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Older/younger, Dad/son, John/Hooker, Dr/Patient, Dom/Sub, Master/Slave, Bar Pickup,
Ditto, only I'm always the sub, the younger, the son, the patient, the slave, etc.
I like role-playing, and I am willing to play any male role that the woman wants that I am role-playing with. It doesn’t matter to me, because I just enjoy pleasuring the lady on the other end, so the role itself doesn’t matter. I have done master/slave, I have also done the role of a WWE superstar while the lady played herself, and I have done other roles as well. Any ladies interested in role-playing can look me up as I do have experience in most roles. Though I am best at ones where I get to flirt and do nice things. I have lived my life to serve any ladies I know (I am submissive because I hate being mean to women.) so it is harder for me to play a mean, controlling, strict, or abusive role. I do not like rape roles either, but if that is what a lady wants I will try to please her how I can. That is just a little of my role-playing background, if you would like to know more feel free to contact me
I think role playing is a great way to spice up an already great time. It is like being with someone new, but you are already comfortable. And that is the key to me, it has to be with someone I am comfortable with and that I trust completely, but i love getting dressed up and playing someone new. The best one that me and Matt have tired was the Boss/secretary. I was the secretary of course, but it was a night of wild fucking that I will never forget.
We meet RPGing. Now most of you think of RPG as in a sexual thing. We play the D&D type games… OK not really we play World of Darkness and it's games.
Roles are fun, allows you to be less inhibited Flower it also lets you try to fulfill your own fantasies, I love the office desk at work... with man or woman... sleeping with your girlfriend (you buy the toy you've always joked about over to her place for a sleepover, you seduce her, and then have really awesome passionate encounter...) cops in uniforms (with the baton or bat, mirrored shades, hat, ) seduces me, frisks me ;) and then gives me intense pleasure (male or female in other role... Oh yeah Kiss yummy yummy! Sometimes it makes it richer, hotter, exciting, a little titillating. girls in shower at a gym... yes indeedy. am hot now... whew those fantasy juices are working over time.... LOL |8B
I Love to role play with Sue as it is very exciting. Our favorite thing to do is for her to check into a hotel and after settling in to head down to the bar. It is there that I walk into the bar and upon sitting next to her strike up a conversation. After a while she'll apologize saying that she had to much to drink and that she needs to leave. However, before leaving she'll slide me her room key nonchalantly. I than head up to her room and we have wonderful sex with her making believe I'm a guy she picked up in the bar. Wink We've done this several times in the past.
Does anyone know a web-site that we can go to that can give us some new role playing ideas?
I love replaying...creativity, fun, nakey sex all rolled into fer me! KissHug
I recently joined this site. I loved /entry. And I loved it. It good clean roleplaying fun. I loved to be what ever I want to be vampire or other race on the site. And it doesn't really matter if you liked or loved a man or women that is the same gender. As as long as you keep the picture clean. And the fact that it is fun.
I am always up for role-playing... tell me how ya like it and I'll try my best to make it good for you ;) (who's the daddy?) |8B
We are very interested but have not yet tried it so if anyones has any ideas, tips, or pointers for us let us knowFlower
I'm looking for someone he/she or both. To role play with me in VA
I'm interested in role playing and want to play with a man or men with big Cocks:-P
I love to role play, my favorite is being Daddy's little girl, I love Daddy types anyway, dressed or not, but dressing up like Daddy's little girl and "Pleasing" my Daddy is always a BIG thrill for me. I love almost ALL role playing with me being subbmissive, but being Daddy's little girl is my farorite. Love you Daddy
I like to test the versatility of my sexuality with both genders. Role playing works well for that.
I play Pathfinder and Starfinder by Paizo Publishing, as well as the occasional game of Dungeons and Dragons.
For anyone looking for the nerdy "role-playing" I started an Interest called "Role-playing games." 😁
love role play family fun, incest, daddy/ daughter, mommy daughter
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