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Exhibishonist Wives Flashing in Cars and Highways with Sybians

Exhibishonist Wives Flashing in Cars and Highways with Sybians on Bisexual PlaygroundExhibishonist Wives Flashing in Cars and Highways with Sybians on Bisexual Playground
I fuck men in the ass, let their wives watch, then i force them to eat us both out. But what kind of man likes getting it up the ass? not a real. Only a little slut does, a slut that dresses in make up and panty's, and does not have the privilege of fucking their wives pussy. I show the men that they're nothing, and they should only worry about their wives needs. I am not into hardcore BDSM. Other than that I also enjoy women, and sucking cocks if the man is worthy.
Looking for fantasy fulfillment. Arranged flashing, gloryhole play. Would also like to meet a woman stranger and do forced orgasms. Would love to see some arranged titty and pussy flashing. Would also love to share a woman taking turns. Open to ideas.
Two of my three wives were hot wives. I loved the lifestyle and couldn't get enough of it. Now I live with my memories and fantasies.
Just a really cool and laid back guy willing to help single men, divorced men, or even married men come to terms with their curiosity, desires and needs. I don't do wives, but they're more than welcome to join their husbands and play. I love being lovers with the men and friends with their wives.
6'2" tall, 250lbs bear, (I like ALL COCKS, but small hairless is my favorite) and, I like to walk around naked in the woods by day and walk around the house naked at night, often standing under the porch light at night as cars go by at an intersection a half block away, flashing truckers while they pass me on the four-lane while I'm standing on the side of the road, driving naked
easy going guy who likes to have fun with couples and singles. i am nice looking with a hairy chest and 7.5 x 5 cut cock. i like to help wives with their husbands and help husbands with wives. i also like one on one
Well since I'm a male I haven't tried flashing a trucker yet because I'm almost always driving. And when I'm not and cant hang it out the window for them to see, I find that me flashing while driving would be useless! Sry Rider! I'd try for you! And just flashing people in public can get you arrested, Now I have mooned a lady while @ a bar that was being a bit unruly and told her to kiss this after she done the same 1rst. And yes, I have fully exposed myself to my lovers in the past in public when I knew no one else could see me. And of course my lovers took that as a complete tease!!Hug
Wow great topic may I offer an opinion as a owner and operator of a tractor trailer we have currently left New Jersey heading to upstate California and half way across the country we've noticed that everyone is paying near or over $3 a gallon but the thing that amazes me is how pack the highways are with cars suvs and campers nothing has seemed to faze anyone we as americans seem to bitch about the fuel costs but the malls are still crowded and cars seem to be carying one person instead of car pooling. We all need to cut back our demand on fuel lets do something instead of bitching and putting blame on others corporate creed is there and always will but there is ways that united people can do something about that (boycott). Because we live in a free country we can say what we want and we are free to do what we want.
lets use the common sense rational people should have. We all know that relying on our elected officials that have limos full of fuel and jets to worry about the little people is hopeless wouldn't you all agree. thanks for the time have a good holiday eveyone
Although we don't spend a whole lot of time in the chat room (just to hard too keep up). We have noticed the issue with the photos flashing left and right. Mainly by members who are not even trying to communicate with the rest of the room. It was pretty clear that other members were trying their best to carry on conversations around all the flashing photos. But it also seemed obvious that the "flasher" didn't seem to mind being ignored and kept on flashing. Being able to post and view pics in a chat session makes it that much more entertaining. Specially if the pics are real pics of the other members. But, being bombed by someones unwanted photos, takes the fun out of it.
I am a Nudist/Exhibitionist, and live a Nudist Lifestyle. I live in a converted warehouse/turned condo in Uptown Minneapolis. This building was ( a Hundred years ago, a warehouse- and after several incarnations- is now a residence). My point is that I LOVE my new apt! The windows are original, and Huge! I Stand Naked in my window Every morning- while still dark out-w/All my lights on, flashing cars, joggers, dog walkers, and everyone else! Have a couple of guys that like to watch me in my window and Masturbate while on their way to work! I just Love showing off!
Every morning around 7:30am I walk out the front door with only panties on and feed the cat , with cars driving by and a connector r.d. directly across from my house where cars are stopped. I love it.
I find it very interesting that there are in fact so many bi married men. However i find that many are in the closet and their wives have no idea. I guess most men who find themselves in this situation don't really know how to tell their wives/gf's for fear they ( wives/gf's) will not accept it. I would love to to find a bi female who would also accept my being bi, but find it very difficult to bring that up in any conversation.


18 Wheeler
Looking for truckers who cum through Macon Ga area. I have sucked truckers off on the side of highways before and it is fucking hot! I am not looking for names, just to hop in your truck, suck you off really fast and disappear until next time you cum through Macon and need to use my mouth. Prefer verbally abusive men
Women Who Love To Flash
Women Flashing is so Hot. Lets set something up. |8B Kiss Hug Flower
Flashing can be a lot of fun when done in the proper atmosphere like Mardi Gras...Wink Hug
Bi Male Or Couple For Poly Triangle/quad
I have still not swallowed cum. Have a desire to. I do have some stories about flashing. I really want a woman naughty to me while she suck cock and lick balls and ass
Bi Male Or Couple For Poly Triangle/quad
I have still not swallowed cum. Have a desire to. I do have some stories about flashing. I really want a woman naughty to me while she suck cock and lick balls and ass
Gay Black Guys
Where are Arkansas’s finest males at? I know most of them are out with all of our married white wives slipping their bbc and showing them what real sex is like!! Well bbcs get out and check things out because there are a whole lot of white men that are married that would quickly jump up out of bed with their hot wives and rush to you rescue and knee down just for the honor of sucking and drinking your cock and cum and probably like me when seeing the pleasure that you get makes me cum so I will slave to you master and you can receive as you may dominate us whites with sexual pleasures!!! Nothing is more perfect, beautiful, athletic and sexual active as a superior breed of the human race, the Black Male!!!! 🔥🔥❤️


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!