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I Love getting head while driving down the road.
My husband and I were in our way home from a strip club last night, I wasn't wearing any panties. I took off my dress and sucked his cock with my ass up in the air while he finger banged me. It was so erotic to know that people were driving by and could see us. We even stopped at a few stoplights and I kept going. Lucky for us we got stopped by a train and I was able to hop on top of him and finish both of us off. It was even more arousing than having sex on webcam, can't wait to try something similar again;)
My wife and I were trying to mark off as many interstates as we could by either her or I getting off while on the road. Sometimes she would blow me while driving and when she was driving I'd play with her clit and use a dildo on her while she drove. One time while I was driving I reached over to her in the passenger seat and played with her pussy and clit until she climaxed. Total we only had six interstates before she passed away. What fun though and it take concentration.
Ok funny story! I was out driving for like my 3rd time of ever driving at 16 YO. I had a Real Nympho as a GF, best sex I ever had for years! Anyway, we were on a strange road in our County, she's going to town, and I am getting ready to reward her, generously, and I see Two Stop Signs just a head! I wasn't familiar, like I said with that particular area, and thought that well, maybe there is two so you notice it better? Nope, there was a Spur road, there, and Unfortunately a Cop was behind me! On went his lights, UP Pops her Head, and me getting my Very Stiff and nearly pulsating Cock, stuck in my Zipper! I quickly threw my shirt over my Erect Member! The Cop approached us, with a huge Grin on his face, and a Chuckle, as I was having a very hard Time saying anything! HE KNEW! As he wrote the ticket, he glanced over at my Gal, and gave her an Obvious Wink! And I have that Ticket Framed for Posterity, of a Very Memorable Blowjob, to this day! Yep, it sure was worth that fine, too! Oh, and I left the state for like 32 years, and didn't realize it till I unpacked the Framed Ticket, that we bought a Home, less than 1/4 Mile from that very same Intersection too! .....ahhhh, I get a Boner, every time I go through it these days! ;)
Bi the way, I like giving Road Head myself these days! Just try and watch for those Stop Signs I tell whoever I am Sucking Off! LOL
any drivers in los angeles looking for a thirsty passenger?
It was great when my wife and her girlfriend sucked me as we drove the interstate
Road Head on Bisexual PlaygroundRoad Head on Bisexual PlaygroundRoad Head on Bisexual PlaygroundRoad Head on Bisexual Playground

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