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You might think I see spots everywhere. My first dalmatian was six months old and was rescued from an unhappy placement. I had to put her down in 8/01after 13 wonderful years. I adopted my second dalmatian 9/01 he is now 4 years old. My local humane society found him via the internet through a rescue group in Williamsburg, Va and had him shipped here (Indiana).
eggs here??
I have always had dogs and my best one, a miniature Schnauzer had to be put down because of a cancer in his stomach I still grieve for him, but I got a replacement for him in my lil mutt Chico. They were good friends, and My sister gave me Chico after Max was put down. It was a consolation, and I lover the lil critter now, too but I sure miss my Max. I also enjoy cats and nothing is more entertaining than kittens at play; when I lived on an 8 acre apricot orchard I had a dozen cats (in addition to 2 ferrets, a rabbit and my Schnauzer, Max.)
Animals are the bomb...right now I have two cats (actually I am owned by two cats..LOL) and a golden retreiver...they keep me on my toes that is for sure! :-D
I'm so sad because I am having to get rid of my pitbull. She keeps eating my couch! She is so sweet and is harmless but damnit!! She won't keep her teeth off my stuff! So I am going to give her away. I can't seem to get her controlled. I've tried sprays, plugins that is supposed to calm her everywhere, but she won't leave the couch and everything else she can get alone! :(
Pets, oh I thought you were talking about women. I love women as pets hmm:)
Update on that..make that I am owned by 4 cats and a dog..the family grew..LOL
We have one dog and a hamster :)
well my beloved Chico died and now all I have is my chihuahua Taco I will miss my happy friend and his playful antics, RIP little doggy chase your tail and be your sweet self :( I will always remember you
Who doesn't love a good dog, they are the best friend you will ever have
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