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I have not participated in this but i am ready to try!!1
east texas ,,marshall area interested
This is one of my favorite fantasies....sharing a cock with a man. Have yet to experience but I'm sure i will...i'm persistant and don't give up on what I want...:-D
As far as Im concerned it the best kind of relationship to find...(and if yru lucky to find it with a person you care about, all the better) especially when its honest and communication is present. The best for all parties involved, and watching two men plesure each other and being able to participate in their pleasure...only creates more excitment and pleasure for me...And the best is that after they please each other ...than I get them both at could that not be a win win for all......God I love being a woman... Kathy A Flower and Kiss to all the bi men in the world!!!
I agree with Kathy. I have never experienced this myself. I have dreamed about it but never thought I could have it. What man would want to fuck me and another man? I'm asking who would...send me a note or message me.. Candi...but you can call em chocolate rain Kiss
I agree with Kathy. I have never experienced this myself. I have dreamed about it but never thought I could have it. What man would want to fuck me and another man? I'm asking who would...send me a note or message me.. Candi...but you can call me Chocolate Rain Kiss
I have gone out with several women and let then pick up a hot guy and sucked his dick with them......i love anybody is around north carolina........:)
We tried it!,,We done it!!,,,We LOVE it!!!......& wanna do it again,again, again, again......:)
Another fantasy of mine yet unrealized....very interested
Would love to find a women that would like to share the fun with.
This is one of my fantasies. To share a cock with a woman.
I have done this numerous times and I have never seen a girl not enjoy it and not get off to it,hell they get off to just seeing two men kissing.HugHug
Ready and willing in Virginia. Contact me.
Nothing like the look she gets in her eyes "like a wildfire comeing over the top of the mountain at sunset" when we both are sucking, licking, and kissing his dick and each other at the same time ;) What makes her hot make me hot, Im so lucky ;) Kid
i would love to participate in one a this,,,,,any one in NJ....?
Most women crave seeing a man enjoy a cock
Yummy, I want to do it with SassyKath and anyone she wants.
I love sharing cock with a women it is so good and if ever one nows the other one and all are D&D free I love eating the women out after the other guy has left a big hot load of CUM in her cunt the taste is the best ever:-P:-P;)Kiss
sign me up lol:-P
Sharing a guys cock with his wife is the best.
digitalbill has got the right idea. I love watching a couple fuck, then lick them BOTH clean. I would love to have a woman gang banged, and jerked off onto by a group of guys, then lick her clean!:-P
one of the more exciting things to do w/ a woman in the room, eventually joining the fun... very hot to share a cock w/ a woman taking turns sucking & massaging his balls while she sucks on his head for a while... i love at a woman while she has a cock in her mouth... i also love showing her what a guy really likes & how he loves his cock handled & sucked on..
This absolutely an interest of mine. This is what i want more of. I started when the wife of a couple that i was playing with found out that i wondered about cock and cum, the next night we were together she shared some of her husbands cum with me by kissing me with some left. I also ended up sucking his cum out of her pussy. YUM.
I watched my boyfriend sucking another guy tonight for the first time and I helped him and it was the hottest experience I have ever had. Can't wait to do it again!!!!!
It's one of my husband's fantasies and on his to-do list. I would love to see him with another man!
Sounds like fun. Anybody want to play?
it is great fun to do I love to share cocks with women
Sharing a hard cock is one of the greatest thing that we have ever done. Just wish there were more bisexual couples near us to do it with.:(
Sucking a cock with a lady is one of the horniest things I have ever enjoyed, especially after he came and we shared his love juices while french kissing, hmmmm. If there are any bi cpls in the Toronto area who want to do this get in touch with me asap.
i love share dick with à woman, if i ave the chace to do it again let go baby lolll
I did it a few times Its the best I wish I could find a couple in the south jersey or phila area thats into this
This is my greatest sexual fantasy. I have never had a bi experience before. I would love for my 1st experience to be in a MFM 3some with a couple where the lady has a great ass and a small waist. I would be that second tongue for her. I would lick her clit while she's being fucked by her man. I would lick her ass cheeks while she's riding him. Then as session progressed she would kiss me right after sucking her man's dick. She would then realize that we could suck his dick together. Evenutally she would have her hand behind my head pushing me down at whatever speed she desires. We would take turns swallowing his dick. She would whisper commands and encouragement in my ear until he finally comes in my mouth. After I swallow most of it, she and I would French kiss until it's gone. Is there anyone out there in northern NJ who wants to make this happen?
oh man i want to do it so bad. i want to suck cock while a girl sucks it to. anyone around south carolina lets do it!
i really want to try this, i cant wait to get a ahrd Cock in my mouth while a woman helps me suck it dry
I have only enjoyed sharing a cock once with a woman. We were both on our knees in front of him I sucked on the head of his cock while she sucked and licked his balls then we switched and just as he was ready to cum I held the base of his cock and we both feverishly licked the head of his cock until he came then we lick him clean. This was the best sexual experience I have ever had and I can't wait to do it again.
Can't wait to try this as well. It is my biggest fantasy to have a hot woman holding her man's cock into my face and having me suck and lick him as she smiles looking on. I also like the post hwere she is strapping your ass while you suck on his cock. I have tasted cocks before, but I am never as hot thinking about MM sex as I am with a woman there..espcially fantasize about being taken up the ass while 2 or more women watch..then take a big spurting load all over my face to heighten my excitment! Mmmmm. Ladies, don't be shy, ask us guys to try it and we will!!!
Can't wait to try this as well. It is my biggest fantasy to have a hot woman holding her man's cock into my face and having me suck and lick him as she smiles looking on. I also like the post hwere she is strapping your ass while you suck on his cock. I have tasted cocks before, but I am never as hot thinking about MM sex as I am with a woman there..espcially fantasize about being taken up the ass while 2 or more women watch..then take a big spurting load all over my face to heighten my excitment! Mmmmm. Ladies, don't be shy, ask us guys to try it and we will!!!
I would love sucking anoyher guys cock while a woman cheers me on.Kiss
I wish there was more photos of this topic on here . I look every day but dont see any new ones .
IS THERE ANYONE WHO WANT TO LIVE THIS OUT IN WISCONSIN?? I really love sucking cock, and I would love to share in a blowjob with a woman to a guy!! Its my ultimate fantasy!!I really want to live it out. Please check me out on my profile, and contact me if your interested??!!
I enjoy doing this, but it is hard to find a couple up for this since I am a single bi male. I am from Frederick md so if you are in the area...lets do it. Scott
This is so hot! I tried this once with a married couple, and it was great. The wife had her husband's cock firmly in her hands, and she let me suck and lick it. Then, we kissed with his cock between our lips - HOT.
Hi, Sucking a hard, hot cock while your wife strokes it and feeds it to you is the hottest thing I have ever experienced. The hottest time I can recall is sucking the cum out of a hot young stud just after my wife rode him to a screaming orgasm. ANY Takers. email us, U WILL BE HAPPY!
It is a very wonderful thing. Have done it once a while ago and looking forward to it again:-P! only problem is being a single bi male, most couples want couples. So if any couples in Maryland read this I'm ready are you!!!!!Hug
HEY ......NJCPL35 drop me a line and maybe we could work this out
I would love to find a couple from the south jersey area thats into this
The hottest time I've had is licking a guys balls while he was fucking MY woman. She had me on my knees sucking his cock for a while when he was on the edge of the bed, she had him lay back and I was enjoying servicing his shaft and balls, I asked her to climb on and she did...started sliding up and down on his shaft with her pussy as I licked his balls. Sweet. We got into a nice slow rhythm where I would start with my tongue underneath his balls and slowly lick up his balls and up his shaft to where my womans pussy lips where stretched around his dick, and I would continue in a smooth motion up past her pussy lips and up to her sweet tight butt hole where I would slather her ass and give her a quick little rimming..then go back and start again...once I stopped just to watch her pussy slide up and down his cock...she reached back and pushed my head onto his balls again....sweetest thing I ever felt...if you are a couple in Seattle area...and want to give it a try ..let me know...
I did this, she sucked me while I sucked him, it was the most powerfuffl orgasim I ever had, went numb after. the power of the moment was unreal, my womans approval of me sucking another guy while she sucked me, it was true love.Kiss
we were at the adult drive in, way back in the corner. near a bush, window down, it was cold out, but my old lady liked being under a blanket with a bottle of rush, sucking me off while she used a dildo on herself in the dark. I was watching the screen and enjoying the blowjob when I noticed two young guys hanging out by the bush, both jacking off and watching me. when we made eye contact one of them stepped near to my window and put his hard cock near my face. I touched it and then put it in my mouth and started sucking it, he quickly came and stepped away, his cum was hot and sweet in my mouth and when his pal stepped into his spot with another hard on, I started sucking him too. I opened a bottle of rush as I saw him huffing on some. I was breathing it in my lungs and started to rush, his dick got harder in my mouth and my old lady was sucking my harder dick deeper than ever. He got very hard and then began squirting hot cum into my eager mouth, 3 hot squirts into his load, I began squirting into my lovers mouth, hard and long. God we all came as I felt her push down on my hard dick to the hilt, he did the same in my throat and the cum flowed hot and sweet. He finished and walked off with his buddy, I sighed and she took the blanket off and told me I was never harder or came more. she asked me if I wanted to come here again tomorrow night, I smiled and said yes. Oh , the guys were there too.
I've always wanted to suck a cock with a woman watchin.....hope to do it sometime.
I'm a bi male in tampa if there are any couples that want to do this please let me know.
subohio I would lov to be sucking on a nice cock and have a woman do me in the backdoor . anyone in cleveland in need of a SUB ??
Im from the cleveland area, any one male looking to explore. fantasy of mine to be with a couple or a woman with a tranny...lets chat.
Ok everyone here seems to talk about how good it is and how much some wanna try it but let me ask this . Dose it matter what the Other man looks like or presents himself or is it just a cock to you all ? We have had two 3sums because of BP both were 2 M and me. Just a question =) Have fun with it =)
A very wonderful subject and one I hope to experience much more of.Have been lucky enough to know a woman who is entranced to see two men (or more) perform just for her pleasure...........She has also taught me the joys of the strapon and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her or try with her...........One day I would love to serve a married couple,focusing on pleasing the man at the direction of his wife.............I'd love to hear from anyone on this subject to just write or chat or even try and get together one day........Drop me a line with any ideas and suggestions............
It is my all time fantasy to be brought in naked on a leash and forced to suck off a man in front of a group of women, cheering me on. This would continue throught out the night. Anyone interested in New
Any guys in the New Orleans Area interested in a woman watching and / or participating. I love to suck a hard thick cock with another man. Flower
i only one experience with this. It happened during the hurricane season when i went to a friends house with my dogs in toe. the first night there i offered to take my friend to dinner but she said that she would rather have a "girls night in". She dressed me in a nightie and taught me to give her a pedicure/manicure/facial. Then her boyfriend came over and the convinced me to join them in sex as the other "fem". It was fantastic! i sucked him and her. I pleasured them both during their coitus. i was not allowed to cum but i didn't care.
there is nothing hotter then sucking a big hard cock while a woman is present ,it just makes me hard just thinking about it:-P
this is something that really drives my crank... more pics please... like erotic stories of this....Flower
Windsor Ontario Masculine Guy...Looking to show Straight Guy's girlfriends how to suck his cock. He just has to lay back/sit back and enjoy!...Also, I'd like to have a woman show me how to really satisfy another woman.
