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When I was married, I was trying to get my wife to let us have a 3some with a Black Man. One night I told her I would do anything sexually she wanted me to do, if she would fuck a Black Man and me at the same time. She finally said she wanted to watch me suck his cock, too. I said HELL YEAH. so I found a nice looking Black Man in a nearby town, we met him at a restaurant for dinner, then we went back to our room. We both sucked his cock, and he sucked mine, and he fucked her. It was so awesome she wanted to do it again.
it all started with a high school friend his girlfriend caught us jacking off to porn one night,and about a month after that she asked to let me video tape them fucking i the heat of the moment she made him give me was a real turn on to have her we are in search of a nice bi cpl to be oral with.also want to give a str8 guy head while the ladies watch
After my ex wife told me she had an offer of a same sex eperience in her early 20's is when I first began to think about what it would be like to be with a man. She asked me if I had ever been curious and I told her I had, she told me it would be interesting and exciting to watch me suck off a guy and watching him suck off me. She said it not only would be sexually arousing but she might learn something about the male sexuality. We never followed though with our curiosities but if I ever did, I would like to be with a woman present who is interested both physically and mentally and is supportive of not only her partner, but me as well. I think it would heighten the excitement to see a woman get turned on by watching two guys giving each other oral pleasure. It would also be interesting for me to watch two women together for the first time.
I had oral sex at a very young age. My cousin and I would go to the the school yard accross the street to what we tought was a secluded stair well.and we would dropped our pants and feel each other. One day when we did he was wearing his sister panites. It turn me on and he went and got me a pair. We both had them pulled down just below our butts and when we looked up the stairwell there were two older boys watching. They asked if we wanted to suck their dicks. We both said no, got dressed and went up the steps. As we went by them they said they would return tomorrow at the same time. Well it turn me on getting caught so the next day I took my sisters panties, ba and pantyhouse and went back to the stairwell got undressed and put on my sisters clothes. The two older boys showed up and came doen and completely undressed. Being older they had big dicks. Being nervous, one gouy got behind and one in front and rubbed their dicks on me. I went down on my knees with both dicks in my face and after a few seconds started to kiss the heads. Before long I was sucking them both until they came. This went on for about 6 month until we moved. The cross dressing came later and so did a few other thing. But I like to suck and have the female partner there to watch or join. :)
The wife of a friend of mine told me she would be interested in watching me suck her husbands cock. Hopefully it will happen soon.
The wife of a friend of mine told me she would be interested in watching me suck her husbands cock. Hopefully it will happen soon.
i'd like too meet a couple that are into this type of fun
would love to be with a couple in the chicago area.69 with male while she watches or joins.write me..i'm clean safe and discreet
My first experience was when I was playing with this young couple who I did not know was bi. In the heat of the moment, the wife asked me if I was willing to do anything that would bring her pleasure. I replied yes. she then told me that she wanted to watch me suck her husband's dick and swallow him while she watched. So I did as she played with herself. He came very quickly and I swallowed as she requested. This was the first time I had ever sucked another guy's cock.
looking for a couple with a bi-curious or bi-minded male who has a wife who would like to watch her husband sucked off or him sucking another male,also 2 males performing 69,She can even get into the action as well.a real oral 3 some.
I think it would be very hot to suck a guys cock while he's wife watched me!! Anybody in the San Antonio area want to help me with this Fantasy??
:) I would love to suck a man's cock while his wife or girl friend watched and also I would love to suck their cock while the wife or girlfriend joined in.No string's attached if anyone interested around boaz or anywhere let me know,untill then I will just day dream about it( :().
I am planning a little bi orgy in Portland on Nov 26th. I'm thinking 4 guys, myself and one other woman with a strap on. I want to watch the guys suck each others cocks, after while join them and later have them all fuck me...oh the other women too...dont want to be greedy. So I'm looking for attractive, clean ( no D&D), fit, groomed, easy going bi guys and couples. Anyone?
