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Cousins Sexful Play Dailymotion

Cousins Sexful Play Dailymotion on Bisexual PlaygroundCousins Sexful Play Dailymotion on Bisexual Playground
We are not new to swinging. We've done ffm and mmf. Not much bi play on the mans side. But open for it. We are very fun and freaky. We're not ken and barbie, we're just there normal cousins who like fuck. Lol. And we love to take pics and perv ont them later.
I love gay sex. Suck an fuck. I was having sex with my cousins at the age of 10
Just out looking for who is like me with give pleasure to both sex and I like it anal or in my mouth all ways have cents I was a young boy one of my cousins done it to me and now it is the best way to get in contact with any more about
I'm 5 ft 9 with short toffee colored hair and blue eyes. I've also got a skinny body frame with a 7 inch dick. I love incest (father/daughter, brother/sister, cousins etc) and am also very into beastiality!
Been sexually active since I was 3. Started as the cum dump for most men around. Father fucked me until I was 5. Older cousins and uncles fucked me. My friends older brothers, their dads
I'm a very layed back person, like to be at most of the time spending time witih whomever comes over to visit with; relative, cousins, friends & etc. Love to meet people, very outgoing people oriented.
Had oral sex with girl cousins and boy cousins yes right after my boy cousins started sucking me licking me started paying attention and found out my girl cousins are doing each other so I started to play along and then what do you know
At 6 with Auntie and then my Cousins. At 11 she'd have Men come over to let me get them off since Auntie noticed I like playing with my Boy Cousins as much as my Girl Cousins.
I cam only hope that your first time is as memorable as mine. My first sexual encounter was with 4 girls that I absolutely loved and trusted. I had grown up with these four girl cousins and only one was my first cousin. The others were my 2nd cousins. But their kids were my cousins, and so I: grew up that way. My mom's family owned half of the Salinas Valley until the 70s. The Phillips family ruled Prunedale Until Uncle George (Crazy George, who rode into Glen's on a regular basis), became too unstable to take care of his own affairs in the 80s.
Yes I have. Twin sisters, cousins and another cousins daughter
As a teen lots of fun with cousins and some of my cousins kids. As an adult lots of reliving the past and jo plus fantasies about fucking younger fam
Started at 8 with M & F 1st Cousins playing doctor. Started sucking and fucking when we were 11. Two Uncles and an later Aunt joined in. Watched my Uncle fuck his Sister = my Mom and her play with her a great summer with my Mom @ 15! Both my Ex Wife and I played with each others families and saw us with our own Families. Sucked her Dads and Brothers Cocks many times. Wish she played with my Mom. Still playing with 1st Cousins and their kids and now grandkids. Kids Mom and I have played together as a family, even after divorce for many years and have shared them. I'd say 25 M & F family members for me!


lov e strip poker. play with cousins occasionally
Strip Poker
love strip poker play with my cousins lots of times
Incest Roleplay
mm i admit i miss the times when my cousins and i would play around, and id let him finger my pussy all he wanted and he'd let me cockwarm him as he played video games
Barn Sex
Hadn't done that since I was a kid, I always loved it when a fey of my cousins came to visit on holidays & in the summer. We'd sneak off to the barn & play "YOU SHOW ME YOURS & I'LL SHOW YOU MINE" whitch led to "LET'S PLAY DOCTOR" whitch led to Oh well you know........ Even now, sometimes I walk into the barn & the smell of the hay and livestock brings back a lot of those nostalgic memories. I should make some new memories! . . . . . . Any Volunteers? Come On, , , Let's Play.....
Gay Incest
I have cousins back in New Mexico who I used to see every summer when my family returned home to see relatives. I knew that one of my cousins was gay so when we were alone I confided to him that I was bi. We talked a bit and I discovered that his older bro was bi too Needless to say, from that day on,I went down on both of them a lot and we also experimented with anal. I was the willing bottom..I last saw the older of them about a year and a half ago, and I gave him several terrific blow jobs. sometimes family relations can be very good Flower
hello, As I am an englisg guy here, I will be using the british way of chatting/expressions. hope this isnt too confusing to our U.S.A. cousins. That said...I would really like to have a long hot relationship with all, who love this very special type of fun .i.e. family fun. Please no timewasters ok? I am 100% sincere and genuine, very very broadminded, and completely discreet. I am experienced. will tell more later.. love role-play and age play too. and more that happy to discuss everything/anything with you, this icludes single and couples remember. So fot those who love this very special topic, get back to me soon.


Hi, thanks for the welcome and I feel your coding pain, you have done a great job with the web site. Do you two ever have time to play?