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I think this topic is for those times when "kissing cousins" didn't fulfill the desires of an attraction between two people that discover they are intensely fond of each other, but, as our presant society finds the "first cousin" genetically too close to one another and fears of birth defects etc.which may inhibit many potentially wonderfull couplings between hearts. I have a passion for my cousin on my mothers side, first cousin, we were (at least I was) inthralled with, captivated by and got mega horny whenever our families got together. We did get to spend a few wonderfull weeks together after we grew up, enjoyed the intense built up sexual energy we kept locked up inside for many years, but, as we realized our mothers would never understand it, we agreed to continue having our feelings for each other and if the occaision arose again (I always did ;) ) we would enjoy fucking and sucking each others brains out for whatever time we could and know that we thought of and missed each other often and very fondly.
this is an interesting topic that most don't want to talk but yet is so easy to fall at my dad side have a cousin that even now after 35 years since we use to fuck every time we see each other the Passion comes back, but to bad-we are cousins
the first time i had sex with my cuzn was sooo hot we were 11
I had sex with 2 of my cuz. One was her first time. That was back in 1984! We still talk about it!:)
I also was lucky to have a lot of young cousins.I was a prety boy when young so was so easy to get them to explore.Linda was my fisrt she was 7 I was 9.Uncle joe got us started by sitting on the bed masterbateing him haha.When i go for a sleepover at her house ,when her sisters would go to sleep wed sit on the couch and shed take it out and jack me off 'I didnt cum yet but adored the sex.God even at 7 she LOVED to be licked.
Sex With Female Cousins on Bisexual PlaygroundSex With Female Cousins on Bisexual Playground

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