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Who hasnt done it? :-DLaughing
The best experience I had in a car was while we were driving down the highway. I straddled him and rode his cock while he drove the car. Was a real thrill with the speed, danger and the cars passing by us that could see what we were doing
As a teenager, that was the only option, wasn't it! One of the most wild times I ever had was fucking my boyfriend in his friend's station wagon as we drove down the road. Did the same when another boyfriend was a truck driver, and I stradled him and had a great time on the Michigan bumpy roads! A memorable time later was having incredible sexx with a co-worker in his car outside of a crowded resturant's window!
I sadly have never had that experience
Mmm Sweet Yes, Will I Have Sex in a Car With You Being My Top to My Bottom? Yes Yes I Really Do Enjoy Sucking on You Guy's Cock's in Car's... So If Your Driving here to Philly Pa or You already live here ? Do Feel Very Free to Ask Me To Go For A Ride Some Time ? You Will Again and Again...
Just another one of my favorite hobbies.
Sex In Cars on Bisexual PlaygroundSex In Cars on Bisexual PlaygroundSex In Cars on Bisexual PlaygroundSex In Cars on Bisexual Playground

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