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Forced Bi Role Play Ideas

Forced Bi Role Play Ideas on Bisexual Playground
I am a white boi need to try big black cocks in my boi ass turn me in t o a girly,forced sex all role 0laying my pink butthole ENAMAS douching. Forced anal dicking, forced. Throath gaging,chocking. Dick spanking.
Hi alll, I have vivid imagination when it comes to sexual ideas. I love role playing , S&M, light bondage. Also sub/dom, I can play the submissive role very well .
looking for some forced creampie / cuckold type role play. Maybe start off with group masterbating and cum play
I am sexual dominant straight male seeking submissive woman interested in bdsm, role play, medical play, age play, breast torture, forced lactation, and othe uses for my pleasure.
really into being dominated right now, and love the ideas of forced sissification and anal/cum play
mature in theater as an actor and director.. and music...5'7"..171#.....fu ll head of hair!...very visual!! breast and nipple worship here! enjoy watching others play....and liked to be watched as i to be 'forced' to watch i.e. role fantasies to talk about and act upon.
That would be an exciting role play, forced to submit
Definitely one of my fantasies, add in a little bondage/forced role play and now it is really getting hot in here
I enjoy the role play of forced oral. There's just something about a guy making me suck it.
My girlfriend want to do a forced bi role play. We need a cock that will be sucked off cumming in my mouth and face per her direction. Any gamers?
We are in the fort lauderdale area.
If there were a Cock in my face the only "forcing" Lucy could TRY to do is to force me to STOP sucking it Laughing. And I know where you were coming from, Vickie. Not wanting to see "staged" forced bi implies wanting to see the real thing. Role play is role play and real is real, and speaking FOR MYSELF, I find the idea of Lucy "forcing" me to suck Cock is as appealing to me as me "forcing" her legs open so another man can fuck her. If you want to pretend, then knock yourselves out and more power to ya, but if you want the real thing, there might be a site out there for you, but I hope not.
Me too! I joined in hopes of finding the right partner for some discrete sexual fun. To fulfill a fantasy while having mine satisfied. I can be kinky or straight. Role play of being forced and turning to love it, or just allow myself to be coated in love juice.


Role Playing
I like role-playing, and I am willing to play any male role that the woman wants that I am role-playing with. It doesn’t matter to me, because I just enjoy pleasuring the lady on the other end, so the role itself doesn’t matter. I have done master/slave, I have also done the role of a WWE superstar while the lady played herself, and I have done other roles as well. Any ladies interested in role-playing can look me up as I do have experience in most roles. Though I am best at ones where I get to flirt and do nice things. I have lived my life to serve any ladies I know (I am submissive because I hate being mean to women.) so it is harder for me to play a mean, controlling, strict, or abusive role. I do not like rape roles either, but if that is what a lady wants I will try to please her how I can. That is just a little of my role-playing background, if you would like to know more feel free to contact me
Audio Erotica
I love audio erotica espec forced bi and femdom consensual incest beast seduction role play just ta name a few
Role Playing
Does anyone know a web-site that we can go to that can give us some new role playing ideas?
Family Role Play
Role playing is n my gf role play a lot,many times we have gone to the club n if we meet a couple,be bi or str8.we introduce ourselves as siblings..once we get to our place or there's,and the heat turns up,she starts dancing n striping,after 10 min. I look at the co. And say,fuck it I'm hornet IMA fuck her...
Bisexual Women
I would love to meet someone interested in mutual play - no pain, just pleasure. Toy and role play welcome.
Family Role Play
i would like to find some guys that can play the role of a dad or older brother... hit me up and lets play


Hi, thanks for the welcome and I feel your coding pain, you have done a great job with the web site. Do you two ever have time to play?