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well let me be the first on the subject nothing better then a shaved pussy and lil tits makes me think of the lil girls i use to chase in school lol oh the memories:)
I love small tits on a woman. I think they are sexy. I also love to take them in my mouth, and try to swallow them.
I love being with a woman with the small, handful, sensitive, erect nipples and boobs, need I say more??Flower
yes any chick with flat tits is a big turn on for me.A,s an B,s for me.a girl with a small chest is sexyer than any thing on the to lick an suck them all day an night.a bald pussy with that would be great,too.
to get a whole tit in my mouth is awesome
While I enjoy women who have been blessed with average sized boobs. I have to say that I also find women with small boobs very exciting...:)
small breasts are hella sexy. I love all sizes but the small ones are so much fun to play with
mmmmm i luv small boobs :) with big hard nipples i luv my girls 34-Bs !! if you want your small tits loved :) hit me up ??? im in the SGV !!! :-P
I would suck a pair of small tits for hours, I just love seeing small or flat chested feamles, any Ladys want their small tits sucked let me know.....Pa Delaware County area.....Dam them small tits, don't be shy about them ..they are great
My nipples are very sensitive. I think women with small titts enjoy nipple play more than large breasted women. What do you think?
Has anyone but me seem to realize that small breasted women have the most fantastic asses!!? I t seems like God made up for 1 thing to have the other! And since I love small titties and great tight asses, I want to thank him! And as far as the most sensitive nipples go, I have the opinion on that. I have seen big titted ladies almost able to poke my eyes out as well as the smaller. I think its the level of excitement and attractiveness that makes the difference! And continues into the experience of bringing them nips up. For example my dick can become a cock with the right coaxing. The one thing I know is the more excited she is, the more erect her nipples get!|8B
Love a woman with very small tits and big nipples.
Have always been a "Carpenter's Dream" man.....
these are some of the best!
Small boobs are the best.
Small Boobs on Bisexual PlaygroundSmall Boobs on Bisexual PlaygroundSmall Boobs on Bisexual PlaygroundSmall Boobs on Bisexual Playground

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