I love doing this with a is so hot to take a cock from her mouth and start sucking and licking on it while she is watching....then reluctantly give it back too sharing the cum
wouldnt mind trying that..sounds like fun..hmmmwe should get in touch
mmmm This is one of our favorite things to do. Sometimes we just go to an adult bookstore, parade around so we are seen, then let the cocks in 2 at a time. We are about to start a contest: "The Suck Off" to see who can get the juice the fastest!! :-P:-D:-P
Staring into a woman's eyes, my upper lip just touching hers as that smooth cock-head slips out from her mouth & glides into mine. I taste her warm watery saliva as I swallow a few inches, still looking into her eyes. I can see hee nostrils flare, heavy beathing that comes with the excitement, & I start to suck faster, more friction. I almosr forget that there's a man attached to the cock, untill I hear the moan, & feel the dickshaft swell.. I'd also love to eat out a pussy while she's riding a cumming cock. Anyone in NYC?
There's nothing better than licking a woman's pussy with a cock in it.... especially when that hard cock goes from the pussy to my mouth and back again only to finish in my mouth. done it once... that was fun.
I would love to participate in this, especially if I could suck the man's cock while the lady fucked my ass with a strap-on. That would be fantabulous!!
My G/F and I have shared cock numerous times. It is a major turn on for us and whoever we are with. I get off by seeing my G/F's expression when she is offering for me to share a cock with her. Wow! :-P
I've done this a couple of times at some bi orgies I used to go to when I lived in MN. Very hot to be trading off between sucking dick while she's sucking his nuts and eating his balls while she's sucking his cock. Of course, if I'm fingering her pussy and/or he or she is fingering my ass, that's great too. Would love to do this some more. Any Hawai'i folks into it?
I did this once with a woman and a transvestite. It was so hot. We took turns licking two on one. She had at least half a dozen orgasms and we two guys both came in huge shots. Can't wait to do this again and again and again.
relatively new at this but open to being taught!Hug
I've done this a couple of time The first time the guy didn't have much experience. His wife coached him on how too please a man but he took to it like a pro! I came and the both shares the juice.
Christie and I have been with 3 different guys together, and WE want some more! :-P..........There is nothing like having a hard juicy cock in your mouth, waiting for him to fill your mouth with hot tasty cum. Don't no why I love this but who cares!
I did this for the first time with my GF and a friends of hers and loved it and am looking forward to doing in again!!!
looking for males in vermont to join gf and i . we love to share
There is nothing like enjoying sex with a man when a woman is in the mix. I suppose this is especially true for us bi guys. I have enjoyed this several times and am actively looking for an open bi couple for an ongoing friendship....easier said than done.
I would love to be with a couple with a bi-male. I think it would be HOT! If in Lemoore, CA, look me up!:)
This fantasy is a Huge turnon.. can't wait to try it !!
I have not sucked a cock yet but it is a huge fantasy of mine. Hopefully I will meet a couple to help me try!;)
..looking in Seattle
I'm definitely interested in trying this. Anyone in the Atlanta area?
Very new to this but what a great way to begin!!
I have sucked a cock with my wife present and I don't think i've ever seen her more excited and turned on in her life. I have to say her pussy was dripping wet. We have enjoyed ourselves at bi orgies and also have played with other couples.
My wife and I enjoy sharing cocks as well as pussys together. I am the lucky-est man to have Nika as my wife.
Reading these stories are a turn on. I think I would love to watch two guys going at it, but it would not take long before I would have to join in. ...D....KissKissKiss:-P
I have tried it several times and found it to be the the whip cream on the cake. An experience you will never forget and aways long for..:-P
I think about sharing a cock with a woman all the time. I get so hard just dreaming about a big cock going from a wet pussy into my mouth and have him shoot his hot cum in my mouth!!!! I need it bad!!!
My boyfriend told me his fantasy is to watch me suck another guy's cock. He didn't say it, but I know he would like me to share the other guy's cum with him. My boyfriend already asks me to give him a big kiss right after he cums in my mouth.
One of my fantasies is when I am with a couple and she encourages me to suck her man's cock. She uses her hand on the back of my head to force his cock deeper into my mouth. I have even dreamt of several women and couples watching the action and being helped to suck one cock after another. It would also be exciting to lick on a cum filled pussy and to suck clean a cock after cumming in a pussy.
I would like to share a hard thick cock with my wife and she would do the samethat is at least six inches long, S.W Ontario
Sucking a guys cock fresh out of a pussy still wet and hot! Or having a guy and lady sharing my cock, a very exciting fantasy I wish to full fill..
To add..I'm in south western Ontario for anyone willing to oblige..:-P
I love sucking cock, especially when a woman watches, even more so when she joins me (while I'm fucking her). There's no better 3some scenario! :)
wish i could find someone in southern cali thats willing to do this. ive been with a few guys...although its been a whille. i love sucking cock, and cant even start to say how fucking hot it would be to let some beautiful woman's husband cum in my mouth while she watches, after we've taken turns sucking his throbbing Dick!! please help me out with this!
Wanting to try this so baddly, any invitations
I would love to watch two men. It would be the ultimate! Then, they can work on me. By that time, I'll be more than ready for both!!