I am a bi male in the catskill NY area and want to suck your mans cock while you watch or join in.Kiss
I was on a train to Brantford From TO, met a transvestite, pretended to not realize that i new he was a man, we got to talking and hooked up later in town for drinks, back at his place he showed me my first male encounter, i pretended to be drunk, but i new what i was doing, i began to hold, caress and suck him and i refused to stop until he came in my mouth, 4 times i swear, he came and i swallowed all 4 times. I was convinced i was not gay, but I returned to him 3 months later, we did it again but this time i layed down for him telling him i was not gay, but i directed his cock into my ass as i told him this, he fucked me gently, i never felt something so warm & wonderfull, i will never forget jackie. luv sedore
next best male event, after jackie i stopped and said i was not attracted to men at all, after 2 years of no man in my life, only women, i happend on the internet and crossed upon a nice guy, i was real horney that night, he said i was in the closet, i challenged him i was not, he was in Hamilton and we hooked up that night within an hour, he came to Brantford, we drove around town and i sucked his cock in his car for a long time, i was so worried about getting busted but i could not stop sucking his cock, it was beautiful, i licked and sucked that cock, i kept hitting my head on the dash board looking for a cop or whatever, but no way i would stop, i sucked him and he came in my mouth, i luved it all and even licked &cleaned him up. He dropped me off and we never got in touch again. That was great stuff. I miss him, luv sedore.
i am so good at sucking cock that if i was a girl i would want to have myself teach myself ?:-P:-P
I like being watched too anyone want to see? Blowjob Kiss
I am a crossdresser who loves to suck cock. I especially love it when the woman joins in.. Having her watch me suck and swallow is a real turn-on. I live in Erie, PA. One day, 2 summers ago, A woman who co-owned a restaurant had me helping her do some remodelling. She was a real flirt, and asked me if I would like to eat her out. I said yes! Boy, was she ever "juicy". On another occasion, she said she would like to watch me suck-off her husband. I told her "No". She told me I might as well, since I had licked his CUM from her pussy, already. Well, I agreed, and she held my head in her hands while he, quite literally, fucked my face.. When he came, she instructed that I must swallow his CUM. I did. I ate her cream-pies several times after that. On one occasion, she informed me that she had a treat for me, and peed in my mouth after I had her cleaned out. That was a first for me, but would like to repeat the experience. Sissykelli (Erie, PA)KissKiss
Detroit area...I would love to suck you dry while your wife or girlfriend watches
I met with a couple that had this fantasy also. The wife and I sucked his dick while he sucked mine. She came around and began sucking his balls while I sucked his dick. It was great swallowing down his come while she massaged and licked his balls. A little of his cum slipped out of my mouth and back onto his dick. She licked it up and then began kising me. After I came in his mouth, he quickly turned around and swapped some of it with me.
I enjoy :-P and Blowjob on a nice hard throbbing Cock as Sue watches and takes pictures of me having fun... Hug
Looks like I will suck my first cock today. Looking forward to it. Any other guys or couples interested?:LP
Well one of my gf's has watched me suck cock a little bit, I don't think she blinked at all. It was briefly enough I'm not sure how much I like it overall, it was a good ice breaker. I sucked and licked, shaft and head. I think I went decently deep for first time, got him close. Since I was a little uncertain about taking it in the mouth she did (was a close friend of ours). I really wasn't sure what it'd be like, I mean sure I have a cock but that's not going to give you an idea as to how it'll feel in your mouth. I did enjoy how it felt as I slid my tongue up and down the shaft, licking his balls and sucking it into my mouth. Having it slide into my mouth, carefully keeping my teeth out of the way as I worked my tongue around the head... Anyways it'd probably be nice to do again, probably more. I've had a little bit of fun cybering as well.
I am all alone drinking a few beers and ready to suck some cock and eat pussy whille i get fucked in the cum on you canspend the nite mm, or mfm i am ready to play all nite. In Windom Mn at a Guardin Inn Motel I will be here for 4 days.
