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would love to try it""":)
i live in winter park flordia and long to be raped, its my biggest fantisy, to be raped.
if you ever want to rape a guy, just let me know!
Hey, anyone near Southern Indiana, ever want to have some mock rape fun, or just some rough play, drop me a line, Looking for some hardcore fun, and much much more! :-P
I'm in Upstate NY, and would LOVE to be "raped" by another female ;)
Any one want to be raped in Wa state, let me know.
Hear about porn slut Mason Wyler? I'd like to "rape" him...especially because he's so willing to be taken. I honestly don't think I could maintain an erection for someone who didn't want me inside them. It's the ultimate turn off for me, to not be wanted. So, Mason Wyler creates an acceptable (or to the oppressive, an unacceptable) alternative: the person who says "sir, yes, please, may I have another, sir" and really means it.
I have rape fantasies all the time especialy gang rape fantasies a bunch of white and latin guys all blue collar all musculer all of ver 12 inches each a minimum of 4 inches big around. Me in sexy lace panties being held down and raped in everyone of my holes
Phila PA here. ... def have rape fantasies ....
I love the idea of being raped, I especially like the date rape idea. One of my biggiest fantasies is that my partner brings home a stranger (to me) and lets the stranger rape me while he watches, encouraging the stranger to be as rough as he likes.
anyone in the Chicago area want to rape me
I would love to take part in making a girl's rape fantasy come true and I am curious about getting raped.
my fantasy is to be gang raped by a black biker gang. all hung, muscles, tatts, leather....i get taken to their place and for a full day my ass and mouth are always full of black thick cock. By the end of the day, i've done 10-15 hot horny black studs and i'm covered in their cum...not to mention a full belly too. so if ur in the NY or NJ area drop me a line.
Would love to be raped by one or two white guys look me up if ever in memphis
Show me a submissive personality who hasn't fantasized about this so seriously! lol
Would love to try it. Mmmmmmm!!
tied my wife up and acting like i was raping her shoved cock in her pussy and then her mouth choked her made her eat my cum very hot scnerio
grab by a group of girls, raped by them then given to there men to fuck
I want to be rape, badly.
i think about it while my husband is holding me down...i like to act out the teen date rape scene...
Waiting to try it...
I would love to get dressed up as a girl and have a rape role play where you and others join in and see you can do the most kinky stuff to me!! Want it on video too!
very hot
I am a f and want to be raped by a f
I would love to be raped by one or two black men.
I fantasize on both sides of this. Many different scenarios. A favorite is always in the woods. If I am the "victim", I am a very feminine young woman in tiny daisy duke shorts and tube top with long, flowing hair hiking alone when I meet a huge dude with big freakin' muscles and masculine face with stubble on his face and a hairy, flexing chest. He says "Well, I guess you know what happens next. You can lie down now or I can make you... Which is it, little girl?" He's already rubbing his bulge through tight jeans and moving toward me. I start to run, but he easily catches me, one big hand in my crotch and the other around my big tits. I am feather light in his huge, long arms. He takes me down on the ground and starts humping my hot round ass, crushing me under his weight. Pulling of my shorts and g string, he rolls me over and slips my tube top around my wrists, my arms pinned over my head. I can't believe how big and hard his chest and arm muscles are! He pulls off his pants and, yes, a cock like a rolling pin with a purplish mushroom head. As his biceps wrap around my rib cage and squeeze like a vice, he pushes the veined monster into my wet pussy and his tongue into my full, quivering lips. His stubble scraps my soft cheek. I don't fight, that would be pointless. My girlish moans and sighs pour out of me as his huge thrusts drive him balls deep, his big hard balls slapping my ass. I am only too willing to take this massive man until he is done with me! Guess you can't rape the suddenly willing! He stands up, his prong still in me, easily picking up my small frame like a doll and sliding me up and down his ripped torso and cock. I came and came and finally, so did he with a loud, animal roar, pushing me down on his prong. He shudders and jerks uncontrollably. So much cum! It ran out of me down both of my long, tanned legs which were still twitching in ecstasy as he dropped me to my knees. I take his head and make out with the cum laden tip of it, his massive balls filling both of my little hands. In the other scenario, I am this guy... Which one do you want to be?
I am a ftm and have rape fantasies. I still have a vagina and would love to feel a cock or couple of hard cocks releasing hot cum in my wet pussy.
Myrtle beach area, interested in being forced
The fantasy I think about more than any other is with a bisexual stud, and his woman who force me into their car, and/or trick me into going home with them where they can do things like dress me in lingerie, tie/restrain me, be aggressive verbally telling me I am their nasty little fuck toy, and telling me about how they are going to spitroast me with his big cock and her huge strapon, while making me beg them to fuck me harder and harder while they record me begging them to invite more cocks and strap ons to stretch my tight ass wide open and fed loads of cum deep down my throat! If any couples in St. louis are are interested just let me know.
With me you can’t rape the willing!!! I have a fantasy much like I’ve taken by so many Superior Black Men that after the 10th time I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been cum in, ass overfilled, stomach full of Superior Black Cum and when I think they’re done…even more Superior Black Men arrive and it continues so that my ass is so stretched out that 2 Superior Black Cocks can be inside me at once and my throat is pleasantly sore from being jammed over and over…being covered in Superior Black Cum and Piss for more hours than I can even imagine !!!! It’s a dream I would so love to become reality !!!
I would love to get raped women's strap-on cocks and men. I've always loved the idea of someone forcing me to take their cock as I cry, moan and whimper in agony until I cum without touching my cock. Fuck that sounds like heaven
I love being raped I got raped by three guys in the shower at the YMCA around 5 or 6 years ago I cried and begged them to stop but I had three orgasms without even touching myself in being limp and one right after the other they simultaneously punch sperm up my ass
I would love to try getting rape by other male one or two guys
Anyone in Ontario looking to rape role play with me? I’m a f looking for a m, mm or fm to setup a rough rape scenario. This be always wanted to be used against my will. No limits.
Would love to experience some rape role play with either a male or female or maybe a couple! Sounds so hot!
mine is being drugged at a bar by a black guy i was talking to. only to find out he is in a gang and i'm taken to there club house or abandoned house. tied up and used and abused by the gang and there girls in that gang too
I am fantasizing a group of people come in to my house tied me and my wife up and start forcing us to suck all their cock and force me to watch them fuck my wife one by one and do double penetrating to her together after they finish with my wife, then they force my wife to watch them fuck my ass and watch them put two cock in my ass together and force me and my wife suck and swallow all their cum
Here in NJ, able to arrange hosting or travel for the right individual or friend/play group. Preferably with previous play references, but open to building the trust level required for a high stakes scene.
Anybody in or around Springfield il
Rape Role Play on Bisexual PlaygroundRape Role Play on Bisexual Playground

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