I would love to watch two men. It would be the ultimate! Then, they can work on me. By that time, I'll be more than ready for both!!
Nothing compares to getting your mouth between the legs of a woman with a big cock plowing her pussy, licking her clit, licking his balls and shaft as it goes in and out, sucking his cock with her juice all over him and then putting it back in her pussy for more, having your face inches from her pussy when he comes, watching his cum drip and run around the sides as he continues to fuck, then going head to tail with her when he's done, eating her out while she sucks my dick. Unbelievable sexy and the best time I have ever had.
I did this with an old girlfriend. She got so turned on after she pointed the cock we were working on at my mouth and I let him blow his load. The three of us shared it with our tongues intertwining. I look forward to doing this again.:)
We are new to this site and were very exicted to see that we are not the only ones out there with this fantasy....Well being that this is a bi-sexual site....we are all obviously looking to meet one sex or another that is b-isexual or is bi-curious.....since I am the female of this partnership, I will fill you in on my most deepest hidden fantasy...are you ready? We meet another couple for dinner and a couple of drinks..during dinner we glance across the table at each other with anticipation of what the evening may bring...She looks at the woman that she has never met, sitting across the table..thinking how soft and sexy she looks and wondering if she smell and taste as good and she looks....wondering if she has bikini panties on, a thong or no panties at all??? Wonder if she is as wet as she is, with anticipation of what may cum over the next several hours...She looks at her mate..who is looking at the male spouse across the table..she wonders if he is throbbing, as she knows he is very excited at the thought of maybe doing the male taboo, something they have never done before....another man.....she reaches for his cock and just as she thought he is hard...after long dinner of mutual flirtation, as she had hopped, they retreat to the hotel room...for some mutual flirtations and another drink or two...the ladies wanting to get the evening started, fill the hot tub. They undress each other admiring the breast, sexy soft skin and hard nipples of one another..they enter the hot water of the tub, which only makes their bodies, hard throbbing clit and aching bodies want more, to be caressed touch..entered...wanting to see each others male partner satisfying the other as only they have pictured in their fantasies...CARE TO FINISH THIS FOR ME????KissHug:-P
I am a 38 YO W/S/D-D FREE/Bi TV, I.S.O. fulfilling my fantasy date. The date would include dancing, dinner, flirtation, and then non stop sexual gratification. I have written a novel on my p.c. about it and would be willing to send it to whomever would be interested. I am going to lose faith in ever getting some cock to suck on. Any parties game in and around South Carolina? Let me know, cause I'm sure ready for some action!!! My girlfriend says that she "knows" the signs of my coming orgasm, and I would like to know firsthand what she is talking about. I guarantee you, I can definitely pleasure your discriminating tastes...
Hello, I love this topic and have been hard as a rock reading all the posts. It is so hard finding a woman or another couple for that matter that lets another guy in for bi fun. I had been doing this with my best friend and his wife since we were teens, very few with any other couples. Its easy enough to find cock to suck but not as much with another woman, while sucking or getting sucked by a man is great, it is much better to have a woman there to also pleasure or share the cum with. I will soon be driving north america from BC Canada and all points between and would love to meet up with some couples or single woman with a bi friend for some fun in my
we just had mfm and male and wife shared sucking my cock was great and would do again:)
Well one of my gf's has watched me suck cock a little bit, I don't think she blinked at all. It was briefly enough I'm not sure how much I like it overall, it was a good ice breaker. I sucked and licked, shaft and head. I think I went decently deep for first time, got him close. Since I was a little uncertain about taking it in the mouth she did (was a close friend of ours). I really wasn't sure what it'd be like, I mean sure I have a cock but that's not going to give you an idea as to how it'll feel in your mouth. I did enjoy how it felt as I slid my tongue up and down the shaft, licking his balls and sucking it into my mouth. Having it slide into my mouth, carefully keeping my teeth out of the way as I worked my tongue around the head... Anyways it'd probably be nice to do again, probably more. I've had a little bit of fun cybering as well.
This idea sounds interesting....the thought of seeing my guy's reaction to you and I going after him...oooo la laa.....
We once had a 4some where the wife of the other couple was riding me cowgirl style, and while sucking on her breasts, her hubby was helping on her breasts and when I laid my head back on the pillow, his cock was hitting my cheek, so I moved my head over and took him in my mouth, needless to say he squirted in about 3 seconds, and I had never done that before, so I took it all, then snowballed/kissed his wife with it, who then gave it all back to him to swallow. Was weird, and oh so f*cking hot I have wanted to suck dick again ever since!
somebody wanna share my cock ??
The first time I took cum in front of my wife was great! We were with our first Bi couple, (Good friends of ours,) and it was a free for all as far as who licked or sucked who! We went at it all night long. Finally at 5am. we ended up with his 9" cock fucking my wife while I licked her clit...and his wife was fucking my ass with her strap-on. He was the first to loose it and started pumping sperm into my wife's shaved pussy. After the first three squirts, he yanked his huge cock out and shoved it into my mouth! He shot so much thick cum that I started choking on it! Of coarse this sent the rest of us into a wild orgy of orgasms! After he was empty, I kissed my wife and we shared his cum! Then he licked my cock clean. They ended up moving to FL. BUMMER! Now we are looking for another Bi couple for a good friendship and more!Hug
This is something I'm still waiting to do.I would love to slurp on a fat cock while fucking a girl.Anyone in madison,WI up for it?
