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Any eggs here?:)
Hey Farmmy, I'd be more than happy to Kiss YOUR "Little Pigs!"KissKissKiss:)
I'm a cock sucking pig boi.... this interest of mine got started at age 11 when I first came and was attracted to semen.
when I was a young boy my father went to Ohio State Ag school and we lived in Darbyville OH near the Ohio Aggies farm. We had a Hampshire Hog which we called pachuco. He was a fine animal and quite intelligent. He eventually was killed and slaughtered, then devoured by my Dad's growing family, so sad that an animal of such intelligent makes such delicious cuts of meat. I hope that they will eventually perfect the tofu Pork chop Flower
A Pig in this case means a "Sex Pig"
Pigs on Bisexual PlaygroundPigs on Bisexual PlaygroundPigs on Bisexual PlaygroundPigs on Bisexual Playground

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