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Gay Trucker Road Stories

Gay Trucker Road Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Trucker Road Stories on Bisexual Playground
Bi guy that happens to be a trucker. Looking for fun on the road.I run mostly nc,sc,ga, and fl
Over the road trucker , my friends would say personable.
willing to try anything sexually and im a over the road trucker . she isnt in it yet trying to talk her into doing other men or weman
im 5'9" i love to have a trucker so im on the road alot,im looking for nsa fun.would like to find a fwb
im 57 170 redhead 6ft3 blueeyes like to travel lke cars im an x trucker was on the road 4 30 years .steve
Married Bi Male Trucker that has been in the Swinging Lifestyle for 20+ yrs..Have wifes permission to play on the road with males and females
Besides the extremely well done website and the people i have meet over the years my favorite part is the forum posts, the stories and antics of the members is not only funny at times but extremely erotic. there are many time when i am on the road alone and in the mood and need just a little help to put me over the top. that's when i come in here and read some stories. i admit i have a wild sex life but i meet my match with many others in here. keep the wild and exciting stories cumming
A trucker wad driving down the road and looked out into the field to his left. He saw an man laying in the field with his Dick sticking up in the air. The trucker pulled over and walked to the man and asked " What in the world are you doing out here?"
The man looked up at him and replied "Telling time."
The truck driver Asked " Well what time is it?"
"12 o'clock" Said the man.
The truck driver looked at his watch " I'll be damned, it's 12 o'clock.

Baffled the truck driver climbed back up into his truck and started down the road again. As he passed another field on his right he saw another man in the field laying on the ground with his Dick standing straight up in the air. He pulled his truck over and walked over to the man.

'Just what in the world are YOU doing?" He asked the man.
'Telling time." the man replied.
Thinking, there was no way he could possibly see this twice in the same day, He ask's " Well, What time is it then?"
The man replies "12:30"
The trucker looks down at his watch, "well I'll be... you are right."

The trucker gets back into his truck dumbfounded. He pulls out and starts down the road again. This time when he looked out into the field as he passed he saw a man sitting in the middle of the field on a rock stroking his Dick. He thinks well damn I have just got to know.

He pulls his truck over and walks to the man, 'And just what the hell are you doing?"
The man looks up at the truck driver and says. "Winding my watch".
A trucker who had been out on the road for three straight weeks stopped
at a brothel outside Vegas.

He walked straight up to the Madam, plopped down $500.00 and said, "I want your ugliest woman and a bologna sandwich".

The Madam was astonished. She said, "OK, sir, but do you know that for that kind of money you could have two of my finest ladies, plus a three- course meal??"

The trucker replied, "Listen, sweetie. I ain't horny....I'm just homesick!"
Yes I'm a over the road trucker too I love sucking cock and receiving will have to get together sometime I go between Ohio and the east
I'm in central Texas now and I'll let you have all my hot asshole that you can handle. I was once a trucker also and understand how lonely the road can get some of know that you need it.
I'm looking to blow a trucker....
Has anyone had a good story they'd like to share about blowing a trucker?
Or any Trucker want to get blown? I'm on the 101 near the 41 and the 46


18 Wheeler
Am an over the road trucker
Bisexual Men
over the road trucker looking for other bi's for fun.
Anal Virgin
Looking for experienced person to give me first anal workout, I'm an over the road trucker and travel all over.Kiss
RU420 I am a Trucker too and really enjoy it also when a guy drives me with his Hard cock in his hand..Have seen some damn Nice ones too on the road...:-D
18 Wheeler
My first M2M experience was with a trucker at a rest stop. He sucked me thru a hole in the wall between stalls. I've fantasized ever since about meeting up with a trucker and repaying that awesome favor. I've had a very few experiences since then, but still looking for that trucker that wants a BJ everytime he comes thru Lafayette, La.
Truck Driver
I want to sick and be fucked in the rig by trucker.. would love meet a dom trucker.. I need trucker cum so bad


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.