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See my paid profile pix! Love it completely shaved. I've been shaved smooth for life, literally!
We love to keep our pubic area shaved smooth and really love going down on a clean shaved cock or pussy... Blowjob
I stay well trimmed between sexual partners but prefer that we all be shaved so that oral is soooooo much better when we are together. Call me and I'll shave clean before we meet.:-D
Amen, I started shaving and moved onto waxing. now seeing shaved privates sends me into an oral frenzy.
Love the feeling of shaved, it feels so good!!!! Feels clean and so soft...
Keep my sissy clitty shaved every day.
always shaved ! love it will never let it grow back ! doing my legs isnt easy but i love them that way ! all smooth all over but then again a lady should always stay smooth !KissHug
i love to eat shaved pussy. i shave if my guests ask me to. i live in prescott valley arizona. if your traveling this way, call me. prefer people my size or smaller. i,m 5ft. 7in. 157lbs. 76 years old. retiered. home all day.
mmmmm I love to be smooth as well

I shave and wax
Been shaving for over 30 years I will let it grow back in my grave.
I shave completely .Feels very sexy!
I shave from my neck to my ankles every morning in the shower. It takes just a few minutes and makes me del so sensual.

Davie in Florida
You need to go completely smooth, no hair anywhere from my chin to my toes; it feels soooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood!
Nothing like the look and feel of shaved cocks and balls. I have shaved many cocks and balls as well as had others shave me. If you are in SW Florida and share the same interests, feel free to contact me.
Very nice!
Love to look at and feel those Smooth Shaved bodies.
Shaved Smooth on Bisexual PlaygroundShaved Smooth on Bisexual PlaygroundShaved Smooth on Bisexual PlaygroundShaved Smooth on Bisexual Playground

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