Yes, I'm interseted, but too bad you are so far away. If you were closer, I be right there, and I'd be dressed for the occasion, short skirt, high heels and all.FlowerFlower
This is my all-time favorite thing in the world. Any woman who gets hot watching 2 men together is my dream woman!
Well about two years ago I meet a couple through another site. We planed to meet while I was on a business trip in thier town. They came to my hotel room and the wife asked him to show us his underware. It was lacy and his cock was big 8+. She pulled it out and started sucking him. I watched and then she leaned over and kissed me wet and deep. She asked me to share his cock. So we sucked him together and kissed as we did. She got very turned on. Then she said for me to lay back and they sucked me. She then instructed him to finish me and I came in his mouth which she shared with him. We spent the night having me fuck them both.
I have sucked plenty of men's dicks while my (female) roomate watched or took photos. I began sucking dicks while 'swinging' with couples and I enjoy having the man's wife or gf watch us suck each other;) It makes it more fun. I have been contacted by women who wanted to watch me with men and it is always a delight to do so ;)
My gf is now a x. I would love to find another women that is open for this and all things. I love threesomes. Anyone in Allentown, PA. here I am.
my ultimate would be haveing a girl watch me suck a huge fat juicy cock .i would be so turned on i would suck it till he shoots in my would be great it it were her boyfriend. i would love to share it with you.
I would love to suck a mans cock while his wife watches,and give her his cum back by kissing her
This is a number one fantasy of mine, too. 69ing with a guy while the girl watches. The fact that she not only approves of the cock sucking, but is uncontrollably turned and masturbates to it is ultra hot.
Sharing a cock with a woman is always great, especially if the cock is big. I have sucked and been sucked with a woman in the same room, sometimes my woman and sometimes his. but it always makes for hot times. I don't know any women that wouldn't get into to it.My best time was when a friend's wife and I sucked his cock and balls and then french kissed while he shot his load across our faces and mouths. Damn, I'm hard thinking about it.Laughing
I would love to suck cock and swallow cum with woman watching
sooo wish my BF was watching guys suck cock..and giving head to a guy with another guy!!! hot!
One of the delights in life... Cock sucking. No matter how big or how small. At the end there is always a creamy reward! HugHug
so cal los angeles, 36 bi male looking for a hubby to fuck and wife to watch. wife could suck my cock after i cum
Looking for someone in the Phoenix area. Wife wants to "force" me to have sex with another dude. Check our profile and hit me up if your interested!
Read my profile. I am interested in sucking well hung bi or straight guys wgile their ladies watch and/or join in. I am very good and I do swallow. I am very discreet and travel all over north and central Fl on business so it is easy to meet (in my hotel room) reciprocation necesary. I am for real. Come on ladies, contact me and I will give you mu number. Mike
I fantasize about sucking 10 guys off at a party while EVERYONE watches. Then my wife starts licking all the cum off my face...
Looking for a man that I can suck so my wife can watch me do it any man in Missouri would to do it let me know so we talk.
I don't have a wife, but I'd be happy to suck one or more Dicks whail being watched by their wives watch. Better yet, I'd love to suck one or more Dicks with the wife choreographs, orchestrates and directs the whole event. Be Happy:):-P:):-PKiss;)
My partner loves to watch me and another man suck on each other. She has had an orgasm just from watching. We both love the feel and taste of semen so after we cum in each others mouths we all 3 share it.
anyone here in south east al. that we can get togeather
I just want to blow in the worst's hard to find a REAL guy around here...Hudson, NY...
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
hi all i am a crossdresser and i love to give head while the wife watches or participates i love haveing cum in my mouth to share or drink it all down i like haveing it shot on my face as i run my tongue under the head ! if interested contact me lennora 514Kiss
this would be awesome to suck another mans cock while his wife or gf watched or joined.Hug
Would luv to be dressed-up and forced to suck a shaved cock.
bi M here would love to suck,be watched
my girl loves to watch me give a guy head,,im getting so good at it that i can make a guy cum faster then she can,,,she has been my teacher,,tells me what to do,grabs my hair and guides me while im on a guy,,thats a turn on all by itself,,when i have both of them pulling my hair and guiding my head its an amazing feeling.she loves it when a guy cums in my mouth,,swallow every drop,,thats hot.
