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Sissies Forced to Use Breast Pump Tumblr

Sissies Forced to Use Breast Pump   Tumblr on Bisexual PlaygroundSissies Forced to Use Breast Pump   Tumblr on Bisexual Playground
i like to find women who would like to pump their genitals together,as i like to pump my cock and watch it feels great!
i am 65 i have a pump in my cock can pump it up stay hard long time first at tis
I’m a young 18yo looking to cum I have a cock pump and toy pussy and I’m 8 inches regular but I can pump up to 10. I want to have phone sex or meet and fuck in glory holes
ATTENTION SISSIES IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN!! LOOKING FOR NEW SISSIES THAT NEED TRUE EXPOSURE! DM ME IF YOU WANT A PIMP ADS COVER DONE! FOR YOU TO PIMP TO BBC, ONLY SERIOUS SISSIES. I’m a Retired Nurse that is interested in finding my submissive Fem Man, to transform and feminize into a perfect sissy through feminization kinks that will transform you to a perfect sissy slut fvk toy.
i am a male 48 yrs old and i want to be forced into submission forced into feminization and most of all b forced to get on my knees and service my master or mistress of what ever he or she desires
I'm very interested toys I use a pump often and really horny after I pump I'm into 3 domes into light bondage and played with using toys and or fucked at the same time I have a very high sex drive I met someone in an adult theater people watched it was exciting hope to meat soon cindy
:-P well i love useing Cock pump,nipple-breast pump --ball pump, cock ring --rotating vibrator--and my favorate -a black pump up dildo gets to 11x4 mmmmmmmmmmm Good
Well darn it, my VERY FAVORITE pleace to CUM bi and edge in the nude has disappeared as of 17 Dec bi banning "adult content."

Tumblr was THE BEST PLACE I had ever been to for fantasy masturbation (my most favorite form of SEX bi the way).

Do any "Tumblr Refugees" have a new place to play that is "like what we had there?"

Mind you, I adore this web site butt the "really good members" are mostly too far away to actually meet and get naked with.

BUTT, hope springs eternal.
Looking for good nte breast pump for my tits want them larger on hormone any recommendations Hug
Here’s a couple pictures one with my pump and one after i pumped i love to pump and I use a pump that is mid price range
Use a pump once in a while on my 8” long cock. Easily gets to 9” in a session so I’m curious if I could see 10”-11” if I maintained a regimented schedule. Also own a pussy pump and STILL waiting to find a woman down to pump her pussy up. I’d LOVE laying in front of eachother being in charge of each other’s all this talk and now I’m gonna go get myself ready for a pump session... since I can’t seem to find anybody wanting to meet for some play time:/
I love to pump ! I have been through a few pumps. The last one I got,my doctor ordered for me. It is either battery or hand pump . Love the way my cock feels coming out of the pump , nice and thick and longer . The effect only lasts for a while,not permenent


Penis Pump
At a garage sale I bought an automatic breast pump, for a specific purpose in the shop. Unfortunately it was not powerful enough for the application. Then one day will using my penis pump, a light went on. :) I thought why don't I take some plastic tubing and hook it up to the breast pump. After a bit of making a few adjustments I was in heaven. When the opportunity presents its self, I pop a porn disc in the DVR, lay back and turn on my pump. It takes considerably longer that simply masturbating, but when you get off the orgasm is awesomely intense. Try it, you will love it.:)
A Cups
I had a water ski partner that was 5' tall petite, with firm a cups and she would go wild when you masaged her breast and nipples. But there is more to a woman than breast. show me one with common sense and a good personality and the breast size doesent matter.
ordered big mans cock pump and a pussy pump yesterday.cant wait to get all pumped up and fuck
Piss Play
I love pissing in sissies mouth, she drinks every bit and sissy loves getting a nice golden shower as a reward for being a good lil' sissy. I want one of my lovers to use sissy in this manner and sissy fantasizes about it constantly she so wants to be a submissive sissy under a strong male who has just fucked her wife. Two females using sissy as a toilet for the day is another sissy dream she wishes would cum true any couples, or females want to make a sissies dream cum true???Kiss
A Cups
Gee I learn Something new everyday. always thought large breast(nipples )were more sensitive, guess I am wrong, However, my experience has been that the larger breast caused more arousal with me:-P. and I always found the nipples very sensitive, not so with small breast. Right now I will take either!!!!Hug Libido1929
Penis Pump
Cock pumps. I there any one who has used a cock pump to enlarge and/or masturbate with a pump. Or any other masturbation toys.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!