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Women Rubbing Breasts to Breasts Together

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Women Rubbing Breasts to Breasts Together on Bisexual PlaygroundWomen Rubbing Breasts to Breasts Together on Bisexual Playground
I desire fun with guys, rubbing cocks together while in shower or wherever. Frottage. Shaved. Fem. I also like kissing and love women breasts, sucking them, massage and pleasing them thru breast play. Truly enjoy brushing my hard cock across breasts and nipples… so soft and makes me harder and explode.
Im a 31 yr old female 4'11.5 in height 168 lbs love sexxy women with big breasts thats my fetish breasts!! Im very freaky drama drug and disease free and i expect the same!!
Just an older male, 75 interested in meeting like minded men and preferably women who practice masturbation on a regular basis. I am addicted to breasts since childhood. Women never tell their breasts to quit staring at my eyes. The old member done work as well as when I was younger, still makes me feel good.
I am new to this. I have had one bi sexual encounter but I am definatly looking for more. I love breasts, something about a women's breasts turns me on. I love to be caressed and touched all over....
WE talk about me with another woman,he likes the idea of her and I rubbing out pussy's together, I want her to suck my breasts while he jerks off to us. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Hello...we are interested in experiencing a M/F/F encounter...I have only experienced a woman once and she was the dom and I the sub, I really didn' t do to her, she did stuff to me. I have a fetish for women with big breasts. I also love to receive oral, male or female makes no difference to me. I have also been apart of an "adult toy" party and had allot of fun...My male partner also has a thing for women of substance, loves a nice bottom and big breasts...I believe the kind of encounter I'd like to to have a woman give me oral while I am giving my man oral...I think I'd also like to have my man do me d-style while I played with the woman's breasts...I am not sure exactly what I would do and not do, it depends on the mood I am put in. All I can say is I am interested in experiencing something like this...I might like it I might not...really not 100% for sure.....
So do you not care for women with big breasts? I just think its fascinating that some guys nowadays dont really like big breasts. This to me is upsetting because I have big breasts lol. I was just wondering.
I'm interested in meeting women of any race who have large breasts I can enjoy. More importantly, I want you to lose your mind with my 42dds w/large areolas. My breasts are sensitive. If you arouse me beyond my limits, I might be willing to go further. Small bbws are welcome. Please no men. Married women or women in relationships are welcome.
Women do seem to use "boobs" preferentially, probably because it's their word mostly and they use it among themselves. Don't you, ladies? Tits, as I posted, is an animal reference. The obviously sex starred French trappers named the Grand Teton mountain and range. Man, they must have been horny. Those mountains don't look like any breasts I've seen.
Most other words are men's words objectifying them. Knockers, hooter, etc. And I don't think women particularly like them.
So we come back to breasts. When I'm whispering in my naked wife's ear, breasts are very appropriate. And her slare comforting and stimulating at the same time. They are awesome. But don't get me started on her ass. Or her pussy. Come to think of it. What are tge preferred words for those parts of the female anatomy?
Does anyone have or know of any ways to increase your breasts size. I have been doing massage for over 5 years and my breasts are developing nicely I think. Just wondering if any women or men know of any non surgical methods
Hi sexy Ladies... I'm a married woman who craves a women's touch. I've only been with 1 women in my life and loved it. There is nothing better than a women's touch. The touch of her soft lips, the curves of her body, her breasts rubbing against yours. Her pussy grinding against yours the taste of her sweet juices of her clit. Kissing her soft lips Kiss. My hubby doesn't mind me being bi. He actually loves it.So if your into 3 sums me and 2 women or 1 man and 2 women that's fine.Or I'll keep you too myself. I am a plus size women with big breasts nice clit Disease free and hope you will be too. Hope your into BBW or plus sized women if not then don't respond. I'm into all things kissing, breast rubbing or breast play, strap on play toys, pussy grinding, love licking can be your pillow princess or return the pleasure favor. Kiss I'm very sexual sensual. The ideal situation would be going out for a few drinks or out to eat or movie or even watching DVDs at your place then slowly start kissing each other and it starts to get hotter and then start feeling each others breast and then work our way from the couch to the bedroom light some candles for some soft lighting and then take our clothes off kissing some more then licking Kiss the nipples feeling those soft breasts and rubbing our breasts together then kissing your body all the way down to the clit and sucking on the sweet juices enjoying the pleasure and you return the favor to me.Then we rub our clits together. My fantasy would be being fucked with a strap on by a woman. We cum together and just lay with each other for a while. Remember Disease free please live close to my area and please no men.. Kiss Hug Hope to hear from you sexy Ladies :) Kiss Please being host and we can keep it discrete Bisexual Ladies Only No men. Respond message me.
I really have no preference, a woman's breasts are not the deciding factor. Linda has big breasts, and I love sucking them. It's not the breasts, it's the woman they are attached to.


Breast Play
Love rubbing breasts with another girl and feeling her slightly warmer breasts pressed against mine.
Braless Women In Public
I agree why should women wear bras at all even at the beach I see men with bigger breasts than most women just because people look at female breasts as sexual objects why should women be made to wear a torture device if they don't feel like it! Kiss
Cum On Tits
What is it that makes cumming on a woman's breasts so exciting -- especially if she really gets into it? I just love it. I love to see it, and I love to do it. One of my favorite memories is being with a couple where he and I took turns between her mouth and pussy, and then watching each other and slowing the pace so we would both cum at the same time, and both of us shooting all over her breasts. It was so erotic, especially watching her hold her breasts up so we could cover them....
A Cups
I think I would have to say that I like most breasts, no matter their size, but A or B cups, with tiny areolae -- no bigger than a nickel or a quarter, max -- just look amazing! I've had more women with small breasts encourage me to pinch and bite them than those with bigger boobs, and the reaction seems to be quite dramatic (ie more connection twixt nipple and clit). Coincidence?
Tit Fucking
I absolutely LOVE a cock between my breasts! Being only 4'11" with huge breasts, I have even done it standing up! Fun!Kiss
A Cups
The best nipples I have ever played with were on A cup size breasts. They were so very sensitive and I loved them. A woman with small breasts are very very sexy and need all the attention that I can give them.....


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael