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Sex Stories Bald Shaved Daughter an Blald Shaved Daddy

Sex Stories Bald Shaved Daughter an Blald Shaved Daddy on Bisexual PlaygroundSex Stories Bald Shaved Daughter an Blald Shaved Daddy on Bisexual Playground
50, bald/shaved, muscular daddy
5'10 230lbs good lookin daddy type, shaved head, goatee, love oral, always shaved
6ft tall, shaved bald, blue eyes, very hairy body except for gential area which i keep shaved., average in size but thick
Well I'm a dark complected,attractive,fit and dominant BM. I stand at 5'11 in Ht, with a smooth shaved bald head, that I always wear well, and a clean cut shaved face.
We are an attractive couple who is openedminded and very sexual. She is slim, 5' bi, pierced n shaved.... He is big boned, bald 6'1. shaved, 8 inch n thick...very oral and can make you squirt!!!
Well, I'm a dark complected,attractive,dom Black Male. I stand at 5'11 in Ht,with a toned,athletic medium build. I have a smooth shaved bald head,that I always wear well,and a clean cut shaved face.
Shaved me and wife. Her pussy looks so good hairless. She always keeps it bald no hair and I keep mine trimmed or shaved.
Definitely shaved. A landing strip is sexy but totally bald is the greatest. Love freshly waxed or shaved pussies. Plus you get a good look at the lips and clit!
Shaved pussy and shaved cock. I was with a woman 30 years ago that was shaved and if I wanted any action from her I would shave mine as well. I have been shaved since 1991
Shaved is best I model for Artist they love that I am shaved! It feel good around other bodies! Your porn stars are shaved! Dancers are shaved!
While I prefer it shaved and keep myself shaved that way, it's the taste that counts. You will see many shaved women on nude beaches today. Hairy or shaved, I enjoy licking and sucking a woman to orgasmic bliss. I feel sorry for men who haven't or are afraid to go down on a female. They don't know what they're missing.
Never looked at my pussy when it was shaved and thought of age, but can respect your thought and feelings most definitely. But got to say I prefer shaved for my men granted when they are shaved they are not going to look 11 so for me it will always work. For example just look at longcock nicely shaved and looks good and not 11 or so I hope. LOL Never seen 11 year old male anatomy


Shaved Cock & Balls
:-D WOw just shaved smooth , after last weekend of eating shaved pussys and servicing big shaved cocks and balls , now I cant leave myself alone! going to swing club to try it out. Pretty wierd cuase im bear type furry chest and belly but my goodies are shaved. FEELS AWSOME Hug
Bisexual Fantasy
Being tied down and shaved bald by another women
Smooth Nudists
Always kept my cock trimmed, but saw a guy on a Spanish beach with the most gorgeous shaved cock. Shaved mine completely smooth that night and have kept it like that ever since. My girlfriend loves it smooth. Much prefer both men & women shaved. Nothing nicer that a hard shaved cock and a wet smooth pussy.
Red and shaved here. Been shaving my red pubes since about 1981. Redheads look so much better shaved smooth because the stubble nearly matches the skin tone and you can hardly notice it regrowing unlike brunettes. Much more of a natural look for redheads to be shaved.
Shaved Cock & Balls
We too have been shaving for a long time...around 23 another shaved cock, balls or shaved ass to lick or shaved pussy...we don't meet with those that are not smooth..tastes better, cleaner, can be licked cleaner of all the cum


Thank you for the kind welcome! You have an incredible site here and I am happy to be a member. Who knows, maybe a short, fat, bald guy will get the opportunity to explore his bisexual desires. Hope so! Thanks for the work you do on this great site. Den