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Yes, pierced nipples on both men and women are hot. I have several pieces of jewelry. Check out ny pics! I even do body piercings on myself and others.
my husbands nipples are pierced and now they r very sensitive!!! it is a huge turn on for both of us...especially for me. Kiss
I find Nipple Piercing on woman very sexy it turns me on when there Boobs (nipples) are pierced. I like men with nipple piercings also very hot looking. I am too chicken to get my own nipples pierced.
I got my nipples pierced a month ago and Love them. Piercings are addictive, I wanna get another one or two more. LOL
I Love my nipple piercings, made mine sooo sensitive!!! Wink
I personally find pierced nipples on both men and women to be not only very hot, but exciting...
Got mine done last night ... still hurts a bit ... but I love the way it looks.:)
I love my piercing it makes my nipple so sensitive I feel every thing. If I didn't have done I would do it. I am thinking about doing my cock!
I gone from a 16 to a 10 and keep looking like I'm going up to at lest a 04 and maybe more!!
Something I always wanted to do and never got around to it. Thinking a littel to late now.Love my girls piercings. Especially that clit ring mmm good love to lick and flick it .Hug:-P
Love to get my nipples pierced, just don't know if I should get bars or rings
I did it, got both nipples pierced
I had one of mine done it was great;);)
Pierced Nipples on Bisexual PlaygroundPierced Nipples on Bisexual PlaygroundPierced Nipples on Bisexual PlaygroundPierced Nipples on Bisexual Playground

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