One of the great things about being bisexual is the varied fun that cums with it. the last M-F-M i participated in was so hot the lady would just cum while getting ready to particiapte. It was really cool, one of those once in a lifetime events. i enjoy being nude casual or otherwise and particularly enjoy the company of bisexuals. They tend to be so adventuresome. Still has the thrills attached to it.:-P
Have had the opportunity to do this a few times. It is great! Once time with a couple where the guy had an 'endowment of over 10 inches. When she undressed him in front of me I could hardly believe my eyes. My mouth began to water immediately. She motioned me over in front of him, stroking him, as she placed the mushroom head in my mouth. I took all of him I could while she licked the length of his shaft. She directed the entire event. With the head in my mouth she stroked him to completion and he filled my mouth with an overflow load. She then coached me to swallow every drop. Which I gladly did. It was super!
I'm all 4 it
cant wait betty and boss
its totally hot looking down watching both of them sucking on my cock together and taking turns going down on my hardon licking my balls I even had a couple rim my ass out too switching back n forth one on my ass while the other sucking my tool :-P
i have had this experience at a swing club. i had a girl suck me hard then get on top of me in a room full of men. a guy was stroking aside of me my mouth was goin crazy for the girls pussy, she knew it. i wasnt interested in his cock at the time. now i wish i did suck him and i also wish i could have had a male between my legs while she rode my cock on top. thats a fantasy i would love to live.
My wife and I have had 2 experiences like this. It started out with her sucking another bi-curious guy, and she asked if I can help her. I did, a little nervous at first, but really got into it. We then proceeded to exchange oral sex in a variety of ways, everyone taking turns and helping the other one. i then wanted to get fucked by him, but he had whisky dick, and had troulbe staying hard after we made him cum already orally. I fucked my wife missionary, and he put on a strap on and fucked me until I came in her pussy. We then ate the cum out of her pussy. We are looking for other bimales or bi couples around the Chattanooga, TN area. Please send me an email
I'm new to the site but I'm very experienced. A couple of these stories made me so horny. I started crossdressing because I wanted to know what it was like to be a woman on the other end of sex. I am looking for almost the same thing but to a different degree. Having a woman direct or control me while I serviced as many men as I could. Of course, taking all the cum wherever I was told by our female director. ;) If anyone knows where I could find something like that, let me know. Hugs---Erica
I am a newbie but cant wait to experience. Yeah baby!!!!!!:-P
Will suck a dick, swallow his load, with or without a woman present. Drop e a line when you are in Henderson/Las Vegas Nv area if you my services.
I would like suck a cock with female
We're a mwc and both bi: hubby has had a few bi experiences and loves to suck dick with wife watching and often participating. The first time was so hot: a long time friend showed up at a swing club we attend and the time seemed right to just do it. Wow. Loved the feel and taste of his cock. When his hot cum shot in my mouth it was a really wild sensation! Since that first time I've sucked 3 other dicks and of course my wife always is there watching... which makes it better! Can't wait to do it again and again and again....
First time I sucked another man's cock was as it was sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. He was seated and she was riding his dick, facing away from him, using the chair arms to help her ride him. She asked me to kneel and lick her pussy while they fucked and as I did, my tongue licked his cock as it was moving up and down. My wife held my head down and slipped his cock out of her pussy and into my mouth. I admit that once I had his cock in my mouth, it felt great and I eagerly sucked him until he came, which I swallowed. Did I like it? I still suck cocks with or without my wife, so you figure it out.
My last g/f and I shared my friends cock.She loved it as well as I.
Hi new to the site and have had the pleasure of joining a couple for fun. enjoyed sharing and being shared. hope to meet a couple to explore more
i'm 29, white, male, 6'1, 190lbs, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, slim/smooth, boyish/cute, well hung, pouty lips, pierced tongue, very oral, safe, sane, discreet, and am very open minded...
The first time I introduced my wife to a three way with two bi men, I was under her while the other guy was fucking her doggy style. After every couple of strokes he would pull out and let me suck him. She's hooked, can't wait to try every possible combination She hasn't seen me swallow yet but we're both looking foward to it.
I never thought I would admit this, especially in my teens and 20's. I wouldn't have! But damn, i'm nearly leaving my 30's and it's freaking hot to me! I would love to suck cock with my wife participating! I don't think I've cum even once in the last 5 years or so without the thought of sucking cock and eating cum going through my mind and me freaking enjoying it! My first contact and discovery of bisexual "anything" was when I found a Hustler mag back in the early 80's where a couple of women were enjoying each other with a man. That was such a influential moment to discover that same sex can enjoy each other but also enjoy opposite sex. An epiphany of sorts... I can have my cake and eat it too! I'll never forget that moment, I was changed for the good forever!
my first time..... I have always loved watching my wife sucking me. and the first time we had a mfm threesome i wanted to watch her sucking our friends cock. she is so good at it and he was enjoying her talent. i moved in for a closer look, she looked at me with her beautiful eyes as she was moving her lips up and down his very hard cock. Then what she did surprised me, she took him out of her mouth and offered his shiny wet cock to me! i hadn't even thought about being bi or even expressed an interest in trying it. It just seemed natural at the time so i let her guide his cock to my mouth and did my best to emulate what she was doing and has done to me many times.the feeling was incredible, "a little scary" I felt how hard yet soft and smooth he was, the taste was wonderful. then, when i saw and heard his reaction to the pleasure i was giving him, it opened up a whole new world of sexuality to me. now I'm pretty much hooked. i love to suck cock with her help.
