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I love to suck on and have my nipples sucked. mmmKiss:-P
My nipples are the root of my sexual pleasure... just give them a suck or a squeeze and i am wet within seconds... The more you play with them the naughtier I get....grin:-P
I love to have my nipples sucked on very hard. Could enjoy that for hours. I love to suck on other's nipples as well.Kiss
I love my nipples sucked on too for long periods of time. You suck my nipples and you have a sex slave. KissLaughing
I love to play with my nipples in the shower. It gets me excited in a matter of seconds. I love seeing my nipples hard and erect. I eventually masturbate after playing with them in the shower. I would like to suck and play with a woman's big breasts and nipples. MMMM
:-P:-PMMM we both luv are nipples suck N we luv suckin big hard nipples MMMM :-P:-P
I love to nurse on a hard nipple. I love to have my nipples played with, sucked on. When I am on my hands and knees I love to have my titties hold on to...
:-P it totally! How can you not? He loves to and having several mouths on them is awsum while taking a hard guy or toy!!Hug
Touching my nips just make me melt. I was seduced by two guys in the shower after they saw me get excited by the water running over my tits. And recently I reversed roles in a lesbian threesome, with the sub licking and sucking them while the dom pegged me with my feet in the air.
Like my tits played with and my nipples suck ! Turns me really on
I enjoy my nipples being played with and sucked on. This gets me really excited and starts to get me wet between the legs. :-P
Suckling, not sucking, hard and long!Flower
I love to suck on nipples this would be my first time but so excited n would love mine to sucked on ...
Nipple Sucking on Bisexual PlaygroundNipple Sucking on Bisexual PlaygroundNipple Sucking on Bisexual PlaygroundNipple Sucking on Bisexual Playground

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