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If I could, I would Laughing
So would I... I Love the taste of cum, especially my own... Wink
This would totally blow my mind if I could see this done!:-D
Ditto to all comments above! :)
I completely agree with all of the above.Kiss
:-P When I was younger, I was able to lick and suck just the head of my cock! I would cum in my mouth and swallow every drop. But my back would hurt for days afterwards. It is not ALL good.
when i was a bit more limber and thiner i could get a bit of my cock in my mouth i was so hot to taste the precum and then to shoot a big load in my mouth ,i learned to do this with an old gf whom would bend me over and give me a rim job and she luved it .
when i was a bit more limber and thiner i could get a bit of my cock in my mouth i was so hot to taste the precum and then to shoot a big load in my mouth ,i learned to do this with an old gf whom would bend me over and give me a rim job and she luved it .
I can still lay on my back and roll backwards and put the head in my mouth, but as soon as I touch it, I explode with pleasure. My ex helped me do it once and I'm not sure she was turned on by it. I was, and we had great sex after wards. I would love to have another friend help with this again and even to do it in front of a group would be exciting.
i've tried and i cant, but i can lick my balls. odd, but the low hangers help :-D
Yes, I would love to do that for you. I would enjoy watching you masturbate as I suck my own cock.Flower
When i was somewhat younger before back surgery from an auto accident left me less limber I could get the head of my cock in my mouth and suck myself off. I had a girlfriend who would suck my balls and lick my ass until I came in my mouth and we would kiss and share it. Ahhhh the good old days.:-P
Love to watch that in Maryland. When i was young i used to be able to do that
wow would lv t see this man would i cum
I can do it but it doesn't do anything for me, I normally just do it to show off lol
i used to for years. dont know why i quit. guess i tried to go "straight" you know how it is being a teenager/early 20s i was pretty limber started about 13 was able to get all in my mouth and down my throat could even get my balls in my mouth
It takes practice & persistence and having a big cock doesn't hurt------think of the possibilities!!!!!!
Any man that can do this I would llloooove to watch !!!!! Hit me up
yes I really enjoy sucking my own cock, that is why I think I wanted to start sucking other mens cock, I tried my own first before i had an actual gay sexual encounter, I have only been with a guy once but want to keep on that, I love girls also, so it would really turn me on if I could suck my cock with other people looking.
I would love to suck my own cock if i could i would suck it day and night, Y you ask my wife can suck a cock like i have never had before and if i could do that i would and let her watch me do it and do it gust for her to. Hell I would do it for how would come see me. Y you ask again it would have to be very nice and long so ya I would let how would come see me do it. My wife has put my cock in my ass before a copula of times all she can get in my ass is the head but it gust enough to make it fill dam good to meeeeeee.:-D
Practice makes perfect :-P
I used to be able to suck my own cock. I've gotten a little older and a little less flexible. I can still just lick the tip. I love the taste. And I love being watched while I do it. I'd love to have someone help me regain my flexibility......
All I have to say is wow... never seen a man do that befor... but I can suck on my own tits!
It titillates and fascinates the hell outta me! I have to look!
I was able to do it when I was 12-14 but after growth spurt, I couldn't even lick the tip anymore. That didn't stop me from cumming in my mouth and all over my face, I still love doing it.
Those were the days my friend, I could suck myself and then, be happy and content the rest of the day. Now, in order to feel that wonderful man-meat in my mouth I have to come here and find a friend. I have to see a neurosurgeon this Friday about 2 collapsed discs in my lower back. I wonder if that's how I initially screwed up my back.
Was able to when I was younger. I sure miss the good old days. Get a B/J when I wanted..
I used to love to suck myself when I was younger.Kiss
i can still suck my cock at 49 years old,been sucking it for 20 years but cant make myself swallow my cum
when I was around 25 I was sitting at home and jacking off. my cock was just throbbing hard. I reached around the back of my legs with my hands. and pulled myself down till my lips just touched the head of my cock. I couldn't believe I was able to do this. as I practiced at it more and more. and I got more flexible at doing this. I was able to take more and more of my throbbing hard cock in my own mouth. and as more time went on. I was able to take almost all my hard cock in my wet warm mouth. I could feel the head of my own cock start down my throat. but the best feeling of all. was feeling my throbbing hard cock exploding in my own cock hungry mouth. feeling my hot creamy cock cum shooting over and over into the back of my mouth and throat. I was able to suck my own cock off up to my 40s. but now I can only hold my open mouth about an inch or 2 over the top of my hard cock. and jack my cock cum into my open mouth. I think that's why I enjoy the feel of a mans cock in my mouth . . . . .
You have to lower yourself down slowly. It will go in. Sucking my own cock is great.
I really wish I could selfsuck but too old and fat now haha. Would like to meet a man who can and will let me help him do it. that would be hot.
When u was young i could take it down to my balls and now that I got older and stiffer I can only do it once in awhile it's been a couple years since I've been able to deep throughout it but there was a time
When I was 17 my gf caught me sucking myself. And she helped me get more in my mouth. She thought it was hottest thing ever to help me cum in my mouth.
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