sexystudlaj fantasy as a lesbian--to WATCH two men suck each other!!! That would be so hot!! Too big jock like men! Like in a football or basketball lockerroom! Looking so hot and hetero, but they long for each other! That would be awesome. Where are the big horny Bi-jocks!!!! :-D
I have had this pleasure.One of my ex-gf's helped me suck my friends cock.We took turns and watched each other.I really liked her watching me suck dick.She loved it too.I long for that again, to suck a nice cock while his wife watches.yum
I travel a lot and came home from a road trip one evening and had been fantasizing about fucking and sucking with my wife for days.when i got home she wasn't home and i figured she would be back soon so i got into the shower and i am soaping up and fantasizing ,and the phone rings.I go down the hall and answer and its my wife ,she said there was a problem at our rental house that i needed to look at,so i said i would be there in a minute finished showering and walked to the rental house.I knocked on the door and heard a come in we're in the living room.I walked in and there is my wife on her hands and knees ,Tom our tenant is sitting on the couch with his 8 inches all the way down my wifes throat and he is shuddering like he is about to cum.his wife is under my wife licking her pussy and fingering herself .My wife din't stop she just hooked a finger and motioned for me to join them. So i sat down on the couch after taking my clothes off and watched my wife working on that massive cock and knowing how it felt.All of asudden she started coming and wiggling.then she began stroking Toms cock from top to bottom ,he lasted about 6 strokes and blew a big load as she took him all the way down her throat.She licked him clean and then told his wife to come up on the couch and told me she wanted to watch her come so i started eating her and finger fucking her ass ,and in about 3 minutes she started coming and boy with every flick of the tongue she would shudder and shake and come again 4or 5 times at least.Anyway my wife and I are both on hands and knees Tom is laid back on the couch watching his wife cumming and my wife says I want to fuck this cock but it's not hard enough I need some help.Tom's wife was in just cum la-la land so I decided to help out .It was quite a different sensation to have a semi hard cock in my mouth.Then my wife started helping me i would lick one side she would lick the other then she said you have to take in your mouth so i stroked down further and could feel that uncomfortable gagging sensation so I would come back up then she would stroke it all the way down then I would take a turn and so on then she smiled and said wait til it gets really hard.we back and forth sucked for a while and then Tom,s wife came around and stopped me and said lets go into the bed room .So we went intothe bedroom and Tom,s wife told me to get on my knees and tom laid down and my wife got on his face and Tom's wife got beside me and said let me show you how he really likes it .and she started fucking him with her mouth with a really quick up and down stroke all the way to the bottom and I watched his cock grow about 2 more inches and then she stopped and said your turn.I was amazed watching that fast deep throat motion.I could not take it all the way after it grew just would not fit but i got enough down that i can feel him lifting up to each stroke and I can tell that all 3 of them have been waiting to see if I can make him cum so i started stroking as fast and deep as i could and all of a sudden my mouth was filling up with cum and just as i started to come up his wife said we are all swallowers and she pushed my head down until his cock was all the way down my throat and i gagged a little and he came even more.Then my wife seeing that i was having some problems came over and cleaned his cock up while I had a chance to wipe my face .... The first time was great and i have gotten better with practice I still havent mastered that fast deep throat stroke
I can't wait to suck a cock with Jon...I know it will be fun & yummy!:-P
I love the look in a woman's eyes when she is turned on by seeing me with a cock in my mouth and cum on my face....without the woman watching, it just isnt the same.
I have had the hottest times in a MMF
I have fantasized about this like forever, it would be nicer if the woman was a BBW or SSBBW, then both males have their way with the Lady. YUMMY
I would LOVE to join a couple who's into bi-MFM...... I would like her to watch me and her man in a 69 while she fingers herself or uses a dildo....THEN, I want to grab my cock and his in my hand while she licks and sucks us both......MMMMMM!!! The thought of rubbing my cock against another hard cock and a warm tongue and lips on us!!!!! After that to be inside her and help her suck off her man to completion would be awesome!!! OR?? A 69 with her while he does her doggie style and I get to lick you both!! Any takers??
I would love to find a couple or a female thats into this . major turn on anybody in the south jersey philly area thats into this?
any woman with a hubby or boyfriend want to watch me suck his cock, his balls and lick his asshole till he explodes all over my face. Would love to lick his cum off your pussy or mouth as well. :-P
Ladies, let me teach you how to suck your mans dick like never before. I know all the tricks to drive him crazy. Lets me and you both take turns showing your man exactly how cock sucking should be done. Haven't been able to deep throat your man? I can show you the secret - you'll be able to swallow his cock all the way down your throat, without gagging. Or if you think you can teach me a thing or two, lets go!! Don't worry, I can go down on a lady too, so dont feel left out.
i would SOO love to find a female to watch me suck cock and more. my ex wife and I used to share guys every so often and the sex was incredible in every way... I'm single now and looking for that again!
My favorite thing is to suck a man's cock while a woman watches or participates. In fact, I love doing anything with a man while a woman is there. I am easy going, enjoy laughing, and like to keep things light and sensual.
love do it. wow
I would Love to suck my husbands dick with another woman watching and participating and we can both play and suck on his dick together. Think that would be hot to try,:)
This was a first time for me. I attended a party with some friends. The theme was role playing. And the topic was Anne Rice's Beauty. We all had to take part in the certain roles. I had never been exposed to SMBD so I was a subject. Having to strip, a paddle was added to ass and back. Then two women collared me and lead me around the room, the pain was wonderful.
Bi-male here looking for a couple.. Would love to suck his cock while she watches and helps out. Use me to make your fantasy come true.
My wife and I shared my bi-friend's dick this year and now we are hooked. It was an amazing experience!! I love to suck cock and want to share more similar experiences with her. Please contact us if you are in our area.
still looking for couples who need an extra male to help service both. i can travel to you if intersted check me out.
