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I confess to being incredibly turned on by the sight of a pregnant woman. There's just something so absolutely beautiful and riveting about an that kind of extended stomach and large breasts. I would love to make love to a pregnant woman. Slowly, gently, passionately.
There is nothing better than making love to a pregnant woman that is 7 or 8 months along. Loved having my ex straddle me with her big belly against my stomach and chest.... Absolutely the best.
There is only thing more beautiful in my eyes than a good looking woman. One that is pregnant who radiates the joy of being a mother. :) Flower
its been 10 yrs since my wife was pregnant. I miss the taste of fresh milk
I am a lesbian like oral lover into feminization, that gets sexually supercharged dreaming of pregnant females. I am not so much into intercourse with a pregnant lady as I am some what deminished sexually as the result of my feminization to date. But, find pregnants to be so sexy and comfortable to be with, that I am opening my home to a pregnant girl,lady, or woman, that may want to get away from those near them for a discrete pregnacy term. I have been trained by my former mistress to be a lezzie like oral lover to please her pleasurable sexual desires. So now am freed from her and singlely open to such a relationship as this. I live a short way out of town in a country like setting. I live in a community that is not far from a large city. not far away is good medical facilities. Also not far, a fine 2 year college. contact me via this site. Thanks! Kemetha, a lady to be. Flower
Big fantasy to be with a pregnant woman. Lots of oral....everywhere :-P The bigger the pussy lips the better!
In CA with a pregnant horney wife.
Pregnant women are beautiful I would love to give any pregnant woman a massage and oral sex to relax her what a great service that would be
Pregnant women are so beautiful. I get so turned on when I see a pregnant woman and her beautiful, full, lactating breasts. I love giving her oral sex - so sensual and beautiful. The most gratifying experiences I've had have been with pregnant women. I'm cumming just thinking about it.Flower
Some of the best sex ever was with pregnant women so hot so wet so horny
We think Pregnant woman ar every beautiful and sexy. Would love to see more real pics of the gorgeous pregnant ladies our there, not so much the internet shots. We loved being pregnant, some of the best sex we've had
Pregnant 19 year old living in PA. Look for sum fun with a women 18-30 ( help) I am so horny righ now. I was oral and tribbing and everything ealse . No guys
I have a dream of meeting and having sex with bi wife or girlfriend and there man joins in and knocks us both up
I'm new at this but under my picture was supposed to say I want my pussy ate by a woman that will not tell our business
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