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I have very nice, soft breasts (38 B) with 1/2" erect, sensitive nipples. I love going shirtless in the summertime just to get lots of stares.. I also love weaaring bras underneath sweaters in the wintertime. I get lots of stares in stores while shopping.. I am a Crossdresser, and get my breasts fondled a lot by horny guys. A lot of guys like to suck on my titties while they are fucking me. I can CUM just from having my nipples abused. I think my feelings of femininity stem from from my breasts. They have grown naturally, without the use of hormones. Sissy Kelli
I am wm 52 years old, I would love to have D-Cup sizes titts, and be properly titt fucked by a group of men. Having cum shot on my face, neck and mouth.
I want to hear from White Crossdresser who have gotten Breast implants in order to become a Party-Girl for Black men.
I have really big tits and loved to have the nipples sucked and played with. Look at my tits and let me know what you think?
My lady is a redhead,asa redhead she has very sensitive nipples,don't ask me why,I have noi idea.All i have to do is to put both her nipples in my mouth.+ suck +chew them together,,,,that makes her cum.There is a connection there.Hug
Being a man in andropause, I have experienced many feminizing changes, including enlarging breasts, loss of all body hair, and a reduction in erection size from over 7 to under 5. These changes have been aided by several meds which have "feminizing" side-effects. I now have B-cup size breasts with very sensitive nipples. I love wearing sheer bras to enhance their appearance.
I have very nice soft natural breasts as well. I wear a 38B bra. I trace my femininity back to a dream when I was in the third grade. Even before I realized there was a difference. My penis was removed and was used to feed me. Naturally when I had my first cock, it felt so natural in my mouth.
i have nice soft perky 38b breasts id love bigger i keep myself totally smooth i love other men /cd with breasts
I want To be on breast hormones and have them grow to feminize me
Men With Breasts Wanting To Be A Woman on Bisexual Playground

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