I travel most of NEW MEXICO AND WEST TEXAS, always in need of a COUPLE to please. I am happy to do WHATEVER it takes to do that. Please be assertive.......MAN AND OR WOMEN, ........ BOTH would be a bonus.....If it would make YOU happy, bring in YOUR friends, to watch or PLAY TOO. LET ME SERVE YOU BE HAPPY
still looking for bi couple or couples in texas 13th and 14th or all weekend i am in the central part of the state or close to it around the fr hood area and back to tyler area. any takers out their?
New CD, very clean, discreet, cut and totally D&D fre but non passable. . Would love to meet couple where the wife would help me with make up and hair. She couls watch or join while I jerk or suck off her husband. I am very serious about fibdibg a couple to have some fun with. Anyone interested please give me a shout. Slut Judy
jan.2008 in torrance,ca. YOU want to have your cock sucked here i am all you guys with small or soft cock i want you me monday morning 10:30am to 2pm. one mouth no waiting.ui read a lot of ads but to date no one really wants to play with me,np guts no glory. i am a white guy 55 and me at all you have to do is be here.Hug:-P:-P
It is great to share a cock with a woman. Going up and down the shaft together. Tradeing back and forth from balls to cock. Having her give it to me to suck, then her sucking and back and forth. Kiss Man I got a hard on writeing this.:-P
This is probably one of the hottest things I have ever done! It is so hot having yours and hers tongue meet underneath the shaft of his cock and then its like a three way kiss. I then like coming from under the cock and sucking his balls. Then on the other hand it is just as enjoyable when you feel multiple mouths on tongues sliding up and down your cock.:)
I love sucking cock while a woman watches and really get turned on when he drives it deep in my ass fucking me and she spreads her legs and lets me eat her pussy and they both cum at the same time.
My wife's fantasy was to waatch me and another man,well I did it and the next morning I got the best blow and pussey I ever got.Sorry guys she want do it again,it makes my dick hard just thinking about it.Yes I want to meet a couple that we do each other and the woman watch and jooin if shhe wants to.I will soon be posting pictures of me.
it has always being my fantasy to be in a threesome (three guys). One that I can do a 69 with, while another one is fucking me crazy.
I truly enjoy Blowjob on my friends hard throbbing cock, but I especially love it when after he fucks my wife and cums in her. He'll pull it out covered with their mixed juices and offer it to me to Blowjob... Yummy!!! :)
I also Love it when my wife :-P and probes my asshole with her tongue as a friend of ours Blowjob my cock...;)
only had that once a guy shared my cock with his wife there was enough crea for both of them
a friend of ours,that my wife has been fucking for a while,stopped by at 420,,we asked him if he had time for a quickie,,,dumb question!! he bent my wife over the sofa and set out to fuck her good as usual, after ten or fifteen minutes,i noticed that here it cums look on his face,,he proceeded to fill her sweet pussy with a monster load,then he pulled out,with thick cum dripping from his still very hard cock,and rushed to shove that hrd cock in my mouth,,,YUMMY,,,i proceeded to clean his cock up,then i started to suck the cum out of her filled pussy,,,YUMMY FOR MY TUMMY,my god,it was fucking awesome,anybody around the charlestown,in.. area want to play????????Kiss
Anybody have a wife or girlfriend who needs to be filled up, and you are in the so cal area, let me know!!!
I caught my buddy and his wife fucking one night and hopped right in. after getting the best deep throat of my life from her, she was really turned on when I went strait to work sucking off her husband. Ithink he enjoyed it to by the way he filled my mouth with hot cum . from that night on when we got together she wanted to see us jack off or suck each others cocks.she would have been pissed if she had known we were soucking each other on the side.
One of my favorite things! Especially when with a new couple! Great way to get the fun the Mrs suck her hubby then I go over and join in. Things progress nicely from there! :):)
I'm a virgin, having been with neither a man or a woman. I'd love to have a woman teach me how to suck cock.
I love seeing my man blow another man and vise versa..Giving head with him makes me horny like crazy. I only wish we could find a man that is for real so we could become good friends with and play with on a regular..
This is so hot!
we haven't done this and I know my wife would like it. How do I introduce this to her?
I'd love to have my wife help me:-P a nice hard dick, never done that , but would love to try!!!
I never have sucked cock but can't wait to try it! I'd love to try it with a woman watching
I have sex with a M F couple and sucking him with her was one of the HOTTEST things I have ever done. Her putting it in my mouth and she telling me to suck it good. It was awesome.:-P
Never tried before, but I would love to try it:-P
My first dream was sucking a nice hard cock while getting my cock sucked, then the cum shoots everywhere,,,just a dream maybe it will cum true soon !
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
nluv94 I would love to help you do this.
I can't tell you the number of times I've fantasized about a MMF encounter. never had the opportunity but would love to experience it for the first time. Southern Illinois here. Make my fantasy cum true.
this sounds so hot,id love to do this right now,i need a woman to help me
here to PLEASE,let me know
I recently met a very special and loving woman who understands my needs ... of sucking a mans cock with well as me being with her and a lady friend. It is so hot for us when we suck cock together...knowing it's ok, and neither of us has a bad feeling about it. It makes our relationship stronger...and we love each other very much. We just know that we both like sucking men. Sometimes I will let the other man fuck my I kiss hep and tell her how much I love her. We are always looking for men or women as friends and lovers. If you live near South Alabama...please contact us.
would love to be licking a woman while she is getting it doggy style and pulling him out to suck and lick off her juices.then having him cum all over her pussy and letting me lick it up
this is what i want to do with my wife and my friend i just don't know how to ask her with her blowing up any suggestions
My husband just shared his fantasy of me teaching him to suck cock (we enjoy swinging - group sex). Naturally this got me so hot at the very thought that I told him I would love to fuck him from behind with a strap on. He didn't expect that reaction and it definitely turned him on. Just hearing him tell me about his desire was beyond tittalating!!! I prefer mfm or mmfmm and he noticed how much I love sucking cock. I can't wait to share this with him this weekend....any suggestions on approach, etc. with the other couple or in a group room at a swingers club.
yesterday we invited a guy to our bed,it was so damn hot watching my girl blow this guy,,i joined in,it was fantastic, we went out and got a strap on a,fter he left. i have always wondered what it feel like to get banged in the butt,we did it,i got her first then she got was great,never thought i would like it,but that changed,,looking forward to doing it again.
