick. She would pull his dick out and put in my mouth. I would suck it until he would cum in my mouth. We would then go to the bedroom and have 3 some and suck more cock and eat more cum. She hasn't taken me up on my offer as of yet but she does want to see me suck another guy off with and have him fuck me in the ass. maybe one of these days.
It was 3 years ago and it was my best guy friends birthday, whole group of people were there but I was staying over his house that night while his parents were away. After everyone left we were talking about everything sex especially gay sex. He mentioned that he always wanted to suck a guys dick and I said okay I undid my pants and said go for it, it is your birthday after all. He said lets go to my room so we have a bed to do it on, he got undressed. I walked over to him started rubbing his cock pushed down on the bed sucked him off til he came in my mouth it was so amazing. One thing led to another and we spent the whole night fucking each other, probaly one of the best nights ever. Since that day I have loved the taste of cum in my mouth.
Cum and pussy juice are the nectar of the God's. I love both!!!!!!!!:-D
I taste of a hot load of cum and being able to eat cum as it spurts out of a hard throbbing cock Blowjob or as it leaks out of a freshly fucked juicy pussy... :-P Yummy!!!
I love to eat cum. Love the feel of it and love the taste of it. It is wonderful to have a cock in my mouth shooting his delicious semen into me. It is also wonderful to eat the cum that is running out of a pussy, especially if it is from more than one man. Also love to lick up the cum running out of a well-fucked ass. It is exciting to think how that semen gave orgasms to the woman or man who received it, and now it is giving me further pleasure.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
At the very least, I think most humans feel a connection to consuming and tasting semen because it's the seed of life and is the essense of male human sexuality, and at most some people are obsessed with it. I think that there's a natural attraction to semen by both women and men alike, but it's much harder for men to accept because of cultural and religious taboos. A lot of men in US are coming out and admitted that they are interested, and I believe a new paradigm for male sexuality is emerging because of this new outwardly bold awareness. It may be breaking up some marriages, but it's likely causing others to reevaluate and consider what male sexuality really encompases, and how men's needs can be met while they continue to fulfill their duties and obligations as fathers and husbands.
Looking For MFM, MMF in Florida
Looking for guys in Michigan who would like to get into some cum play swapping loads
I'm going to suck my first black cock tomorrow. Can't wait to taste his cum
I love watching a guys eyes when he getting ready to shoot the goose sweet love large loads tastes so good/:-P
Looking for a cock to suck in Charleston SC today......anyone interested hit me up!!
Sucked a friends dick once when younger shot load In mouth tasted good have had two guys suck me till I shot down thier throat want to try it again
Sucked a friends dick once when younger shot load In mouth tasted good have had two guys suck me till I shot down thier throat want to try it again
Had my cock sucked once by a guy and by far the best blowjob ever!!! Really want to do it again but this time I want to be the one sucking. Any takers in Colorado Springs area?? Message me.
I love to eat huge loads of cum. Lick and suck it from woman's pussy or get it direct from suck cock
I`m a bi oral male in S. Fl. that loves to suck cock and swallow hot cum. Looking for a reg. suck bud-any takers?
I want to give a guy head,and him direct me what to do,with his hand on the back of my head,talking to me and telling me that he's about to cum, and tell me I better swallow all of it! I want to eat every bit of it,then go back at it a few hours later.never done it,but can't wait! Who's gonna be my first? Write me asap!
I love eating cum, whether from a fresh filled pussy, or from a guys hard cock. Or better yet, more than one hard cock. When none is available, I enjoy eating my own cum after a long slow stroking session. Guess I just love hot cum
I see a friend once a week. He likes me to munch on his balls till he is ready to cum. He then pushes my head back and cums in my mouth or on my face. He wipes it all over my face with his cock. He has the sweetest tasting cum. Thanks Jeff.
I want to suck big loads of cum In Ukiah CA
I want to suck a big cummer!
Deliciousness 😋
Wish I had some warm cum for dessert after my Jimmy John’s Sub
Men Eating Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Eating Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Eating Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Eating Cum on Bisexual Playground

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