Would love to find a mature couple where the woman asks me to service her hubby's cock for her viewing pleasure. At the end I like him to have sex with each of us.
I just started seeing a woman who confessed to me she really gets off watching men suck each other, this of course after I confessed I was bi! :-P i think we will make a hot couple
We are a Florida couple seeking exactly that scenario. But so far no luck...any sane clean bi guy travels to central Florida look us up! Kiss
I Love to get sucked as well as suck cock and pussy before and after entry. As I'm a 'virgin' in this area with no experience, but lots of online fantasy, I'm very willing, ready and able to please as well as to be pleased.
I Love to get sucked as well as suck cock and pussy before and after entry. As I'm a 'virgin' in this area with no experience, but lots of online fantasy, I'm very willing, ready and able to please as well as to be pleased.
Bi-sexual couple seeking sane, clean, attractive bi-man to suck husbands cock and fuck him while wife watches. We are a discreet professional couple who love everything about our sexuality. We would only add another strong, shaved, clean cock to the party and only for the husband. You would need to be, as we are, d&d free, athletic and sane. You would be tall (as in 6ft min.), athletic (muscular is a plus, athletic is a must), >6 inches in length and willing to make my husband the little bitch he desires to be. if this sounds like you hit me up and we can discuss. Flower
I would love to suck big cock in front of the guy's wife or girlfriend while both of them talk dirty to me and humiliate me saying how much my cock is smaller.
would love a woman to make me suck for her. nyc area, can travel.
i love to suck a dick while women or men watch and talk dirty to me or share with me
Would like to meet with a senior cpl in s. tx(rgv) wher the wife would like to see her husband get his balls licked and his cock sucked.Or maybe she would like us to suck each other cock (69.)The wife also welcum to join in.BI>> ed
I have never been with a man, never kissed or touch a man but I have been exposing myself to cocks in panties on the internet for a couple years now and every time I see one I get very very excited. I am to the point now I want to feel and play with a cock and I am sure I would want to suck it. Would be so much better if a female was there to advise me and make me better so that her man would get the best enjoyment from me sucking him.
Would like to meet with a mature couple in North Alabama where the wife would like to see her husband get his balls licked and his cock sucked and maybe she would like us to suck each others cock, but reciprocation is not necessary.:-P
This is my whole thing right here! I want to suck a man's cock while his wife watches. After a while she joins me. I have never even touched another guy's dick, but I've thought about this a lot over the past couple of years! I'm ready.
I want to suck someone's dick and swallow all his cum. I wish I knew someone Im totally down. Hit me up laters.
I want to be feminized and to live and dress and wear make up like a good little sissy slut , to suck and fuck a cock and have a strap on at same time , to be dominated and used by a couple , learning to be and live as the couples sissy
Would like to find a couple that would be interested .
just a fantasy so far.. people in michigan are so vanilla!
