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total nudist lifestyle here..always interested in talking/meeting with others
Always enjoyed the nudist life...nothing like it. Unfortunately I live in Northern Ontario Canada now and have not found any camps near here....maybe I should start one.....Any interest around here???
I'm a nudist at heart, but don't have the guts to actually go out and do it. I'm naked when ever I can in secret. Hell, my worst fear is that I go to a camp and can't get an erection many naked people is hard to handle! lol
nudism is awesome and wholesome. I always feel free after a day at a nude beach, resort or camping. Looking for compatible matches. thanks
I`m a male nudist and go to local nude beach as often as possible. Looking for other males and females who enjoy being nude and would like to socalize in the nude. I `m in London Ontario and I can host a nude social if we have enough mixed group.
Love going nude around the house, in the back yard, out by the pool, (embarasses daughter and her friends)when we go camping and when we go to the resort. Have two resorts near us.....on familiy and one over 21 only. At the familiy camp they will actucaly ask you to leave if you display and erection in the public the adult camp the will ask yo to leave if you don't have and erection.
:-D hey hey... me too, nude when/where ever I can be. Always around the ten acres.. would like to vist those 'camps', both sound GREAT!
I am a nudist, too, but I won't say it's a pretty thing :-D but I prefer to be naked than not, so get yer blindfolds out Laughing
I love being a nudist and being able to go without clothes whenever I'm able too...:)
Naturist, nudist whatever you want to call it, it's hard to describe the sense of freedom that comes over you. Once you have felt it you know it is not natural to be clothed. A true nudist is totally accepting and not judgemental of any body type. No one is perfect. A person is really sexy when they are comfortable in their own skin. I am fortunate to have a nudist area here in Austin Tx. It is in a gated park on the beautiful shores of Lake Travis. The park will open again around the end of April when it warms up again. Open 7 days a week and all are welcome there over 21. If you are passing through town let me know and I will give you a tour. :-) :):):)
I love being nude. I really don't like clothing. Unfortunately, I have a roommate, so I can't walk around nude. San Diego has one nude beach but it's a steep climb down and I'm disabled, so I can't make it.
I hate clothes. Would go nude all the time If I could..
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