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I love jerking off & eating my own cum. I did it in front of a woman and she really like it. I would love to do it for older woman 60+
i eat my own cum,sometimes my wife feeds it to me.thats hot
Well i throw my legs up in the aire and have my knees on both side of my head so my cock is just over my mouth then i usually have a dildo up my ass and i masturbate and cum directly in my mouth and it's a pur delight I have done it in front of women men and many time on webcam. But now I want a woman to use my strap-on on me while in that position so she can see me cum while she fucks my cute little ass
I am going to put my legs over my head and cum in my own mouth right nowKiss
yum! cum good :-D
Whenever the urge strikes me I Love to masturbate and eat my cum. I also enjoy masturbating in front of my wife and friends and sharing my cum with them....Yummy!
I just maturbated and when I came I guess my mouth was open and some squirted up and landed in first I was grossed out but after tasting it I then licked the rest up off of my hands it was yummy...I will be doing this again that is for sure.
I usually masturbate into my hand and then slurp it up.It does taste better if I can eat it out of a woman's pussy or off of her tits!
I have made women cum just licking my cum off their hard nipples. This Really make them scream sometimesHug
I've been laying on my back, throwing my legs over my shoulders and shooting my cum into my mouth and swallowing since pre-teens, that's over 30 years now. I like other dudes who also relate to this practice.
I did it for a GF of mine one time and she went wild. She didn't know I was bi at the time and asked me if I would like to do it for a friend of hers and I said I would if I could fuck her. I fucked her and she wanted me to eat my creampie out of her while her GF ate her wowHug love to meet some couples for MMF fun. Any offers in Greensburg PA?
about 5 years ago i got an clean jar to shoot my loads inside so i can eat my own cum. i shot 20 loads inside the jar what was about a cups worth of my cum. it was time to swallow my own cum so i opened the jar and got ready to gulp it down so i got up the courage and put the jar to my mouth and started to gulp it all down . i got more than half of it down and stopped becuase i had a tough time swallowing my cum down and almost gagged it back up but i got it down. i then finished the rest of the jar completely. i ate so much of my cum that i was amazed how i loved it and got really turned on by it. sp i jerked off into the jar again to start over filling up the jar again. 2 months later with 40 cum shots inside of my jar nearly 2 1/2 more fool than last time and you know the ending to this story.
I eat my cum every chance I get-I have been doing that since i was a teen!I love the smell,texture,taste,cum is so good to me-I too have saved my loads up-an had a friend saved his too-then we both poured our combined loads of cum into a glass & I drank it all-it was very good!It was alot more than I ever thought possible to drink-but well worth the effort!
When I was younger I could lie on my back and hit the headboard of the bed witth my cum,so I started opening my mouth and try to to get it in I got older the cum shots got shorte so now if I want to eat my own I have to fill my hand and lick it out
I always eat mine........y not?;)
It took me quite a while before I tasted my cum. Since then, I take down all most all that I shoot. Unfortunately, my wife won't let me lick her clean, but I sure do love to take my cum out of a just fucked pussy. I did that with a guy that I had just fucked his ass too. Made him cum that way, and then I ate his cum. I'm getting hard just thinging about it!
i shoot in my coffee cup then gulp it downKiss
I love to eat my cum.
My ex would cum swap me after every bj.She said it felt lbetter than getting the last word in an arguement
I love my cock, love my cum. A real man eats his own cum.
always eat my own cun if someone else gets it they have to share :-P
Love to taste my pre cum when ever I am stroking. My X would do a cum swap with me after a good BJ. I loved to jerkoff on her tits and lick it all up and swallow it. Just writing about it make me want my cum.
I like to edge for long sessions letting my precum leak into a cup and when i get a could quantity, drink it.
mmmmmm tasty
I always taste my precum when I'm stroking my cock. More often than not I eat my cum when I'm done. I just love doing it. I just love having cum in my mouth
Love the taste of my cum
I used to be able to suck my cock and shoot right into my mouth.
too old for that now. Now I'll cum in my panties then suck the cum out of them.
Men Eating Their Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Eating Their Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Eating Their Own Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Eating Their Own Cum on Bisexual Playground

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