I guess my story is about remembering what goes around, cums around! I met my first wife while I was in the service, and during our courtship, I discovered that she was very reserved and shy, especially about showing skin. But I'd learned what I liked in a woman and that was a good girl with a naughty streak. After we got married, we moved into a trailer park off base, so we could have a little more privacy, since while being normally able to control her volume, we soon discovered that she loved anal sex and it made her scream and squirt. BINGO! So my mission became to fuck that ass, and while doing so, I told her that if she wants to get more of this, I'm going to expect her to get with the program, and that I wanted to see more skin all the time, not just in the bedroom. As she obeyed, she began noticing the attention a much shorter skirt got her, or a sheer blouse that is unbuttoned to show a nice amount of cleavage, and I told her on the phone one day while she was sitting in a crowded office of men and women, to take her bra and panties off and keep them off for the rest of the day. She started to hesitate, but she sent me a picture of them inside of her purse, as proof. When she came home, she told me that doing that made her pussy so incredibly wet that she was dripping down the inside of her thighs. We fucked right there! So it was time to push her a little bit now that she admitted that she really enjoyed the new attention, especially from her new boss that took over their sales office in the last 5 months. She had mentioned his good looks before, and I encouraged her to find more ways to tease him. Rub a breast up against his arm "by mistake", or be sure to give him a nice naked pussy flash at some point. We had a 3 day weekend coming up and I made hotel reservations at a spot that I knew to have very "loose" regulations and had certain party areas and no one asked any questions. Basically, it was a swingers hotel, and she didn't realize it. So after work that Friday, I texted her that we were all packed and that I was waiting for her. I told her that I selected an outfit for her to wear on the drive to the hotel and I'd be waiting in the car in the garage. After about 20 minutes, out stepped Tammy, in her short pleated black very mini skirt and a white elastic based material blouse that was very tight, and very low cut. And in the middle of the all white blouse, was a small Queen of Spades emblem. Did I mention that the blouse was completely see-through, and this had brought her nipples to full, beautiful attention. No bra. No panties. No stocking. Nothing to keep me, and anyone else along the way, from enjoying her wonderful body. Before I pulled out of the garage, I told her how amazing she looked, showed her that I was already hard, kissed her gently and discovered that she pussy was soaking wet already. She said in a very firm way that she knows what the emblem on her blouse meant, and that if I was game, she was too. So once we get to the hotel, she looking at me like 'I'm going to check in dressed like this', and I reaffirmed how hot she was and everyone will be lucky to be there as she walked by. So in we went, and got lots of smiles and hello's, which I made sure to acknowledge each one, making sure that they get a eye full of her hard nipples and that she had a special interest. That weekend turned into a pretty regular thing, and she began really loving me watching her, actually get all up in there while she was taking a cock deep or while sucking a stranger. One weekend, while I was on my knees watching her as she's sucking a very young black man, who had amazing abs. She told me to come close, so I did and she took his cock from her wet mouth and slapped my face with it. I was so fucking shocked that my mouth fell open. I was just shocked, but he took it that I was opening my mouth so he could put his cock into it, and so that's what the strange black man did! Wow, I was trying to figure out what the fuck was happening, and at the same time, noticed as privately as I could that my cock was rock hard. Well, after that weekend, things really sort of changed. About 2 days later, I got home from work and my wife wasn't home, but she had hand written a letter and left it for me. I really didn't have a clue as to what was about to happen!! But with a title of, 'Hello Cocksucker', I quickly read that she was waiting for me in the car and had an outfit waiting for me! There on the bed were some really old short shorts that haven't fit in years, and a little half bright yellow mesh crop top shirt. When I walked out and got in the car, I was rock hard and it showed in those shorts. "Ready to suck some cocks, slut?" I said to myself, Uh Oh! "Answer me, cocksucker!", she startled me with. I said yes ma'am, and she pulled out. All that weekend, and most of the next two or three stays there, was just kept lining up cocks to take turns on my mouth and ass. After that night, she thought that I should know that her new boss was the guy that kept spanking me really hard, and had just left a load of his cum in my ass. So yeah, she likes to watch men pass me around in different situations.
I love to suck dicks until they cum down my throat
I love to watch two men fuck and suck cock. I would love to be apart of that in anyway 😛😛
This is why we are here. DFW Texas area. But soon to leave this site for lack of interest by others.
This is high on my bucket list, even though I don't ever expect it to happen.
This would be a amazing fantasy to live out.
I love sucking a guy's cock while his wife watches, a huge turn on for me. And I've seen the wives go crazy watching their husbands suck me. It's always a good time for everybody!
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Dick While Woman Watch on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Dick While Woman Watch on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Dick While Woman Watch on Bisexual Playground

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