I enjoyed a MMF threesome with an older couple when I was in my 20's. They where 50 something. The woman was really keen for me to wank off the guy whilst she watched and encouraged., They had met some young guys previously but I was the first to bring him completely off. I would love to know if older couples on here have also enjoyed a younger man.
oh god please put a big dick in my mouth iam so horney i wish i had a mouth full of cum rite now i love to eat cum
i would so love to share a hard cock with a woman
really interested in licking a womans pussy while she has a nice cock in there preferably reverse cowboy :-P
i would love to eat pussy while getting drilled in my ass by a big hard cock
looking to have a hard dick in me and my wife and have him finish off by cumming in my mouth..we can even change this the vancouver bc and surrounding areaqFlowerHugLaughing
Funny, My wife got me started sucking cock, It was a turn on for her to watch. Now I found I really enjoy putting on a show for all to see.
Love to suck a nice hard cock especially if its uncut and she can join in the fun too
This is fantasy of mine, having a man suck on my husband & vise versa as i just sat back & watched while masturbating
...anyone in the NEPA area up for a bit of fun with a bi couple......
My Hottest Experience was Sucking Cock with the wife of my friend. we both liked his long thick cock to the very tip and then frenched with our tounges. it was so hot!!!! Then to top it off he FUCKED her DOggy Syyle while i licked his cock as it slid in and out of her wet pussy! It was so Awesome to share our sex without any inhibitions. He finally shot his load and we all shared it !!!
There is just something very erotic about watching a man drop to his knees, unzip another man's fly and take a stiffing cock in his hand, put it in his mouth, eagerly suck it and lick it, and swallow a hot load of cum. Why should women have all the cocksucking fun?
Sub lingerie lover wants to service both of you, very oral, will rim for cum & pussy cream. Would really love to do 69 with her & lick his cock & balls to he cums in her pussy or my mouth, kisses to all.:-P
Damn these are turning me on
Available for any couple in southern california area. Love helping a woman suck her mans cock. Going back and forth from her mouth to mine untill he blows his load then sharing long passionate cum swapping kiss until one decides they really need to swallow. If your anywhere near north Orange County email me and I will be there to help suck him dry
been curious for a while. i want to participate with a woan because iwould be hotter for me. decided follow through and suck a cock. i met with a friend of mine and wasnt what i expected.i got on the bed and he rolled out an 11" cock! it. but want a woman there the next time. was great for a first time
This something I must give a go. I think the cum swapping after would be one hell of an experience.
I love it!
ive been lucky enough to be aprt of 3 cpls one cpl asked if they could both suck me at one time started that way until he raised my leg for tongue to slide over my ass..and then in it ..of course i re-payed the rimming another cpl was sucking a guy when i asked of i could help ..she agreed moved to my cock and he and i sucked the guy it was great
im strait but can suck my cock i want to just once find a guy that shaves it all and has a big cock so i can suck it until your done i need to no if i like it like i do when I'm sucking mine:-D
I'm not attracted to men and the thought of just having gay sex does not draw me in. I am however very turned on by the thought of sharing a nice cock and trading licks and sucks with a woman. I would definitely love to try sucking cock. If I was in that heated situation, I'm sure I could be persuaded into more activities.
I want to suck dick and swallow cum. Somebody help me
looking for a guy to suck me off while his wife watches in the midlands area uk
Love to suck cock
any couples in ohio need a young hot stud?
I wanna suck some dick some body help me
I'm n Memphis and I need a dick 2 suck don't matter wat color big or small I suck them all hmu guys:-P
Firm mature male Bogor two for threesome. Sucking and tasting two cum favors that we can share. Let's take turns dilating our asses so we can share our man person safely with each other.
Am new to being very, very bi-curious. live in Alaska. Somebody wanna teach me? I am 57, 6' 1", 180-185 lbs. I am a fast learner.
There is nothing more erotic than a woman sucking dick with a man.
hello , I am in the North Georgia area and would really enjoy meeting a couple or single women to suck and fuck cocks with and share cum with
My girlfriend and I want to suck a cock together...really turns her on. You and her suck me as well...
Would like to find a women on this site between the age of 35-55. Who loves big black cocks as much as I do. And find a black bi stud and we both suck his massive BBC together and fuck like crazy.
Goldsboro NC love mens cock and would love to suck a cum filled pussy while being fucked and would love to serve a couple and suck pussy cock or what ever they want to do to me.
This is hottt!
Very hot and kinky
I definitely would like to do that!
I’m always interested in meeting couples in the LS. I am open to play with all. Looking for couples in South West Kansas. Or Wichita/Salina Kansas area
so much fun i love it
I’m in Virginia would love to participate in something like this is so hot watching somebody suck cock
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Dick With Women Participating on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Dick With Women Participating on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Dick With Women Participating on Bisexual Playground

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