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I enjoy pumping my cock up, love the size and heaviness afterward and enjoy the feeling during the pump...I pump then walk on my tread mill for about an hour and what it flop back and forth during walking...makes me horny as hell
You have the right idea - I too love to do this and feels so great! We need more guys into this - maybe they will learn of this opportunity sometime before they get too old!! LOL
i like to pump up my cock quite frequently. it feels great :)
At a garage sale I bought an automatic breast pump, for a specific purpose in the shop. Unfortunately it was not powerful enough for the application. Then one day will using my penis pump, a light went on. :) I thought why don't I take some plastic tubing and hook it up to the breast pump. After a bit of making a few adjustments I was in heaven. When the opportunity presents its self, I pop a porn disc in the DVR, lay back and turn on my pump. It takes considerably longer that simply masturbating, but when you get off the orgasm is awesomely intense. Try it, you will love it.:)
Would it be hot to get a "Penis Pumping Group" going in the Denver Area I need some guidance and this would serve several fun purposes!
Those of you who use pumps. Are the results permanent? I keep getting mixed reviews? 🤷‍♂️
Penis Pump on Bisexual PlaygroundPenis Pump on Bisexual PlaygroundPenis Pump on Bisexual PlaygroundPenis Pump on Bisexual Playground

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