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Some of the best sex ive ever had was with a woman 37 and i was 21! It was powerful, very hardcore, and lasted for hours!! Ive never came like that and ive never seen a woman get as wet like she did!
The best experience I've ever had was when I was 19 and in college there was a beautiful 50 year old woman who lived in the appartment next to mine. I was helping her move some furniture around one day when she just asked me point blank if I wanted to have sex with her! I of course said yes! WOW, I had thought I died and went to heaven, she was awsome! We never did date but we had hot sex about twice a week for about 2 years. I only wish I could find someone like that again!:-D
I will do anything for older women. ANYTHING!
wow thats all i have to about an older woman any i wil play
Wanted Woman from 25 ro 70 race looke no problum as long as you are CLEAN married no problum Want to lick/suck your pissy.Your hubby won't I will and love it. write me In Los Angeles AREA HugFlower
fucking a older women is pretty hott! when i was 22 i fucked a women that was 45. she gave me a great blow job too! they swallow cumm like theres none for tomorrow!
I'm always available to please older woman--I'd be thrilled to fulfill your fantasies anytime in Southwest Ontario.Flower
Shy 35m(hence the name) wants to meet with a sweet, sexy, experienced older lady. I'm 5'5", am a bit round for my height. I'm willing to do whatever. Anyone interested?
Hello to everybody, I'm Andy, 33 years old Black Male from Florida. I'm looking for new friends all over USA (and the world - lol ) ... I love to travel and can host. Feel free to contact me Hug Kisses Hug
My wife is 45 has light brown hair and green eyes. She weighs about 135 and has great legs and a C cup. During sex she always talks about the young guys she meets at work. Apparently they hit on her a lot and enjoy her cleavage. Her dream guy is 18-25 and tall. I really want to make this happen for her so look me up if you're in Maryland. Ps. she likes her pussy pounded very hard and is not into making love.
An older woman brings experience to the table. She knows what she likes and how she wants it done and don't mind letting you know that, They can teach you a few tricks also.And they seem to go further and I appreciate that! Yes they can teach you a lot so when your with a younger woman you can really treat them well. Nothing against the younger ladies, I love the softness of a younger lady, But I am glad for the older ladies for teaching me what it means to enjoy sex and being open enough to put me thru the ropes.
I love older women!!🤤🤩😍
I'm 45 and I have fucked younger women but I slept a with a 60 yeat old woman her husband watches best pussy I ever had I fuck women 60 to 70 single or couple I love it
One of the best sex ive ever had, I was 22 when I fucked a 42 year old woman. She flirted at me in a bar and we got together. she made me cum hard twice.
I would love a milf or cougar to teach this young buck a few new tricks in the bedroom
I had two great experiences as a 15 year old. First an older (cd or ts) convinced me to go into an alley otw home from a party in dt Richmond, va and gave me one of the best and memorable bjs. Second, was 2 weeks later I convinced the 36 yr old women school teacher who lived above my friends house that I was 21 and we had incredible passionate sex.
Looking for a sexting partner
Older Women For Younger Men on Bisexual PlaygroundOlder Women For Younger Men on Bisexual PlaygroundOlder Women For Younger Men on Bisexual PlaygroundOlder Women For Younger Men on Bisexual Playground

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